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After two hours of flying on Pochi’s back, a port town came into view.


[Which ship are you looking for?]


“The big one.”


[…Got it.]


The ship was used for intercontinental trade, so I assumed it would be much larger than other vessels.


Well, joking aside, since the ship belonged to the Prime Minister, it was said to have an insignia on the mast, but it would be troublesome to search for them one by one.


Even if we found them, the sailors could be carrying them without knowing anything about them, so it would be a better idea to just sink them as is.


[Carol, there is a big ship offshore.
There’s a small one, too.]




There was a big ship floating in the night sea.
How did you notice it? As a reward, I stroke its neck and look closely at the ship…


“Pochi, go in there and burn the big boat.”


[What? Is that all we have to do?]


“Just hurry up.”




Pochi flapped its wings once and flew toward the big ship, while I prepared to shoot my magic at the same time.


“–[Dragon Breath]–“




My [Dragon Breath] and Pochi’s flame breath burned away the deck of the huge ship.


[Smaller ships next?]


“Not those.”


The sudden appearance of the black dragon and me in a black gown riding it frightened the sailors of the small ships, and they turned back toward the harbor.


[What’s wrong?]


“That big ship.


I could see from a distance that those little ships were being attacked by a bigger ship.


I couldn’t tell which side was bad, but the crew of the bigger ship looked like bandits, so I assumed they were pirates.


“Oh, look.”


The pirate ship was engulfed in flames and I picked up a flag that was floating in the sea.


“It’s the insignia of the Prime Minister, so it doesn’t matter.”


[Oh, oh… I see…]


I felt a little better, having dealt a major blow to the Prime Minister’s wallet.


A few days later, [Woman in black dress riding a Black Dragon] was the topic of conversation in the port town, and for some reason there were rumors that the Demon Lord had attacked.


I didn’t understand it at all.


Then, one day, the knight who had been accompanying Cam and had been behaving badly only towards me, asked me with a puzzled look on his face.


“I’m sorry about the other day.
…And, um…”




When I tilted my head at the knight, who seemed to have a blank expression on his face for some reason, he said with a bright red face.


“I want you to introduce me to that adventurer woman called Witch!”



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