t away!”

He pushed her away as though wrapping around her.
At the same time, the whole cave vibrated as if it was about to collapse.
Celine lifted her head as soon as possible and shrieked.

In the spot where they had stood a while ago, there was a crack the size of a man wide open.

An evil energy slowly leaked out of the crack.

“Stick to the wall.”

At his words, she leaned her back against the cold wall of the cave, trying to calm her beating heart.
Meanwhile, Leonhard stood on the edge of the crack and did not move.


With a roar, the cracks began to grow bigger and bigger.
He took a step backward slowly to keep pace with the growing crack.


Celine’s eyes widened.

From the bottom of the crack, something monumental and dark was growing.

The moment she found out what it was, her whole body began to tremble in astonishment.
There were huge, dead-colored tree roots growing at a rapid rate.
It carried an old man with a white beard up to his waist.


Leonhardt let out a groan and sigh.

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He didn’t understand why no one knew about this until now.

Agathirsus was not a habitat for monsters that had been neglected for a hundred years.
A place where for a hundred years, a warlock had developed his power without people even knowing his existence.
He didn’t even know how strong the other person would be.

Before the old man ultimately revealed himself, he mumbled a word to protect Celine.

“Magic, never use it.”


Celine’s answer was small, but it was clear.

It was enough for Leonhard to regain his composure.

The roots placed the old man on the edge of the crack, then wriggled and vanished into the darkness.
The old man, with his back straight, glared at them with blood-red eyes.

“Who has disturbed my sleep?”

Between the gaping mouths were full of sharp teeth resembling those of a monster, words continued to flow.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know.
I know at least the fact that you guys are in contact with each other.”

Leonhard answered in a voice like ice.

“Ah, little wolf.”

The old man laughed openly at him.

“There is no way I don’t know you.
Didn’t you set foot here one day and run away?”

Leonhard did not fall for the provocation.
It should be done after checking how strong the other person was.
Fortunately, Celine, too, didn’t even move from her spot as if she had noticed his thoughts either.

He then spoke quietly.

“How did you hide that this is the warlock’s stronghold?”

The old man smiled.

“Manipulating humans is such a simple thing.”


Her face contorted in astonishment.
A warlock skilled in manipulating humans and manipulating dead tree roots at will…

Leonhard’s face hardened like a mask.

“…You controlled the person in charge at the time.”

The old man let out a creepy laugh.

Celine had heard exactly the same laughter in another voice.
It was because Pable Dehaka laughed just like that before being killed by Leonhard.

A huge tidal wave of fear came crashing down.
This person was different from the monsters, who did nothing but destruction and slaughter without reason or emotion.

Human malice…

Selfishness, as if nothing was important to him but himself, mixed with malice stiffened her whole body.

“Pabel Dehaka, did you control him?”

“I’m old, so I don’t know the name.
The stubborn knight commander…? Ha! I showed him hell because he resisted me.”

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In an instant, Leonhard’s face, who had been maintaining his straightness, cracked.

“What’s the matter? It was you who took his life, young wolf.”

Celine barely moved his hardened tongue.

“Leonhard, don’t listen to the person.”

“…Be still.”

The old man chuckled and laughed.

“A little wizard has rolled in here? Little wolf and little wizard… You are a good couple.”

Leonhard tried not to react.
The other person should not notice his heart.
However, it seemed to have touched the old man’s intuition because of such an attitude seeing that massive roots wrapped around Celine in an instant.


“If you want to save her, it would be better to be more polite.
Young wolf.”


Leonhard stared at the old man.
He did not budge the roots that covered Celine.
He knew her well.
She must be struggling to get out of there somehow.

She kept her word not to use magic.

“…I don’t care.”


“I don’t care if she dies or not.
She’s just a magician that the family forced on me.”

The old man let out another creepy laugh.

“If that is the case, we will see.”

Leonhard’s mouth burned.
The man really intended to kill Celine.
Nonetheless, his hand was still resting on Rashir’s hilt, who was sleeping peacefully inside the scabbard, and there was no sign of pulling it out.

Then, the roots moved.

He calculated the position.
If it moved a little, he could cut off the roots before the old man touched Celine.
Although the roots had moved to the other side… Towards the crack.

His hands were sweating.

The old man’s intention to drop Celine into the crack was immediately known.

But, what he had to do and what he wanted to do were in conflict with each other.
The crack was deep enough to look like an abyss.
It must be an underground space created by the erosion of monsters over hundred years.

Full of all kinds of evil…

The answer came right away.

Celine must be left alone.
She was an undead being, so he could save her by killing the warlock first.

That was the fastest way.

Leonhard bit his lip until blood gushed out.
The blood tasted like the blood of the innocents he had killed.

‘Should I sacrifice Celine, kill the old man…’

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