My Fiancée’s Residence


I wasn’t sure why Cam’s followers were following him in his dire situation, but I guess they were all the type of people who enjoy being tormented.


“No, that’s not true! Some of us are following Camille-sama because we believe in him, so please don’t put us together with them.”




Nicholas, the butler, who overheard my muttering, explained with a flurry of body language and hand gestures.


“Got it”


“You’re acting like I’m a complete idiot, but do you really understand?”


“Nicholas, you’re being rude to Miss Carol!”


Maia, the maid, hugged me to protect me from Nicholas.

As usual, Maia was overprotective of me.


“What are you freaking out about?”


When Cam appeared, dressed rougher than usual, just as the conversation began to get messy, Maia and Nicholas hurriedly returned to their positions.
Now, how am I supposed to explain this? 


“The story of Nicholas becoming an attendant.”


“I see.
He was a friend of mine when I was studying abroad, but he followed me because he was worried about me, so you’ll have to cut him some slack.”




I see, so that was the reason.


I was here because I had been invited to Cam’s mansion.


Cam used to live in a detached mansion on the castle grounds, 


but he recently bought a mansion in the Royal Capital, so I was invited to live with him at his mansion.


Cam had started to become much more involved after learning that the [Witch] was Carol. 


It required great effort because I was terrible at socializing, but whenever I tried, Dirk would get all upset, as if he had lost his nerve.


“Well then, shall we go out in the garden?”




The moment I tried to get off the couch, Cam took hold of my hand and started walking beside me.


Cam was as close as ever, but not sexually harassing me like Dirk, but I admit I had difficulty dealing with him because he frequently held my hand the entire time I was with him.


But it hadn’t been that long since we moved here, so I wouldn’t say it gave me a sense of home yet, nor did I feel that it was ready for visitors.
And when we arrived at the garden, sure enough, it was a large garden, but it looked bleak with no flowers.


I wondered what was going on and looked up at Cam, who kneeled next to me and, instead of making eye contact, brought his face close to mine and whispered in a sweet voice.


“It’s a garden that will eventually be yours, so you can do whatever you want with it.”




Is he really okay with this?


I could tell that he was seeing the adult version of Carol in me, but it seems dangerous to my sensibilities that he was treating me, a little girl, the way he would treat a young lady of his age, but was he really all right with this?


Well, the other nobles were all perverts, who talked about selling me while I was right in front of them, tried to keep me as a pet, wanted to chain me up, drugged me, poisoned me, followed me around, took spy photos, were happy to be violated and coldly cursed, etc.
So, maybe this is why I felt surprisingly fine with my current situation.

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