Well, a lot happened, but it was not a problem.


Alice was so surprised that she fell on her buttocks.
Ian got angry when he saw that, and the general students who heard the noise started accusing me of being a bad person.


I usually get harassed just by saying [Abominable Child], so I wouldn’t mind that much.
Face-to-face business meetings with Flare would be much more life-threatening.


Still, it was bothersome, so I released magic power while converting it into cold air, and it became quiet in no time.


Among them, only Alice, who was automatically protected by the spirits, was puzzled as to what had happened, but for some reason, she decided to accompany us to the crown prince’s gathering.


“Carol-san is just embarrassed.
She has been cursed and chastised by everything in the world, so she doesn’t know what to do when someone is nice to her.
So, I’m sure she will do terrible things to Julio, the crown prince, so I’ll accompany you both on your visit to the crown prince.”


It was none of your business.


But how did she manage to think so positively to suit herself? If we only saw that scene without knowing anything else about the situation, Alice would probably look like an angel.


I knew Ian, who was intoxicated by such an Alice, would not have refused, and I didn’t think I could have a conversation with such an interdimensional brain, so I didn’t comment on anything in particular.


I was tired before even meeting with the Crown Prince, which was the main topic of the day.
I hope there wasn’t anything more to it.


“Oh, Carol, where are you off to with that brooding scum-glass and gold pig in tow?”




Let me add a little more to this, or rather explain, that this academy had a basic principle of equality, and even senior nobles were not allowed to walk around with their attendants.


As expected, royalty required escorts, but they were guarded with moderation and at a distance, and I was also accompanied by Maia only on my way to and from school and in the laboratory, and even Ian, the Prime Minister’s son, came to pick me up by himself.


But this person not only had a few assassin maids in attendance, but also student cronies in tow… or is she leading them? To me, it looked like a strong male student on all fours with his upper body naked, happy to be pulled by the chain attached to his collar.


“Who are you talking about, Flare?”


Ian bravely attacked that person – Flare, the end-of-the-century king.
I forgot to make a comment because I had stopped thinking about what she usually did.


“Who else is there in this world besides you?”




“How could you be so cruel, Flare-san, Knowing that if Ian lost his glasses, he would have no features at all?”


That was much more outrageous than anything I or Flare could have said.


“Alice…you’re defending me… ugh…”


“Get out of my way.”


What? Brainwashed? Ian was about to utter a line like that of a brainwashed man when Flare delivered a precise front kick to the jaw, stomping on Ian’s anguished stomach repeatedly with her heel, while she turned a bewitching smile on Alice.


“Oh my, you’re still alive.
Did you forget I ordered you to die? That’s why I dislike bugs who rely solely on their reflexes.”


“Don’t you dare say anything bad about bugs! I caught some cicadas because they are free to catch and eat, but when I fry them up, adventurers cry and happily pay me for the food!”


Don’t show it.


“I’m not into pigs’ diets, but maybe I should feed Julio some shiny black bugs? Hmmm.
He doesn’t like bugs, so I’m looking forward to it.”


“What a terrible thing to do!”


The Crown Prince…poor guy.


“Ho-ho-ho, now that’s something to look forward to.
And Carol, you didn’t answer why you’re here, did you?”




I knew she wouldn’t let me escape.
I had no choice but to pull out the weed that was growing beside the sewer lid, with Alice by my side as I began to capture the insects around there.


“Well then, I’ll make some weed dishes to compete with.”


“Ho-ho-ho, that’s lovely!”


“Carol-san, I won’t lose!”


It was too much trouble to explain that I had been summoned by the Crown Prince without understanding what was going on, so I gave a good reason, and somehow we ended up having a cooking contest.


The world was full of wonders.

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