Prime Minister’s Son


“Walk quickly.
Even though I went out of my way to pick you up, you subhumans are still inferior creatures.”




I was currently following the man who suddenly barged into my lab.


Our strides were different because we were almost 30 centimeters apart in height, and it was only natural that I would be lagging because a boy of high school age was walking faster than me, who looked like a junior high school girl in a skirt.


He should be in the same grade as me, so I think he was only 15 to 16 years old, but he was perfectly committed to Human Supremacy, this glasses person.


Shady glasses…this guy was that one, wasn’t he? He was the son of the Prime Minister.
I believe that he was sent to watch over the Crown Prince Capture Target, whom I had not met yet, so I think that he was probably a pawn in the plot.


But this was strange.


From my faint memory, I remembered that in Otome Game, he was a tsundere who was troubled by the fact that his father was a bad Prime Minister who did all kinds of things to him, and he confided in the protagonist by meeting her several times.
But I didn’t remember him being this harsh.


Well, he may have been only a dere to Alice, the main character, and remained tsun to everyone else, but what did he and the main character talk about? 


In the Game, the only time they had a proper conversation in the game was during an event scene, and normal conversations and consultations would just end with a log that said [Let’s hear your problems today], so I had no idea what was going on.


“Oh, Ian.”


“Oh, Alice!”


Ian didn’t slow down, and as I was getting closer to him, Alice, who happened to be passing by, called out to him.


“Ian, have you settled down at your new place?”


“Yes, as I told you before, the farm was restored, but the ship was not easy to rebuild, and it was difficult to get enough tight-lipped sailors… Moreover, there was even a rumor that the woman riding the dragon who attacked us was the Demon King, and the sailors are scared.
I’m sure they were just hallucinating from drinking too much, but still… darn it.”


Ah, he was referring to the pirate ship disguised as a trading vessel that was destroyed five years ago.


After all, it was a large ship that could trade between continents, so it wouldn’t be so easy to rebuild.
And since it was also a pirate ship, it had to be manned by a crew of tough-talking tight-lipped  criminals.
The Prime Minister was making a lot of money from it, so it must have hurt him when he lost it.
According to the way he talks about it, Ian was heavily involved.
Was this why things turned out worse in the Game?


But the Demon King? Was there such a rumor? It would be someone who had to be at least a level 50 dragon knight, I suppose.


“Ian, you just have to keep your spirits up.
If you try to be positive, even if it’s not working now, I’m sure the sailors will understand you.”


For someone like Alice, this was a surprisingly decent thing to say.


“But really, bad things keep happening.
I can’t even get hemp or… or the weed that makes one feel better into full-blown production yet…”


“Ian, I’ll sell you this nice pot.”




“I made this pot because I felt like I had the power of the spirits, and it will bring you a lot of good luck if you display it in your room.”


“Is that so? A pot filled with the power of spirits… but it looks expensive.”


“Now, Ian, I’ll loan it to you for 1% per month of the net profit from the business you’re doing.
If your monthly net profit is 100 large gold coins, you’ll only have to pay one per month, but I bet you’ll earn 10 times as much!”




“Oh, that’s a bargain, Alice, what a wonderful woman you are!”


“For good luck with money, fill this yellow pot with water and hang it on the west side of your room.
And in this book, I’ve written many ways to improve your luck, and I’ll give it to you for 5 small gold coins.
It’s special!”


Ian’s cheeks turned red as Alice wrapped his hands in hers and pressed her face unnecessarily close to his, smiling cutely with a big smile on her face.


As usual, this kid was wonderful.
And Ian seemed to be an idiot.


Ian was completely conquered, or rather caged in, so I slowly backed away, thinking I should leave before he remembered me.


“Oh, Carol-san! Why are you here!”


I was involved.


“Oh, I was on my way to bring that subhuman with me.
Come along quickly, you dusky subhuman.
We’re late, you know.”




This guy… should I cut him down?


“No, Ian, even if Carol-san is a mean person, we should all get along.”


“Alice…you’re so kind.”


“Carol-san is an elf, she’s just frustrated because she’s not surrounded by greenery.


Alice looked around and pulled out some grass growing next to the sewer lid, offering it to me with a genuine, completely selfless smile.


“Yes, you can eat this! Elves are nature-oriented, so you don’t need to wash it and can directly eat it, right?”


“…[Fire Arrow].”


My magic burned through the grass, and the girl’s cute scream echoed around the area.

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