Beautiful You


[Gahahaha, you foolish living beings, be the foundation of my empire of the undead.]


A skeleton emerged from the depths of the forest, clad in a black robe that seemed to cloak the surrounding night, and with a wave of his staff, a horde of adventurer-like zombies in filthy armor appeared among the corpses of goblins, kobolds and lizardmen.


There were thousands of them.
The skeleton leading the horde was an undead monster called Lich.


Lich were monsters that had been turned undead by a necromancer’s mystic arts.


Generally speaking, the older an individual was, the more powerful they were.
The highest level, the Elder Lich, had hundreds of thousands of undead followers and would be considered a disaster or natural calamity in the land of humanity.


[Go on, my army! Destroy the living!]


Where did this Lich come from? What was his purpose? The only thing we knew was that there was a village of demons in the direction they were heading, and if things continued as they were, they might be wiped out.


“–[Dragon Breath]–“


A crimson ray of light cleaves the zombie horde to the side at that moment, and the surrounding zombies are engulfed and burned as the earth explodes into lava.


[What the heck is this!? ]


The Lich looked around, angry and exasperated, and finally noticed a crimson figure on a hill, illuminated by a flaming light.


[Who are you? What have you done!?]


The elf-like girl, her long black hair flowing in the wind and dressed in a short crimson gown, looked down at Lich coldly, and with a sword as tall as she was, charged into the crowd of the dead with the speed of a gale.


“[Holy Enchant]”


The single-bladed great sword was bathed in white light and spun in a dancing motion as it pierced through the zombie crowd, annihilating them as she passed by.


[Lightning! Shoot the enemy, [Lightning]!]


A lightning bolt was fired in a straight line from Lich’s staff, but the girl avoided it as she stepped to the side and pointed one hand at Lich and the other at the undead as a counterattack.


“[Acid Cloud]”






The [Acid Cloud], which expanded its range, enveloped the remaining zombies, including Lich, and the less durable ones crumbled to pieces.


[Oyoree! How dare you challenge my army! Crush that fool!]


Compared to the normal zombies, physical attacks are ineffective against the Lich, who was a half-ghost creature.


But the zombies were still in pain, and when he angrily commanded the remaining zombies to crush the girl, nearly a thousand of them rushed in like a tidal wave.


[Gahahahahahaha! Did you see that, you fool! I will personally finish you off with my own hands.]


A faint voice was heard from within the mass of zombies that rose like a small mountain as the Lich approached the girl he thought to be crushed by the zombies with a high-pitched laugh.






A storm blew as if exploding from the centre of the zombies, and a crimson girl wrapped in white light jumped out from the midst of the blasted away, holding a large sword.


“[Lightning Slash]!”




The girl’s [Combat Skill], which leaped out like a bolt of lightning, cleaved the Lich’s torso, and when the Lich, who had received a painful blow even though its power was reduced by half because of its half-ghostly body, involuntarily backed away, the girl thrust her single-edged great sword into the earth without following him.


“Setup [Saint Cloche] all.”


As the girl’s figure changed into a pure white china dress and silver armor, the great sword also changed into a huge staff before long, and the pure white girl raised it high above her head in a great sweep, reaping the oncoming zombies with the staff.


“–[Holy Bless]–“


With that, she slammed the wand into the earth, and a dazzling light radiated in all directions, with the girl at the center of it.


[Gah, this is ridiculous, how did you know [Holy Bless]! ]

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