That would be [The Worst of the Worst Demon Lord, Attacks].


It was about a demon lord and his army launching an attack from another continent, but unfortunately, I came here before it was released.


I vaguely recall the announcement that the Demon King was not originally from the Isbell continent, where the VRMMO was set, and that it would be coming to reclaim something, or something like that.


It was probably the kind of opponent that could not be defeated by a single party of crippled players, so even if it really existed, it would be better not to get involved with it.


Even if I leave them alone, they would cross over to Isbell continent on their own, and adventurers over there would do their best to defeat it.
If they haven’t been able to limit their level, though, they would be in a lot of trouble.


But still, five years ago? There was nothing like that, but what happened five years ago? The biggest incident five years ago was when I was seen smashing a large ship with Pochi.
That’s strange.


Yes, five years have passed since I entered the Magic Academy, and I am now in my final year of school, which will be filled with many events.


…I have nothing but anxiety.


In the Otome Game, the events involving the villainess are concentrated in the first year and the final year, and the main focus in the middle of the game would be raising the likability and prestige of the player and earning money.


The reason why money-making was so important was because the price of dresses for the event would change the likability, and donations to the orphanage would also increase the likability.


If you get to the reverse harem end, you have to earn very hard, but Alice would have no problem with that.


After defeating the Lich, the village of the demon tribe had been transformed into a town or a city in terms of size.
When I returned there, the inhabitants greeted me with cheers, and an elder even came out to give me a helping hand.


“Carol-sama, thank you very much! Now, the feast is ready!”




To be honest, I wanted to go home and sleep early, but I nodded at the residents, who lacked entertainment and looked at me with sparkling eyes, as if they were enjoying the event.

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