“This restaurant is also well-known for its vegetable dishes, so even elves could probably eat here.”




In the private room where I was led to, I bit into a grilled root vegetable that seemed to be their signature dish, and gently put down my cutlery.


It was too greasy! I couldn’t eat it because the sauce was made with meat fat, even though it was a vegetable dish.




I asked with a cynical look as I washed the grease from my mouth with a glass of whitish wine, and Gunther answered.


“Well… um… Witch-dono, we’d really like you to join us, not just with Miss Carol, but officially.”




I couldn’t help but laugh quietly.


“I helped Carol because we belong to the same tribe.
But you are a subhuman-hating aristocrat, aren’t you?”


“No, I’m not.
We are not prejudiced against subhumans, we just didn’t like Miss Carol, the subhuman who was forcibly engaged to Camille-sama to undermine Camille-sama’s position.”




Were you picking a fight with me head-on? Should I just shoot you through the limbs and belly with my break revolver, then shoot you right between the eyes one last time?


“Well, after being treated by Young Miss Carol, my friends were also regretting their lack of maturity.”


At Gunther’s next panicked words, I gently removed my finger from the trigger of the magic gun I was holding under the table.


“To be honest, I still can’t believe that Camille-sama would be so concerned about such a young girl, but if she is the one he chose, we have to accept it.”




Do you still want me to shoot you?


Carol and I may be different people to them, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being belittled, even though he said he approves of Carol.


Still, when I thought about it calmly, when he was talking to me just now, I didn’t feel even a little prejudice against subhumans, and Carol was a political force that was reducing Cam’s power, so I could see that they had mixed feelings about it.


“You could have sent the message through Carol.
Why are you here to ask me to join directly?”


“Well, that’s…”


That was the only part of the conversation that was unclear to me, so I asked, and Gunther, who had been speaking lightheartedly up to that point, clammed up with a red face before he inquired.


“…We will always follow Camille-sama, but it is preferable to have a woman close at hand to be a companion…”




Could this be… could this be? This was my first time hearing such words from someone other than a stalker.



“I’m sorry.”


“I see…”


Because I wasn’t used to this, my words were flatter than usual, but Gunter laughed and scratched his head as if he were troubled as I replied.


For now, I was curious as to why he had chosen me in this land of Human Supremacy.


“Why me?”


“…I found it beautiful to see you fight.”


Gunter gently turned his gaze upward, as if remembering something.


“I felt this way about your visage as you ruthlessly slashed through the Minotaurs and burned the forest to the ground as the spies fled.
Ah…I want to be abused, I thought.”




“The side of Camille-sama, which has few allies, was a good place for me, but I still wanted to have you look down at me with cold eyes as I lay on the ground and sipped mud, and to call me a dog with your beautiful figure.”






“There are others like me in my group.
Please, just once.”


Gunther turned his hot gaze on me, and I hit him with a kick off the table, pointing the muzzle of my magic gun at Gunther as he fell down.


“That’s all you have to say? You perverted maggot.”


“Thank you for rewarding me, Mistress!!!”


I felt nothing but anxiety about how things would proceed from now on.

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