Then the Crown Prince and Ian came, and we were off, but I was forced to join them because Alice was the only young woman going along with them, right? However, Alice was in the same carriage as the Crown Prince and the others, and I was in a different carriage.


I was about to pat her on the shoulder for a job well done.
But then I realized what the point of my being invited was when, in the end, I would still have to ride a different horse-drawn carriage alongside.
So, as punishment, I turned their carriage into a refrigerator.




“Ian-kun, do you have a cold? I’ll give you this cold remedy for only one small gold coin right now–“


I heard such a conversation from them as they got out of the carriage at a rest stop along the way.


By the way, the price of the cold remedy was one silver coin.


It seemed that Alice did not feel the cold because she was protected by Spirits.
It really seemed that Spirits were only interested in Alice, but why did they love her so much?


It was probably because Alice was an “idiot”, and the Spirits were said to like innocent people.
I expected to see an idiot every now and then in the world, but a genuine idiot who grew up to be an adult would be extremely rare and precious.


Let me get out of the carriage and straighten my back too.
My status had increased, so I was sturdier than an ordinary lady, but sitting all the time was still tiring me out.


I had no servants.
Even if I did have one, it was a noblewoman-like maid who looked down on me, so I let out some cold air around me, and before I knew it, she was gone.


Still, even with all of the senior knights, there were only about 100 knights.
I understood that there were almost no ordinary soldiers because all of them were on horseback, but would they really attack Daemons with that group?


While I was looking at the knights like this, one of them approached me.


“Wow, you really are a subhuman woman.
You’re a subhuman woman, but you’re good-looking to boot.
I’ll make you my slave, so you should be honored to accompany me.”




I was alone, and it was a man of about 30 years old, dressed like a senior knight, who approached.


My appearance had become more mature, and I was more noticeable to people, but there were fewer people who approached me after learning that I was Cam’s fiancée, yet there were still people like this.


There were other knights too, but they just didn’t mess with me willingly, and they grinned and watched the King’s brother’s fiancée in trouble.


I wondered what I should do….
I wouldn’t be too patient, so should I let one of them [Freeze] so it’s quieter around me?


“You, why are you not saying anything when I’m talking to you?”


“Hey, what are you doing?”


Someone grabbed the senior knight’s hand as he reached for me and stopped him.


“Hey, Bert-dono!”


“Hey, what are you trying to do with the women and children?”




It was Uncle Bert who stopped the senior knight.
…He really was a great guy, wasn’t he? But the senior knight shook Bert’s hand and moved away, rubbing the arm that had been grabbed.


“I didn’t do anything, Bert-dono, I will report this matter to the Prime Minister first!”


“Oh, please give my regards to the Prime Minister.”


The knights who were around and just watching also hurried away while averting their faces.


“Sorry, little elf.
This time, many of the knights were close to the Prime Minister, who doesn’t listen to me.”


“N, thanks.”


I see, so many of the knights from the Prime Minister’s side were all scums.
And Uncle Bert was a bit of a rascal, but when I thanked him honestly for saving me, he said.


“Don’t worry about it…hmm?”


Bert, who had been smiling cheerfully, tilted his head curiously at the sight of my face.


“Elf girl.
Do you have any sisters or something?”




I guess I did look a lot like the adventurer “Witch” now, didn’t I? From now on, I would look more like her, so I should change people’s impression of me a little or be careful about how I speak and behave.


“I see.
Well, they say that all other races look the same.”




Thank goodness, Uncle Bert was an amicable person.


“Tell me if the idiot does something stupid again, okay?”




Since I was offered some help, I should also help him out.


…He may have been a battle maniac, but he was basically a good guy.
However, his son was a jerk.


After a few days, we finally arrived at Demon Forest, although I was somewhat anxious.


I was tired, even though the real work had yet to begin.

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