turn to Bernoulli’s castle as soon as possible, so he moved swiftly.

By the time Count Orion, who had a bewildered expression on his face after receiving the butler’s report, ran out, it was already sunset and the sky was covered with indigo light.

“Leonhard, why are you so late… Leonhard—!”

“Heok, give me my horse.”

Leonhard took a deep breath and asked for his horse.
Nevertheless, Count Orion shook his head in bewilderment.

“Are you saying you want to go back to that state? My God, what will I hear from your mother… Rest in the castle for the night.”

“It’s not possible.”

“Why not?”

Leonhard was speechless.

“…I have to go back as soon as possible.”

“Are you so reluctant to stay here?”

I just have a reason to go back.”

Count Orion sighed.

“I get it.
Though your poor horse needs a little more rest.
I’ll give you another horse, so you can ride it back.”


Leonhard knew he had lost.
There was no other horse that could take the place of his favorite horse, Black.

“All right.
Instead, I will leave as soon as dawn.”

“Yes, you should.”

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Eventually, Count Orion sighed in relief.
Since his sister was quite frightening, so if he had mistreated her son, the Count would come under pressure.

“The Prince is staying tonight!”

Moments later, Leonhard was ushered into the Castle’s most luxurious bedroom.

He ate his meal with a force to swallow the tray, and then lay tiredly on the bed.

The needlessly ornate murals on the ceiling caught his eye.
The mural painting of a Goddess of beauty with her blonde hair and blue-grey eyes stroking her child… In an instant, the image of a woman resembling the mural smiling brightly came to his mind.

Leonhard closed his eyes and opened them.

‘…Damn it.’

It had only been two days since he left the castle.
Meanwhile, the thought of Celine never left his mind.

“Today, you wouldn’t have died…”

Leonhard gazed intently at the mural and said in a loud voice, though His heart raced at the thought of him being wrong.
The fact that the time to check that possibility approached moment by moment also made him nervous.

Leonhard let out a soft moan.

He wanted to confirm Celine’s well-being right now, and to realize that she was alive by checking her heart and her warm body temperature as he hugged her.

‘It’s true that I’m weakened in this respect.’

He let out a bitter laugh.

No matter what the warlock found in him, he was no longer the sharpened sword he once was.

It had only been a little over a week since he met Celine Hunt! Although for some reason, even his sober reason did not say that he should cut Celine Hunt.

As he remembered her words before he left, Leonhard shut his eyes slowly.

[ “Leonhard will sleep well every night.
Then you can check at night that I am doing well.” ]

However, he could not obey Celine.

Closing his eyes was unsettling as the forcible sleeplessness attacking him meant her death.
Leonhard looked at the murals on the ceiling all night, forcing the sleep away.

In fact, he couldn’t sleep properly because of his heart pounding with tension.

At last, the sun rose, coloring the sky in a rosy color, and Leonhard’s heart was filled with joy.

Celine was safe!




Celine was the first to discover Leonhard returning to Bernoulli Castle.

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She was training from the top of the castle tower, staring at the castle gate, and from the top floor, she immediately recognized a weary horse and the majestic rider the size of a chestnut.


Leonhard immediately recognized the image of her running towards him.

His eyes twinkled, his ears opened to hear what Celine was saying to him, and his arms stretched out to catch Celine.


Celine couldn’t hide her surprise.

She was sure she drank even the water carefully in the meantime because she wanted to avoid harming Leonhard himself.
For some reason, she never suffered a single wound, let alone her death.

However, Leonhard’s bloody eyes, thick dark circles, and rough skin made it clear that he hadn’t slept well in the past few days.

“What happened? Maybe you had a nightmare? Did I die? I was fine.
I’m not dead… If you’ve seen me die, it’s a warlock trick!”

He embraced Celine softly as she poured out her words in surprise.

At that moment, Leonhard felt the warmth that he had missed so much over the past few days.

“I was so worried, I couldn’t sleep.”

“…What did you say?”

Leonhard didn’t answer right away.
He caressed her back as if trying to make sure Celine was completely in front of him.

An incomprehensible gibberish came out of his mouth.

“You—If you’re not safe, I’ll be forced to fall asleep.
Just to make sure you’re safe… I couldn’t even sleep.”

In an instant, indescribable emotions mixed with each other in her heart.

Anger, embarrassment, sadness, compassion, and…

Celine’s eyes reddened with all those emotions.
Seeing that, Leonhard’s bewildered voice was heard.

“…Are you crying?”


It was because she did not realize that her eyes were wet until she put her hand around her eye.

“Oh, nothing… Just…”

“No need to cry for me.
I’m fine.”

As Leonhard replied calmly, Celine couldn’t stand it anymore, and she let out a single word of resentment towards him.

“I told you to check it with a good night’s sleep! You don’t know if I’m safe or not!”

“…Because I can’t check it until I wake up.
I couldn’t stand it.”

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