Chapter 1: The Villainess Young Lady


Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
I have just died.


You may be thinking, “What is this person saying all of a sudden?” But, I didn’t die because I wanted to.


My family was wealthy in its own way.
My father was an entrepreneur.
A mother who was a cookbook author.
A talented and cool eldest son.
The youngest daughter, who was very popular and cute.
What an ideal family!


――――If it weren’t for me, the middle of the siblings.


I don’t show much emotion, I don’t get angry or laugh.
So I was the only one floating around in the house.
Puka… And….


It’s not that I have no feelings.
It’s just that I’m a little awkward.


I don’t show my emotions very often, but my good friends say that I’m easy to understand because I don’t have any back and forth.
Simple and clear.


If there is a problem, it is that my family doesn’t understand it.


Whenever I had an argument, I would argue back with a straightforward argument, and my emotional brother and sister hated me for it.
My mom and dad stopped paying attention to me around junior high school.


They stopped talking to me, which led me to do nothing but play video games.
They didn’t invite me to dinner either, so I had a lot of time on my hands.


One day, when my high school teacher asked me what I was going to do, I decided to leave home, which I had been thinking about for a long time.
The attitude of my siblings had become troublesome.


I had my first conversation with my dad in six months, and he gave me a small apartment the next month.


Well, I still have almost two years until graduation…?


That’s how I started living on my own.


When I went out with some friends who were worried about me to buy some things for my independent life, I met a small foreign boy.
Is he lost? He must be confused.


Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large foreign man holding a knife – and when I came to, I was holding the boy defensively, and he stabbed me in the back with a knife.


Incidentally, the cause of my death was the damage to my internal organs caused by my kicking the thug in the groin while the knife was still embedded in me.
I’m belligerent.


Well, I had no choice.
I didn’t want to die, but if I could die for others in the end, isn’t that a good thing?


When leaving home, I secretly slipped the “yaoi book” into my family’s bags, so please keep it as a memento.


The reason why I’m talking to you is that in a strange white space, this kind-looking “grandpa” in front of me told me that I died.


“Are you God, by any chance?”


Not exactly.]


Not exactly, he answered.


Apparently, when a normal person dies, they immediately become a soul and are either reincarnated or returned to the world, but I was specifically stopped at that preliminary stage.


I was told that the boy I protected was a Son of God.


A Son of God is said to appear in the world every 1,000 years and is born as a human being in order to save the world, but this time he was attacked by evil when he was careless.
That’s terrible.


The grandpa, who was a little different from God, was a Son of God from a thousand years ago, and he was happy that his successor had been born, so he could finally rest in peace.


However, he was very saddened by the fact that I lost my young life to do so.


[Therefore, I will use the last of my power to reincarnate you in a place of your choice.]

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