Zhan Xi’s rival, Ling Qi, originally had a dark face.
However, after seeing Zhan Xi’s expression now, his complexion eased.

“Is this little baby just learning to speak, or is it deliberately insulting me?” he asked somewhat abruptly.

Hua Ya’s mouth twitched, and she nodded.

Earlier, Ling Qi had come to see her for something, and the two of them talked about Zhan Xi.
After Ling Qi saw the baby that Zhan Xi brought back to raise, he said a few things that weren’t very pleasant.

It’s unclear whether the baby heard Zhan Xi’s name or could really tell from the adult’s tone of voice what they were talking about, but the little baby who was playing with toys suddenly looked up and bounced out a childish “get lost” to Ling Qi.

Zhan Xi naturally caught the undertone Ling Qi’s question.
In the past, he would have cursed back at Ling Qi.

But now–

He looked down at the little baby in his arms, who was clutching a toy, and forcefully swallowed back the dirty words.

“Hua Ya, I’ll take the baby back first.”

Zhan Xi didn’t want to lose his composure in front of his rival, so he forced himself to stay calm before taking the baby back.

He hurried away, and after only a few steps, Hua Ya heard the baby’s childish “get lost” and Zhan Xi’s exasperated plea, “Don’t say that, forget that word! Let’s learn again!”

He had just saved his life.
The first vocabulary the baby learned at home happened to be the phrase he liked to use the most!

Zhan Xi hurriedly took the baby back.

Meanwhile, Jian Ning, who was sitting securely in his arms, had no idea that the first vocabulary he had learned had directly messed up Zhan Xi’s mentality.

He hugged Zhan Xi’s head and stuck to him, rubbing his tender little face against him, so soft that it made people’s hearts feel mushy.

Behind him.

Ling Qi watched the disappearing figure, remained silent for a while, and said, “Zhan Xi likes this baby so much? He is so clumsy.
Can he take care of the baby?”

Hua Ya pinched her forehead and explained, “If it weren’t for his insistence, this baby wouldn’t have survived until now.”

People on this barren planet didn’t have much kindness.

While the cute and soft baby was adorable, if they had to entrust someone to raise it, few would be willing to take on the responsibility.

Babies were delicate and hard to raise.
They could occasionally play with them, but they couldn’t take care of them around the clock.

When Zhan Xi first met this little baby, he teased it.
But who would have thought that the person who teased the baby the most in the beginning was now taking care of it.

After about ten minutes.

Zhan Xi opened the door, walked inside, and kept teaching Jian Ning, who was yawning in his arms, “Baby, call me daddy.”

After bringing the baby back, Zhan Rao checked its identity and found that only one crew member had baby supplies in his room.

This crew member had no relatives, a simple resume, and had already died at the hands of the Poison Spider.

Zhan Rao speculated that the baby was related to this crew member, but since he had died, if they sent the baby back, it would end up in an orphanage.

Zhan Xi did not agree to send the baby to the orphanage.

He had already told Zhan Rao privately, “It’s better for the baby to be raised by me than to live in an orphanage.
I have no experience as a father, but I will learn to be a responsible one.”

“Boss, from now on, he is my son.”

Zhan Rao did not object to his decision and did not pour cold water on it.

The environment on the barren star was harsh, and even adults found it difficult to survive here, let alone raising young babies.
But Zhan Xi said he would raise one, and Zhan Rao knew he could do it.

In the room.

Jian Ning was put on the bed and lazily leaned against the backrest.
His beautiful eyes refused to stay open, and after yawning a few times, his eyelashes were wet, as if the dew had dampened them.

“Quickly, call Daddy,” Zhan Xi urged.

Jian Ning’s small head gradually nodded, and the soft flesh on his cheeks sagged.
Finally, amid Zhan Xi’s urging, he reluctantly opened his mouth and said, “Silly egg.”

Zhan Xi: “…”

Zhan Xi took a deep breath and patiently corrected him, “It’s Daddy, not silly egg.”

Although both were baby talk, Daddy was a good word, while silly egg was not.
This egg must be a bad egg!

Zhan Xi’s teaching work once again came to a standstill, and he realized that he couldn’t teach him so harshly.
He needed a new teaching method.

The learning machine placed on the bedside caught his eye at the right time.

Zhan Xi took the learning machine that he had just studied and waved it in front of Jian Ning.
“Little baby, look at this.”

Jian Ning continued to doze off, uninterested.

Zhan Xi calmly tinkered with the learning machine and shook a classroom cover in front of the lazy baby.

The next second.

Jian Ning’s drowsy eyes lit up, and he reached out his chubby little hand eagerly, “Ah!”


Zhan Xi didn’t like the imperial little prince at all, but he had no choice.
His baby was very interested in him.
In order to cultivate his baby’s enthusiasm for class, he chose this course, which was said to be taken by the little prince.

He searched on StarNet in advance and found out that the little prince had a dedicated course teacher in the palace, and he didn’t use the learning machine very often.

This learning machine also had courses inside, which were advertised using the little prince as a gimmick.

Zhan Xi hoped that the little prince would not attend the classes inside, so that his own baby would not collide with the bad-tempered child.
His family’s baby was delicate and couldn’t come into contact with a bad-tempered child, or he would be bullied.

“Wait, if you want to use the learning machine, you have to speak.”

Zhan Xi waved the learning machine with the little prince in it and calmly baited the baby.
“Call me daddy.
If you don’t, you can’t play.”

Jian Ning: “!”

Jian Ning looked at the learning machine shaking in front of him, his chubby hands desperately trying to grab it.
He was anxious, but he just couldn’t grab it.

After a few more attempts, that little chubby hand clearly slowed down.


Zhan Xi wanted to say something more, but before he could speak, the baby in front of him suddenly pounced on him and accurately landed in his arms.


Jian Ning hugged Zhan Xi’s arm and, after stabilizing himself, he began to smooch Zhan Xi’s cheek with his trembling little body.

After kissing several times, Jian Ning was scratched by Zhan Xi’s beard, so he reflexively grabbed the beard that scratched his face.

Zhan Xi: “Hiss–“

Zhan Xi immediately took a breath of cold air.

He held the tightly clenched little fist of Jian Ning and all of his previous momentum disappeared.
At this moment, he could only humbly coax the baby, “Good baby, let go, let go of your hand.”

Young babies at this stage loved to grab things, especially hair and beards.

At night, Zhan Xi personally coaxed Jian Ning to sleep.
Although he looked like a well-behaved little baby on the surface, his sleeping habits were not very good as he loved to grab onto things while he slept.

Zhan Xi often woke up in the middle of the night and found the little baby on his head, with chubby hands grabbing onto his hair and snoring loudly.

Jian Ning was well taken care of and did not lose any weight after coming to this barren planet; instead, he gained a few pounds.
Whether he’s grabbing onto hair or a beard, his chubby little hands exerted as much force as he could.

Zhan Xi handed over the learning machine, barely saving his beard from being grabbed again.


Jian Ning let go and took the learning machine, happily babbling to Zhan Xi.
He lowered his head to look at the little prince on the screen, his eyes forming a crescent moon.

Zhan Xi’s beard had temporarily been saved, but he touched it and started to wonder if he should shave it off.

The main reason why he kept his beard was to cover up his face a bit, but with a child in tow, it’s not very convenient to have so much facial hair.

Zhan Xi didn’t think about it for too long; his attention was all focused on Jian Ning.

Seeing his little one so earnestly operating the study machine, Zhan Xi leaned over and pressed a button.
With the button pressed, the baby catching function was activated.

Every user’s baby must be authenticated before they could use the learning machine’s features.

Jian Ning was currently an unregistered user, not because Zhan Xi didn’t want to register him, but because everyone on this barren planet was unregistered.

Fortunately, Zhan Xi had some connections that allowed Jian Ning to log in temporarily.
But he couldn’t say for sure if they’ll be found out.

Soon, Jian Ning’s holographic image was recorded.

Jian Ning outside the screen closed his eyes as if he had fallen asleep.
Zhan Xi took a small blanket and carefully covered him, then leaned down and kissed his little face.

“Study well.”

Zhan Xi whispered and got up to buy a razor outside.

But Jian Ning, who seemed to be asleep, was “awake” at this moment.
His eyes were wide open, curiously observing everything in front of him.

He was on a new small bed, and there were other small beds next to his.
All the small beds were labeled with names, and the teacher was now reading the names.

After checking the list, the young female teacher, Della, smiled and began her lesson.

The content of her class was to teach the babies how to speak, which Zhan Xi had been looking forward to.
Several young babies were listening together, some were obedient, and some were crying.

Jian Ning didn’t cry.

He just looked at the teacher with a bewildered face, not understanding why Zhan Xi suddenly disappeared.
Not only Zhan Xi, but also his favorite little prince was gone.

Della was evidently experienced in dealing with various situations involving babies.

After a short while, the crying babies were pacified, and the little tyrant next to Jian Ning, who wanted to catch him, was also stopped.
No matter what unexpected situation arose, Della seemed to be able to handle it.

Her voice was very gentle, and the way she encouraged the babies to speak was full of fun.

It’s unknown how long the class lasted.

The other babies started to jump out one after another, and although their speech was not very clear, they were able to speak at least.


The little tyrant held a toy car and called out to the teacher.

A crying baby sat on the bed, rubbing its eyes and sobbing, calling out, ‘Mommy.’

Among the babies, only the last baby, who was the only child in the family, refused to speak.
The baby had no toys in his hands and no blanket on his small bed.

He had a pouty face and was pulling at his little socks.

Teacher Della was tutoring him alone, coaxing him, “Can we say ‘Daddy’ together, Ningning? Follow the teacher and say ‘Daddy’.”

Della was patient and skilled in teaching.

The little tyrant in the next bed had already learned, but the baby being tutored still tightly pursed his lips and refused to speak.

Della estimated that he was too timid and not used to being in the holographic classroom for the first time.
For such babies, they needed to take it slowly.

“Good boy, don’t be nervous.
We’ll learn slowly.”

Zhan Xi had enrolled the baby in group classes, not one-on-one tutoring, so the teacher couldn’t focus all her attention on just one baby.

Della’s class lasted for a while before allowing them to take a break.
This break meant the end of the class, and they could “wake up” in reality.

Of course, those who didn’t want to rest and wanted to continue playing could stay here.
This learning machine had many places suitable for baby activities.

Because it was designed for babies, whether they were learning or playing, it was safe for them here.

Della pointed in a direction and told Jian Ning that he could go and play there.
There were many toys there, and he could play whatever he wanted.

She didn’t know if Jian Ning understood or if he simply wanted to avoid the teacher.

He crawled forward like the little turtle in the race between the hare and the tortoise, and in no time, he was out of Della’s sight.

Della smiled.

She thought this little baby Ning was too cute.

It seems that the parents of baby Ning had not fully grasped the settings of the learning machine.
In order to protect the privacy of the babies, the parents modify their appearance when they entered.

But this baby Ning’s image hasn’t been changed at all.

Among all the babies, besides this baby Ning, there was only another ill-tempered baby who hadn’t had their appearance modified.

Days go by.

Della looked at baby Ning, who was the second to last in the language class, and her gentle expression turned into helplessness.
She walked over and asked routinely, “Ningning, shall we learn a word today?”

Jian Ning, who was stubborn and unteachable, shook his head slowly.


‘Baby doesn’t learn.’

Della couldn’t understand why this baby wouldn’t learn.
Although she really liked this pretty curly-haired baby, if the teaching progress couldn’t continue, she would have to contact the parents and withdraw him from the course.

In the afternoon.

Jian Ning, who didn’t have class, crawled around in the game scene.
He liked to stay here.

Various virtual toys were placed in front of him.

Jian Ning crawled towards the biggest baby car, but as soon as he opened the door, he found that there was already a child sitting inside.

The child sitting in the car was much bigger than him.

This child exuded an “I’m not easy to deal with” aura all over his body.
Although the children wouldn’t get hurt in the virtual scene, there was still a small scar on the right cheek of his cold little face.

Jian Ning looked at him, and his expression froze completely.

“Stay away from me.”

The child sitting in the car closed the door with a snap.
He didn’t want to deal with this young baby who was obviously not yet weaned.

Outside the car door.

Jian Ning, who had finally reacted, raised his little fist and began to “knock” on the door.


The author has something to say:

Little Prince: I won’t pay attention to this unweaned baby.


Ning: QAQ

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