That’s how I and the two maid mothers and daughter ended up leaving and going to live in a remote place that was apparently in the forest on the property.


When I apologized for getting them into trouble, Meiya gave me a gentle hug, and Maia was getting ready to organize my room with a skip in her step.


…Are they sure everything is okay?


I’ve gotten a little more information.


From what I’ve heard, it seems that “mother” has a lot on her mind about me, since father blamed her for giving birth to me, an “abomination”.


Could it be father’s blood in me? I know she won’t listen to me saying this, but maybe mother believes that if I die, she can restore her honor?


I’ve heard that I’ll be sold to some lecher when I grow up, so I don’t think mother’s wish will ever come true.
I thought Carol had a fiancé, but what’s up with them?


In the end, the cleanup will start tomorrow, and I’ll be sleeping in a room with bullet holes in the ceiling.


Will I be able to take this soft bed with me? It’s bedtime for a three-year-old, but I don’t want to sleep too much, since I slept from lunch to dinner.


Let’s examine my abilities a little more, it would be nice to at least have a way to protect myself before I reach the age of 16.


Zanbatou – Ridil, Magic Gun – Break Revolver, I was able to get these two out.


Maybe they were in my [bag].


Players had a [bag] to keep their personal belongings in, and a [storage] to keep the stuff they couldn’t carry in their base, which was their room.
There are 100 items in my bag.
The storage one is 2000, but if it is left in a distant city, it cannot be retrieved immediately.


I say bag, but I think it’s subspace storage, because I haven’t seen anything like that in my gaming days, and I don’t remember what I had in my bag in my last…


I don’t remember what equipment I had chosen last time, but I don’t see myself needing to use a zanbatou and a magic gun at the same time, so why would I have these two?


At any rate, let’s take out the equipment that might be in my bag, shall we?


“Set [Witch Dress] Head Head.”


I found that the red circlet headdress wasn’t attached, and it fell to the bed with a plop.


It’s not the right size, after all.
But if I have this, it means that what I have in my bag is solo equipment specialized for magic warfare.


Weapons and armor in VRMMORPGs are basically obtained through quests, production, or drops from boss monsters, but this is my “special equipment” that I made by doing [charged quests].


Because of my elaborate design, I was given the “painful” nickname “The Rose Silk Velvet Witch” in the game.


It’s scary to be an adult and pay for special equipment on a monthly basis.


I’ve customized it so that I can use it solo, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use a magic gun or a zanbatou well with this equipment.


A dagger would not be a problem…but then again, the knives I have are double rare weapons.
A knife that looks just like a kitchen knife that increases cooking skills.


As I was thinking about this, the double-rare witch-only equipment disappeared and returned to me.


I was disappointed that I couldn’t equip it because it was one of my favorites, but let’s get back on track and try some decorations.


As a result of verification (of all possible equipment that I may have on myself), rings are no good.
They’re too big and I’ll drop them.
I wonder if earrings will be okay when I get a little bigger.
The only thing I can wear now is a collar.


For now, I’ll wear the [Collar of Protection].
It’s double rare, so I won’t lose it.


And then there’s magic… but for some reason it doesn’t work.


Is there a way to activate it that is unique to this world? I can’t even use first level magic, or is it just impossible to use magic?


It’s like pudding that’s not sweet, when I can’t use magic despite being equipped for magical warfare.
If it was in a game, I could just chant the name of the spell, and it would work, but this is like a sour pudding.
It’s still pudding, though.


When I was thinking about this, I became sleepy.
I’m going to take a nap again.


So, good night….


It seems that I was still careless.
I suppose I still haven’t gotten over the feeling of living in a peaceful world.
When my father said he was going to sell me, I assumed that nothing would happen for a while.


I didn’t understand, you know, my mother’s hatred.


I had been taken away by bandits who had snuck into my room that night.

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