and spun in a dancing motion as it pierced through the zombie crowd, annihilating them as she passed by.


[Lightning! Shoot the enemy, [Lightning]!]


A lightning bolt was fired in a straight line from Lich’s staff, but the girl avoided it as she stepped to the side and pointed one hand at Lich and the other at the undead as a counterattack.


“[Acid Cloud]”






The [Acid Cloud], which expanded its range, enveloped the remaining zombies, including Lich, and the less durable ones crumbled to pieces.


[Oyoree! How dare you challenge my army! Crush that fool!]


Compared to the normal zombies, physical attacks are ineffective against the Lich, who was a half-ghost creature.


But the zombies were still in pain, and when he angrily commanded the remaining zombies to crush the girl, nearly a thousand of them rushed in like a tidal wave.


[Gahahahahahaha! Did you see that, you fool! I will personally finish you off with my own hands.]


A faint voice was heard from within the mass of zombies that rose like a small mountain as the Lich approached the girl he thought to be crushed by the zombies with a high-pitched laugh.






A storm blew as if exploding from the centre of the zombies, and a crimson girl wrapped in white light jumped out from the midst of the blasted away, holding a large sword.


“[Lightning Slash]!”




The girl’s [Combat Skill], which leaped out like a bolt of lightning, cleaved the Lich’s torso, and when the Lich, who had received a painful blow even though its power was reduced by half because of its half-ghostly body, involuntarily backed away, the girl thrust her single-edged great sword into the earth without following him.


“Setup [Saint Cloche] all.”


As the girl’s figure changed into a pure white china dress and silver armor, the great sword also changed into a huge staff before long, and the pure white girl raised it high above her head in a great sweep, reaping the oncoming zombies with the staff.


“–[Holy Bless]–“


With that, she slammed the wand into the earth, and a dazzling light radiated in all directions, with the girl at the center of it.


[Gah, this is ridiculous, how did you know [Holy Bless]! ]

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