“Sorry but…”

She gently placed her hand on Leonhard’s shoulder to reassure him.
She could do whatever he asked for.
Besides, isn’t he the person who would ask Celine to not harm herself?

Leonhard flinched momentarily, then asked in a low voice.

“I’m sorry, but can you stay by my side until I sleep? Leave me as soon as I fall asleep.
Just, until I sleep…”

For a moment, Karl gasped and took a breath.

Leonhard and Celine did not care about his reaction for different reasons.

One side of her chest tingled.

Perhaps, it was because he had returned from fighting the warlock alone, and Leonhard seemed to have reached his mental limit.
He refused Celine’s help on a night when he had to endure the pain of her body shattering, although now, he turned to her for help.

She was very sorry about that, too.

Celine gazed up at Leonhard and smiled slightly.

“When I saw you thought about it a lot, it turns out it was just that? All right.”

“…Thank you.”

“After all, we slept together before arriving here.
It’s not even new.”

Finally, the two left Lute Karl, who had a puzzled expression, and left the central tower at a quick pace.

Suddenly, Celine furrowed her face with a sullen expression on her face.

“Ah, Lute Carl!”

“Why does that name appear?”

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“I couldn’t even say goodbye properly to him before… Oh my, I keep being disrespectful to my Master.”

“If he’s offended by that much, you can say that Lute Karl is a narrow-minded person.”

Leonhard replied bitterly.
He did not like the name Master at all.
In addition, how long have they known each other already?

“It could be, well.”

Celine uttered in a slightly excited voice.

“Anyway, I am very grateful to Lute Karl.
Oh, you know? Leonhard should also thank Lute Karl.”


“Didn’t you know?”

Celine recounted her first lessons with Lute Emile.

“I’m really glad that Leonhard didn’t have to go through that.”

At that, his face hardened.
Celine’s magic raged out, and she was told that Lute Karl had solved it, yet she didn’t know that she was about to die.

“…You should have shredded that idiot with Rashir.”

She was dumbfounded, and she laughed.
Meanwhile, Leonhard was more aggressive than usual, as the loss of sleep for a few days was a major blow.

“Is there even a need for that? Regardless, he lost a good job as my teacher.”

“Don’t you resent the coward who nearly killed you?”

“Why should I complain?”

Celine rolled her eyes and answered.

“I didn’t die, anyway.
Even if I died, I would still be alive.
Just like when Leonhard came after me.”


Immediately, Leonhard lost his words and bit his mouth.
He had completely forgotten about that time.
Remembering that, his face heated up.

With what kind of look did he ask if she didn’t resent Lute Emile…?

He was no different…

No, he was much worse than that.

“…I am so sorry.”

“Well, it was all a misunderstanding.”

Celine shrugged her shoulders.

“It is also thanks to Leonhard that I am not dying these days.
Don’t worry about it.”

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In the end, the two arrived at Leonhard’s bedroom.
Celine glanced around the room with curious eyes.

One word that came to her mind was ‘desolate.’ There were only a few huge, old-fashioned pieces of furniture, and a bedroom the size of an average apartment had no ornaments and no carpeting.

“Isn’t it cold here?”

Leonhard made a face as if biting his tongue.

“Oh, do you think it’s cold? I didn’t think of that.
I should have told them to get ready for you to be here.”

“No, it doesn’t matter that I don’t sleep here every day.
I’m asking if Leonhard is cold.”

He seemed to understand what Celine was saying.

“It’s hard to get out of bed when it’s warm.
You have to be ready to run at any time.”

“…Have you ever slept properly? Even before the nightmare?”

“I’ve always slept.”

Leonhard replied as if he was saying something absurd, so Celine couldn’t ask anymore.
Then, he rang the bell and called the attendant.
The attendant looked at them with wide-eyed eyes.

“Lute Celine will be staying here for a while.
Bring her a brazier, a blanket, and lap coverings.”

While the attendant went to get things, Leonhard disappeared into the dressing room for a while, changed into pajamas, and lay on the bed.

The tension that had been dominating his body all along disappeared in an instant.

Celine felt a little strange.

All the nights she spent with Leonhard were always with him on alert.
It was the first time she had seen him lying in bed like this defenselessly.

With that thought, she dragged an armchair next to the bed.

“Good night.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Leonhard muttered a single word that sounded like sleep talk before immediately losing consciousness.
His pale, tired face and thick dark circles let Celine know that his condition was not normal.

She looked down at Leonhard with sad eyes.

‘I wish he could sleep comfortably…’

She simply thought that if she didn’t die, he would be able to sleep comfortably.

However, the reality was just the opposite.

‘What if…’

Celine bit her lip, thinking that her very existence was making Leonhard uneasy.

At that moment, he moaned softly.


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