tively sluggish as compared to other stores around.

The eagle-eyed staff outside the store saw Pei Xian’s bracelet and walked over to him. 

The staff member said very politely and softly: “Sir, You can enter the store directly without any waiting.” 

“Okay.” Pei Xian doesn’t want eye-catching products that make him stand out, and the product display in front of the store was very suitable for his liking.

The service staff led Pei Xian through the crowd of people in the line and went straight into the store.
The store door was closed and a sign for the VIP reception was closed. 

Zu stores are more like brand museums.
After a brief introduction of the brand.
The shopping guide staff showed Pei Xian new products of the season, limited editions that are rarely displayed, and memorial custom models.

It was the first time that Pei Xian was shopping for shoes by himself.
It was a comfortable and fresh shopping experience.
Looking around him he felt everything was good. 

“I will have the new four styles and those two memorial models.” Pei Xian selected his choice.

The shopping guide was shocked by his ‘pouring money down the drain’ attitude and barely managed to maintain his expression.
“Sir, the memorial is currently in production, and the customization cycle is relatively long.
If you are sure, I will contact the company.

“It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry.” Pei Xian understood.

He suddenly thought of the episode he was watching “The Law of Mistress” in bed last night.
Hei Hang said that Keiko’s most beautiful moment was swiping his black gold card in the shop, leaving everyone burning in jealousy and envy.  

That’s What He Strives For.
Practice Makes Man Perfect. 

So Pei Xian took out his mobile phone and aimed at a shoe that was called a work of art. 

“CLICK”  and he sent it to Gu Han.

Boss Gu didn’t know what little quail was doing but he sent a reply within seconds. 

[ World’s No.
1 Good Man: Buy Buy Buy!  Buy everything.
Don’t be meagre! 】

Pei Xian held his mobile phone in a solemn mood.
It turned out that he finally figured out the “lover’s duties” today!


The little quail who was just getting his feet wet made mental notes about all the things. 

“Isn’t this Pei Xian?” A slightly offbeat voice of a male came. 

Pei Xian looked up and wanted to say “Who are you?” But in the end, he didn’t say a word.
It hasn’t been long before he transmigrated in this novel.
The original owner’s relationships with others were not that good.
And they were not mentioned in depth.
So he just shut up and waited for the other party to speak.

The service staff around wanted to warn off the other party but when he saw they were acquaintances he stopped. 


It turned out that Pei Xian came in unexpectedly, and there were already customers in the shop.
The service staff smartly arranged them in such a clever way that the two guests wouldn’t meet during the whole process. 

Gao Lei’s shiny little t-shirt was just out of this year’s, and even indoors he was reluctant to take off sunglasses.
At first glance, he looked more like a little star highlighted in a scandal scam. 

He and Pei Xian both worked in bars.
The difference was that he was a part-time college student who thought that Gao Lei was a good person.
But the facts were the opposite.
Gao Lei was very ruthless.
Pei Xian’s tender and innocent face earned him more tips than him. 

Not long after Pei Xian was taken away by Zhou Kai, the lonely Gao Lei also caught some rich master’s attention.
Although he was not a billionaire, it was no problem for Gao Lei to secure a comfortable and happy life.
Soon the two got married and lived happily ever after. 

Recently, Gao Lei heard the rumours that Pei Xian was forced to marry someone by Zhou Kai.
Gao Lei laughed looking at him. 

“I am Gao Lei, don’t you remember?” Gao Lei took off his sunglasses and said, “Yeah, I heard that you have been sold off by Zhou Kai.
Well, poor little child.”

Pei Xian, who was living peacefully for a few days, was suddenly reminded of that crazy dog ​​man Zhou Kai.
His happy mood plummets. 

Gao Lei, who saw Pei Xian’s angry face, was pleased.
To add more fuel to the fire, he raised his exquisite bag.
“I’m not the same.
As long as I want a new thing my old man will let the driver line up to ensure I can get it as soon as possible.
You are not here to apply for shopping assistance are you?”

Pei Xian doesn’t want to spend more of his precious time on mindless people.  So he nodded his head to the other party’s question.   

At this time, the shopping staff returned to Pei Xian’s side and  respectfully provided him with his order details, “Sir, please collect your order, and your total cost would be seven hundred thousand yuan.”

Pei Xian did not blink his eyes, he gracefully took out the black gold card.

This season’s new four-colour shoes have been prepared for you, do you need to try them?” The shopping staff asked carefully.

Pei Xian put away the order casually, “I don’t need to wear it.
I just think they look great.” 

Gao Lei’s jaw dropped down to the floor.
He can only afford a pair of merchandiser versions, and he was now embarrassed into an ugly statue in public.

The staff asked Gao Lei if he wanted to shop for customised shoes. 


“He’s very poor, and he can’t pay this much” Pei Xian truthfully said.
He had tens of billions of assets in his previous life.

Gao Lei’s big eyes almost rolled out, doubting the hallucinations, “What are you talking about ?!” 

After the shopping staff swiped the card.
He used the unique metal card of Zu to hold the bill and the black gold card back.
“Sir, you have more things.
If you don’t mind, we can send you home.”

Pei Xian nodded while sending a message to Gu Han, saying the address directly, “1 Berlin Road.”

Just five words were enough to shock everyone. 

The Berlin Road City Centre Villa District was also known as treasurer of the city, and everyone knows that Mr.
Gu personally took the town to develop the project.
People who live there are either rich or rich.
One of the villas cost more than millions of dollars.  

“How can you, you, you … live there?” Gao Lei half-opened his mouth and sighed.
He felt ashamed, his hands and feet both started to shake. 

 “Sir, what’s wrong with you? Call a doctor, somebody fainted here!”

At the end of the meeting, Pei Xian’s information and credit card bill came in almost simultaneously.
Boss Gu looked at the amount of money and was still gloomy.
The completion time to spend money was less than 3 hours and he was still unable to do that.

Gu Han decided to go out and personally teach his little quail how to do the tasks properly. 

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