Jean was holding the child’s chubby little leg while examining it.
Hearing his question, Dr.
Jean smiled and reassured him.
“No, your leg will be fine in a couple of days.”

In addition to the leg injury, the little chubby child had other wounds on his body.

Jean carefully applied ointment to the little one’s wounds.
The little child’s skin was tender, so it easily developed bruises.
The greenish and purplish marks around caught the attention of the adults, furrowing their brows.


After applying the ointment to all the marks on the little child’s body, Dr.
Jean asked, “Apart from the wounds, where else does it hurt?”

The little child held onto the milk bottle and thought for a moment, then looked down at his little tummy and said, “My tummy hurts.”

Upon hearing this, Dr.
Jean reached out his large hand and touched his stomach.

While examining his stomach, Dr.
Jean continued asking, “Does your head hurt? Are there any other areas that hurt?”

The little child tried to recall and then honestly replied, “When I was thrown roughly for the first time, my head felt dizzy.
But it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Jean nodded and continued his questioning.

Throughout the conversation, Dr.
Jean maintained a gentle demeanor.
The little child did not show any resistance to his questions, and the atmosphere between the two was harmonious.

After a while, Dr.
Jean stood up and turned to Ludwig and Ai Wei, saying, “Your Majesty, Ningning needs to undergo a thorough examination.
As a small child, his body hasn’t fully developed yet, and this is the most vulnerable time.
If there are any internal injuries, the situation could be very dangerous.”


Ludwig didn’t hesitate and directly agreed.
“Let’s go to the hospital.”

The Imperial Central Hospital was not far from the palace.
Ludwig glanced at his son, who was holding the little child, and in the next moment, his son stood up while holding the little child and said, “Let’s go.”

The hospital was crowded, and Ai Wei, as usual, couldn’t go with them.

Although she felt reassured in her heart leaving these things to the father and son, the limitations imposed on her actions still made her feel a bit irritated.

The child was becoming visibly restless in the car.

He looked up at his older brother and Uncle Lulu, his chubby face covered in Band-Aids, and resisted with a pouting expression, saying, “Ningning doesn’t want to go to the hospital.”

When Ningning was sick and had a fever before, his father took him to a hospital on another barren planet to get a shot.
Perhaps the nurses at the hospital were careless because the shot hurt Ningning‘s bottom for several days.

He sat in his brother’s arms and began to struggle.

“Ningning doesn’t want to ride in the car.
Let Ningning get off!”

Neither Ludwig nor Huo Lin could possibly let him get off.
The father and son tried to comfort the little child in low voices, but their attempts were temporarily ineffective.

The little child looked at the car that wasn’t turning around, and his emotions couldn’t be calmed down at all.

Huo Lin picked him up, patting his back gently, and made a promise.
“We’re going to the hospital just for a check-up, just like the check-up we did at Aunt Ella’s house.
It won’t hurt.”

The little child’s mind was quite sharp.
Tears welled up in his eyes as he whimpered, “Aunt Ella, she pricked Ningning‘s hand.”

Huo Lin: “…”

This one was really hard to explain.

He didn’t even know if the child would need to have his blood drawn again at the hospital later.

No child liked to come to the hospital, and the young child in Huo Lin’s arms was no exception.

But fortunately, although the little child resisted going to the hospital, he didn’t cry or throw a tantrum.
He just rested his small head on his brother’s shoulder and tears fell silently.

The little child quietly shed tears, and while crying, he even touched his own bottom.

This was not good.

Ningning‘s bottom was going to hurt again.

Huo Lin watched him touch his bottom with a hand behind his back and couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Ningning, Dr.
Jean said the hospital won’t give you a shot on your bottom.”

Under the guidance of Dr.
Jean, they didn’t take the crowded public route but went through other passageways.

Wearing masks was mandatory in the hospital.
Although Ludwig and Huo Lin were wearing masks, the occasional passersby couldn’t help but glance at them as they brushed past.

The father and son had outstanding demeanor, and they also had an adorable curly-haired little child in their arms.
The scene was truly delightful to the eyes.

Soon enough, the little child began the examination process, which was quite lengthy.
However, the doctors conducting the examination for the little child did not dare to show the slightest negligence.

They glanced at the Emperor and the Crown Prince waiting outside, feeling both excited and nervous.
At the same time, they were also a bit curious.

“Jean, isn’t this little child our empire’s new little prince?”

A nearby doctor asked Jean quietly.
Their curiosity was overwhelming.

Jean had also wondered about this before, but now he knew the answer very well: “He is not the empire’s little prince; he is just an ordinary little child.
The Emperor and the prince are fond of this child.”

Upon hearing these words, the doctors beside him couldn’t help but sigh.

They marveled at the good fortune of this little child being favored by the imperial family.
It was truly a win for the child.

Jean looked at the envious eyes of his colleagues and smiled helplessly.

His colleagues only felt that the child was lucky to be favored by the imperial family.
But he believed that this luck was mutual.

The previously aloof Emperor and the young Crown Prince were now full of vitality with this cute little child around.

While the little child was undergoing the examination, progress was being made in the investigation sent by the Emperor.

In the initial investigation, they almost failed to find anyone due to the lack of surveillance.
However, thanks to the great privileges granted to those dispatched by the imperial family and acting on the Emperor’s orders, they finally discovered suspicious vehicles that had been near the entrance of the Zhan Xi’s house.

From suspicion to certainty, it only took a short time.

They reported the investigation results to His Majesty, the Emperor.

“It’s Duke Cole.
He went there today, and based on the arrival and departure times, there was no one else except him.”

After reading the reported message, Ludwig glanced at his son a few steps away.

“Caesar, come here.”

Ludwig shared the information with his son.
The father and son exchanged a glance, and Huo Lin pursed his lips, asking, “Father, do you want to take action against Cole now?”

The Cole family, to which Cole belonged, was an old and influential family in the empire.
Families like this not only had private armies, but also had their industries spread across various fields.
The interests of these families were somewhat connected to the imperial family.

Upon seeing Cole’s name, Huo Lin was not sure if his father would rashly deal with him at this time.

He knew that his father intended to weaken the power of these influential families, but he also knew that at the current timing, it was not part of his father’s plan.


Ludwig’s golden eyes showed no emotion.
He looked at his son, who was questioning him, with a slightly cold tone, “Do you think I would waver upon seeing Cole’s name?”

Huo Lin tightened his face and remained silent.

Father and son remained silent for a few seconds.
After a few moments, Huo Lin, still young, couldn’t withstand the pressure brought by his father and spoke again.

“Father, as the Emperor of the Empire, I thought you would weigh the pros and cons from your standpoint—”

Ludwig interrupted his son’s words and calmly said, “Caesar, he is not within the range of my considerations.”

His identity was that of the Emperor of the Empire, but the Emperor was not a machine.
He also had his own emotions and vulnerabilities.

For example, in the past, family was his biggest weakness, but now, a soft and fragile child that still needed protection had also become his weakness.

His weakness, translated literally, meant his reverse scale.

A reverse scale that no one could touch.

When Huo Lin heard his father’s words, his anxious heart finally relaxed.

After holding a strained expression for a while, his slightly immature face awkwardly adjusted itself.


He whispered, “Thank you.”

Huo Lin was well aware that he was too young and lacked sufficient rights.
In all aspects, he was lacking.

Until he grew strong enough, he still needed his father’s shelter.
It’s not just him; the little child also needed it.

Ludwig understood his son’s gesture of goodwill.
He raised his hand and ruffled his son’s head.

After all the examinations were over, Dr.
Jean carried the drowsy little child out.

“He has been feeling tired.
It’s probably because his previous emotions were too intense, and now that he has calmed down, exhaustion has set in.”

After Dr.
Jean finished explaining, he handed the sleepy little child over to Ludwig.

It took a lot of effort to walk around the hospital while carrying a child.
Jean felt that it would be better for Ludwig to carry the child.

Indeed, the child nestled in Ludwig’s arms and felt more comfortable than in the arms of the little prince.

The child’s head rested against the nape of Ludwig’s neck, and a chubby little hand was rubbing his eyes.

“Ningning wants to sleep.”

The child’s eyelids were almost unable to stay open, and his babbling voice showed that he was truly exhausted.

However, even though he was so tired, he stubbornly refused to close his eyes.

“Ningning wants to find Uncle Ling Qi.”

Ningning could only sleep peacefully after seeing Ling Qi.

Ludwig supported the child’s buttocks with one hand and his back with the other, occasionally patting his back gently.

“How is Ningning’s condition?”

“Fortunately, he doesn’t have any serious internal injuries.”

Jean first provided a general overview of the situation to alleviate the Emperor’s worries.
Then he added, “The internal injuries are not severe, but they are still present.”

For such a young child, being repeatedly thrown out had Dr.
Gene unable to imagine the consequences if not for the mecha’s protection.

Jean also prescribed medication and only after handing the medicine over, he escorted the Emperor out.

Outside the hospital.

Auben, who was responsible for driving, asked, as usual, “Your Majesty, are we heading back to the palace?”

“No, we’re going somewhere else.”

Ludwig sat the little child on his lap, and one of his large hands was held by the child, acting as a toy.

He looked ahead and calmly stated the destination.

Auben was somewhat surprised, but didn’t ask anything and drove the car away.

After an unknown period of time, the car arrived at its destination.

In front of the magnificent Duke’s mansion, the guards were about to intercept when they saw the approaching car.
However, before they could say anything, they saw the Emperor sitting inside.

Their expressions changed abruptly, and they immediately saluted and allowed passage.

Not long after, news of the Emperor’s visit reached the ears of Duke Cole.
He was slightly surprised upon hearing this news.

It wasn’t a special occasion, and nothing significant had happened recently, so why would the Emperor suddenly come?

Duke Cole, with such doubts, went to the front hall.

In the front hall.

The little child had Uncle Lulu and his older brother accompanying him.
He was feeling quite pleased, and no longer felt tired.
His little face was full of energy.

“This one, and this one, and this one, they all hit Ningning!”

The little child didn’t let Uncle Lulu hold him.
He limped around in the hall, pointing out the people who had hit him earlier.

The people he pointed out all kneeled down, their faces pale.

These people could never have imagined that a little child picking up garbage on the main road was actually brought in by the Emperor himself!

What shocked them even more was that this little child dared to act up in front of His Majesty the Emperor.
When the little child wanted to get down just now, His Majesty the Emperor didn’t allow it, but the child audaciously patted His Majesty the Emperor’s arm!

In the end, His Majesty the Emperor, not angry or annoyed, actually put him down on the ground.

After pointing out the people on the ground, the limping little child got a bit tired.

He was about to return to Uncle Lulu’s embrace when suddenly, another person appeared ahead.

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