Battle of the Demon Forest (1)


On the day of Crown Prince Julio’s plan to attack the Daemons’ village, called the “Demon Forest Inspection”, I was picked up by the castle, but this time I had to leave Maia, my personal maid, behind because she would be in danger.


“Then who will take care of Young Lady Carol?”


“There will be servants from the castle, so I will be fine for a few days.”




“I’m not sure what’s going to happen, so if I’m late returning, please open this.”


“…I understand.”


She didn’t seem convinced, but I was different from usual.
I think I looked the same because I always have a blank expression on my face, but Maia somehow sensed it and accepted the box I offered her.


Inside the box was a letter telling her to rely on Cam if she needed anything, and about 100 large gold coins.


” Young Lady…please come back safely.”




The worst that could happen is that the entire country turns against me, but I had been prepared to deal with them anyway.
When that happened, it would be difficult to avoid causing trouble for Cam, but he was more mature than me, so he would manage somehow…I hoped.


As usual, I went to the castle, guided by a senior knight who wouldn’t even say hello (to a subhuman), and found Alice, who got off the carriage at the same time, so I tried to hide behind the knight.


“Oh, Carol-san!”


I was caught.


“Julio, she is very sensitive, so please refrain from doing whatever you like.
I appreciate you hanging out with me, though!”




Would you please treat us both the same instead of thanking one and humiliating the other? Still, if the person in question was already on the verge of being insane, others could let it slide.


“It would have been nice if Flare-san could have come too.”




No, neither Flare nor I were your friends, you know? Why were you talking as if we were a group of three girlfriends? As expected of a “Heroine”.
A useless positive attitude.
…Also, we never paid any of that friendship fee or anything, remember?


But still…


“Alice, …more Spirit?”


“Yes, I went around with Julio-kun and Ian-kun, and the Spirits there started to follow me and protect me…!”


I knew it….
Aside from the small, low-grade Spirits, there were probably about 30 mid-level and high-level Spirits.


This was bad, really bad. Maybe it was an event I was ignoring to avoid getting involved in, and they were going to different places, but every time Alice did something in that area, she attracted and brought the Spirits in that area to herself.


Of course, it was bad in terms of combat, but how bad? Let me explain a little bit about Spirits here.


There was only one Spirit king for each attribute, and they govern the world itself, including day, night, and the seasons.


The Great Spirit possesses the power of natural disasters such as volcanoes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, etc.
Flare’s Spirit of Flame was an example of the Great Spirit.


The Spirits that protected Alice were less powerful than the two aforementioned types, but they were responsible for regulating the nature of the land.


In fertile lands, there would be advanced Spirits of water and earth, and in dry lands, there would be only weak Spirits, or the land would be devoid of Spirits.


In other words, the land where Alice stopped by would become a wasteland as the Spirits were taken out, and only the area around the Royal Capital where Alice was located would flourish.


…I wondered if this country would be destroyed in a few decades without me or Flare doing anything…

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