Preparing for Battle


So, the hidden character was Cam?


No, it wasn’t confirmed, and I haven’t played that much, so I’m not sure how much of what I remember is true, but at this moment, the only thing that should be an issue is the humans’ [Attack on the Daemon City].


That’s the only Daemon settlement in the Demon Forest right now, right? Actually, there were other small settlements, but they gathered together because they heard a rumor that it was safe, and it grew to become a city of about 2,000 people.


But would they really raid it? It seemed to me that a large number of Uncle Bert class knights would be enough to destroy it, but would they risk the knights just to gain fame with the Crown Prince?


It would be possible for them to attack when they enter Demon Forest, but if it was marked as just a picnic and a training exercise, they might invade with a serious intention to destroy by blaming the Daemons as if they attacked the Crown Prince.


No, it would be a disaster if they really attacked, but then, where do I intercept them? If I did so, I might have to be so thorough as not to let anyone escape.


But then if Alice was among them….


To be frank, one Alice would be much tougher than a thousand knights.


I would have to be serious to fight Alice, who was protected by multiple advanced Spirit and intermediate Spirit.


I had been thinking about the premise of escaping during the graduation event, but… what should I do? 


“Young Lady, what’s the matter? Were you thinking of fighting someone powerful? The Daemon Generals were pretty strong in the previous war, and I’m looking forward to it.“


Oh, I was still in the Adventurer’s Guild.
And you were still there, Uncle Bert.


“…You know the other side might be civilians, right?”


I blurted out, and Abel, who had overheard me, spat dismissively.


“You’re a coward.
This is why subhumans are no good… Daemons are no better than demons… Adventurers defeat demons, too…“


Convincing them…seems impossible…even in the game they were 100% enemies just because they were Daemons, and even more so because of their Human Supremacy belief.
Except for Uncle Bert.


I think I could convince Uncle Bert, but he enjoys fighting strong people, so I had a feeling that it would be troublesome.


“I’m not going.”


“Well…I was hoping I could fight the Young Lady on the road.”


“Hmmp, let’s go, Father.
Subhumans are just a bunch of untrustworthy people.”




I might have to fight them, huh? 


For now, I declined Uncle Bert’s invitation.


It would be physically impossible for me to attend the same event as a noble.
But if I could refuse Julio’s order, who was royalty to begin with, I would be excluded from the event.


And…there was also the matter of the content of the Game event.


I didn’t play the hidden character route and only got the information from the game creator’s website, and during the raid, I (Carol) was paralyzed and Cam was saddened, but in the first place, could I, as my Player Character, be paralyzed? 


To be honest, even if I was hit by something that causes instant death, I could revive even if I was half in ashes, you know? 


I’m going to speculate from now on, but the creator of the game created a doujin Otome Game with many routes by foreseeing the future of the other world.


He probably saw many more futures than the route, and I wonder if some of them were futures in which I was not a Player Character.


But the contents of that Game might not necessarily be true.


The aspects that can be seen vary depending on the creator’s subjective impression, and I may have created different futures, just as he may not have seen the future perfectly in the first place.


I doubt that the author was in a sane state of mind when he wrote on his blog that a [God descended], or that he must have been jealous of [Villainess] as a game, so I simply backed away from all the other information.


The Capture targets were also [Perverts] but were masked with [Pure Love].


Also, although I lived my life as I did, I still ended up as a [Villainess] without problems, even though there were a few deviations from the Game’s route.


Multiple routes mixed up? Some events have not yet occurred? I would say that the future was not definite, so I have a feeling that their personalities might be a little different from those in the Game.


…Mainly because all of them ended up in a terrible state.

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