The king, queen, and crown prince currently have spirits attached to them, but the remaining one was assigned to Flare’s mother, who was married off to another noble family due to the accidental deaths of several royal family members when the current king ascended to the throne.


So, would it not be right for the spirit to be assigned to the Crown Princess herself?


Flare knew that the spirit of fire assigned to her mother was always with her. 


Flare, who was born with powerful magical abilities, understood through her senses that the only option was to take it away from her temperamental mother, who had a tendency to throw tantrums among the royal family.


The founding king listened to the wishes of the wind spirits and built a country where the wind blows.


He listened to the wish of the spirit of water and built a canal in the country.


He listened to the wish of the spirit of earth and made his country next to a huge forest.


And hearing the wish of the spirit of fire, he burned down the country of the indigenous people of the land.


While the wishes of the other spirits were still being fulfilled, only the Spirit of Flame was bound by a past contract.


So, Flare visited her mother, who was enjoying a cup of tea on the terrace of a quiet villa near the forest, and said, smiling, not to her mother but to the spirit.


“I wish to plunge this Royal Capital into the flames.”


At that moment, the spirit of the flame left her mother and possessed Flare.
With the new contract, Flare became the master, and the spirit regained [Great Spirit’s] original power through its mighty will and magical power.


“Flare!!! What are you doing! You two, restrain this child, quickly!!!”


Turning her cold gaze on her mother, who was screaming in a tantrum, Flare smiled spectacularly at the knights, who were bewildered but were moving toward her at her mother’s behest.




At that moment, a huge pillar of flame rose to the heavens, burning the villa and the surrounding forest and boiling the clean spring.


Flare and her mother were the only survivors of the fire, but her mother had to leave the Royal Capital due to a mental illness.
The mother survived not because of Flare’s intervention, but because the spirits showed mercy to the former contractor.


After that, there was nobody in the nobility who could hinder Flare.


There were nobles who saw Flare as a danger and tried to win her over, and there were nobles who tried to assassinate her, but they were all burned to the ground along with their blood relatives in Flare’s retaliation.


The king also thought that he could defeat Flare by using the sword saint and the knights, but the prime minister advised him to use Flare for national defense, as it would almost certainly be a battle with all the knights, and so all of Flare’s actions were cleared of all blame.


This was in the spring when Flare was just four years old.


Flare gradually increased the number of noble families who supported her, crushed those who opposed her, and while the royal family treated her as the Crown Prince’s first fiancée on the surface, they took measures against Flare.


There, Flare met someone she had never seen before.




The only person Flare recognised at her age was that [Abominable Child], who looked Flare in the eyes and spoke to her as an equal, but that girl, Alice, seemed in every way the opposite of both Flare and the Abominable Child.


Although not as powerful as the spirits of Flare, she was also guarded by a number of spirits.

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