“I was just nervous…….”

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Natasha stared at Celine.

“Huh, Leon may be deceived, but I’m not fooled.
What the hell did he say about me?”

“He didn’t say anything.”

“Then, there is no reason to be afraid?”

…… more or less.

“I was just nervous.
I am a bit shy.”

“I see.

Natasha tapped Celine on the back.

“The escort maids will also be introduced soon, so what would they think if the new guest was so frightened?”

They reached a crimson door at the end of a long hallway.
As Natasha pulled the door, a sweet scent wafted out.

Celine looked around.
From the wallpaper to the murals on the ceiling, everything was covered in pink, and even expensive furniture was painted in different shades of pink.

“Isn’t it cool? Leon hates it so much.
But it’s my room, so I’ll have it decorated my way!”

Natasha flopped down on the sofa and rang the bell.
Immediately the maid appeared.

“Princess, did you call?”

“Call Aria, El, Miriam.
Right now.”

Celine thought it would take some time, but in just a few minutes all three escort maids appeared before them.

Natasha introduced each and every one of them.

“And this is Celine Hunt.
She is a guest of our family.
She’ll stay in my room until another one of your colleagues comes along.
She is very weak, so be careful!”

“It is an honor to have you here.”

The three responded at the same time as if they were one body.

Celine tried to answer, but her mouth didn’t move.

She knew all three!

On the Hidden Stage, Natasha’s ghost did not walk alone.
Her appearance meant that three other ghosts were about to attack the protagonist.

‘What is all this…….’

Celine was overcome with fear and confusion.

She thought that if only she came to the North, she would be freed from all danger, but the reality was just endless mode.

‘No, calm down, calm down! Did you realize that the game and this place are different through Leonhard?’

Celine smiled at the three.

“Nice to meet you all.
Please take care of me in the future!”

Natasha immediately grabbed Celine.

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“I’ll show you the room you’ll be staying in.
The three of them will take turns guarding.”

After an hour.

Celine collapsed into a chair, exhausted from running around from the bottom to the top of the tower.

Natasha looked a bit perplexed.

“Like Leon said, your body is really weak.
Shall I call a doctor? What would you like to drink?”

“… please give me some water.”

Immediately, a glass of cold, fresh water was held in Celine’s hand.
Natasha glanced openly at every part of her body.

“The reason you die so easily is probably because of your physical strength.
Look at me.”

She rolled up the sleeves of her fluttering dress.
Her strong muscles were exposed.

“I train every day.
Would you like to join me?”

Celine laughed, but Natasha repeated the invitation with a serious face.

“If you want to live here, you need physical strength! Oh, I heard that there are women who can’t ride horses in the capital.
It’s not Celine, isn’t it?”

“I can’t.”

Natasha covered her mouth, realizing that she was being somewhat rude, she apologized.

“Sorry, horseback riding is common sense in the North.
So what, do you like knitting and embroidery? El is very good at embroidering.
I’m so jealous.”

“Uh…… no.”

“It’s okay, I hate it too.
So what do you like?”

She suddenly remembered that she could neither laugh nor cry, that if it had been two months ago, she would have answered that it was a horror movie, a horror novel, or a horror game.

Celine picked the best answer.

“I like books.”

“Ah, books.”

Natasha frowned.

“I’m sorry, I don’t like it very much, so I don’t do it.
But there’s a library.
You have plenty of time, so come anytime.”

“Thank you.”

Celine thanked her.

“It’s nothing.”

While they were chatting like that, Arya appeared.

“Princess, it’s Miss Hunt’s welcome reception tonight.”

“I understand.”

Natasha nodded her head and sighed.

“It must be the thinking of my father.
The guests must be greeted with all the heart of the North, or something.”

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“Do I need to prepare anything?”

Celine, just sit there quietly.
Yes, just like right now.”

Natasha chuckled.

“It’s just boring.”

Three hours later, Celine realized that it was usually not easy to just sit quietly.

I couldn’t treat the guest properly because I was out before.”

Grand Duke Bernoulli greeted Celine with bright yellow eyes.
Celine sighed in relief.
The Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess had never been seen as ghosts.

At least through the segment that Celine played.

The Grand Duke formally introduced his children.
The boy she saw in the Grand Duchess’s office was Martin, the youngest son of the Grand Ducal couple.

The food started coming out little by little.
Celine tried to catch her breath, and bit the pre-dinner bread carefully.

It wasn’t because of her fear or nervousness.

For the first time in her life, she was wearing clothes that belonged to someone else, so she couldn’t say a word and was only served by the maids.

Wearing a corset for the first time in her life, Celine couldn’t breathe properly.
Besides, perhaps because she was constantly nervous, her stomach was quite bloated because of the water she kept drinking for her dry throat.

‘I didn’t know it would be this uncomfortable!’

The Grand Duchy’s band began to play music.
Celine took a deep breath.

“Hoo, hoo…….”

“Are you sick?”

Immediately Leonhardt, who sat across from her, responded.

Celine shook her head.
A reception held for her own sake.
She knew nothing of the manners of this world, but she did know that she should not leave early.

Besides, didn’t Natasha mention that a while ago, this reception was held in order to give her the status of a guest of the Grand Duchy.

The Grand Duke asked anxiously.

“It doesn’t suit your taste?”

It’s delicious.”

Celine struggled to smile and ate the soup.

“Miss Hunt needs to eat a little more.
You’re so skinny, that’s why you’re weak!”

In an instant, she felt dizzy, and a flash of colored afterimages flashed before her eyes as if dozens of colored light bulbs had been turned on and off.

Celine tried to inhale, but her whole body was as heavy as lead.


It was the last thing she heard before Celine died of suffocation due to the corset.

“…… line!”

Celine blinked her eyes.
The pressure on her body was gone.

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Looking sharp as if he could cut through a person any second, Leonhardt grabbed her hand tightly.

“If you feel uncomfortable, you should talk to me!”

“It happened just like that.”

Celine smiled vaguely.

“Doesn’t Leonhard have that kind of experience? It’s all over if I stammer.”

“…… Seeing your mouth moving, you look fine!”

Leonhardt sat next to Celine with a more relieved look.

“The welcome reception must have been a mess because of me.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

He protested harshly.

“You are the guest I brought myself! There was no need for a welcome party!”

Celine looked around.
They were in a small room.
A corset lying on the floor in the corner caught her eye.

“Did you remove it yourself?”

Celine’s voice contained only surprise, not reproach.
Leonhard sighed.

“I don’t know how to undo that! Natasha’s escort maids took care of it.”

“You should have left me with them and left.
If there is no guest, the successor who brought the guest must be present.”

Leonhardt laughed.

“Celine Hunt, just one thing like this doesn’t shake your position.
I guarantee.”

Celine got up.
She was ready to go right back, as the escort maids had her dress completely smoothed, except for the corset.

She died.
It won’t be long before she revives, so there’s still time left at the welcome reception.

“Let’s go back.”

“…… Are you okay?”

“Leonhardt, I’ve been through a lot more deaths than this, haven’t I? Besides, I couldn’t eat properly because of that corset.”

Leonhard didn’t hesitate any longer and stood up.

“As you wish, Lady.”

As soon as they entered the banquet hall, everything went silent.
Celine proudly walked to her seat and sat down.

The Grand Duke immediately asked with concern.

“Are you feeling okay?”

I went camping last night, and I didn’t feel well.
It’s a lot better when I get some rest.”

“Father, as expected, I told you that it would be better to hold the reception after Miss Hunt adjusts to it!”

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Natasha gave a scolding and ordered her band to uplift her favorite tunes.

“It’s fine now.
I’m just hungry.”

Celine smiled and put a tender veal steak into her mouth.


It wasn’t empty words.
The succulent veal steak was unlike any of the cheap steaks she ate before she fell into this world.

“I can see that you are feeling better when you get some rest.
It will lift you up a lot.”

The table where the Grand Duchy’s family and their guests were seated soon turned into a friendly atmosphere.
Except for one, Leonhard Bernoulli, whose nightmare was scheduled.

The reception ended late in the evening.

Exhausted, Celine was led by the escort maids to wash her body and change into comfortable pajamas.

She immediately lay down on the bed.
Before she fell asleep, she lifted her head slightly and saw El leaning against the door embroidering.


Celine recalled the fact that she had forgotten in her surprise.

Leonhardt will see and feel her death over and over again tonight.

‘…… No wonder.’

She asked him one day if there was anyone in the North to wake him up.
Leonhard asked back then how could he show his weakened self to others all night long?

But, Leonhardt had to protect her, so that led Celine to share his nightmare?

Now that Celine has an escort maid to protect her, Leonhardt has to endure all the agonizing nights alone.

‘…… I can’t.’

Celine jumped out of bed.

El shook her head with a startled look


“I need to see Leo…..
the Lord.
Right Now.”

“At this time? If you have something to convey to him, I will tell him separately.”

I have to go and tell him in person.
It has a lot to do with the reason the Lord brought me here.”

El stood up with a reluctant face.
Celine was proud.
She didn’t lie.

“Then just give the Lord time to inform him in advance.”

“I have to go right now!”

Celine exclaimed desperately.
Naturally, Leonhardt will throw her out.

The only way was to go in person and ask if he would send her back when she had come this far.

“…… I understand.”

El got up from her seat.
Celine put on a thick coat.

“It is cold outside.
Be careful, because you may die.”

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