“I want to open a big store in Royal Capital.”

She wanted to make a lot of money, then open a store in a prime location in the Royal Capital and make even more money.

Alice’s goal now was to count the gold coins while taking a big gold coin bath, surrounded by her favorite shiny things, and use the money to find herself a [True Love].

She was earning [Friend Charge] from several boys at the academy, but that was not enough for Alice, and when she sold [one small gold coin per pretzel with a handshake ticket] in the academy, someone found it and took an interest.

This was Julio Von Caenista, the Crown Prince of Caenista Kingdom.

It was not clear why someone like him would be interested in Alice, a commoner, but Julio was kind and gentle and had a fastidious nature, so it was presumed that he might have defended her when he saw a noble girl who hated Alice.

If only that was the case, it was still good.
However, as the son of the king, it was thought that defending the weak would be good for his education, and from there, Julio started to get involved with Alice more than he should have.

“Julio-sama, this dragon-fang-like stamp is now worth 20 large gold coins, but if it’s Julio-sama, I’ll give you a bonus: only five large gold coins.
Don’t tell anyone else because it’s only for Julio-sama.”

“The dragon’s fangs are a wonderful thing, Alice, but why are you making so much money? I don’t know the exact amount, but it’s probably enough to pay for school, right?”

“Yes, Julio-sama, once a month, I donate 100 pretzels (1 large copper coin per-unit price) to the church orphanage.
All the orphan girls are so thin and naked that they are happy to receive the food, and the church remembers me and gives me some flexibility in my business.”

“What a wonderful person you are.
I’ll be glad to buy them from you.”

“Wow, Julio-sama is wonderful! Thank you for everything.”

Since the queen was buying dresses and jewelry that cost several large gold coins every month, no one in her entourage could speak out against Julio, who, as royalty, was ignorant of the financial sensibilities of the common people, because it might lead to criticism of the queen.

Julio and Alice, a beautiful boy and a beautiful girl in appearance, were becoming closer and closer to the general nobility, while the senior nobility, including the grandson of the archbishop and the son of the prime minister, began to get involved with her.

Except for one person…the Duchess of Prata, Flare Mercury.

“Ho-ho-ho-ho, you are doing something very interesting.”

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