Hearing Ningning saying that he wanted a hug, Wagner purposely shifted his position to make room for his dad to free up one hand.

Marshal Twain, facing the rebels, had one child in his arm and another child on his foot.
He remained silent for a few seconds before finally lifting the chubby child that wanted a hug from below.

The weight of this child made his foot slightly numb.

“Uncle Twain.”

The chubby child, being held in Twain’s arms, sat on his forearm with a pair of shiny black eyes showing seriousness.
In his sweet voice, he seemed to notify, “You won’t feel pain anymore soon.”

Before Twain could react, the child had already pressed his forehead against Twain’s.

In an instant.

A tender sprout emerged and conscientiously began pulling back the out-of-control mental power, bit by bit.
It might be an illusion, but the child with his eyes closed felt like his own tender sprout had grown a bit.

Even when his mental power had been released, it was difficult for others to capture.

Apart from Marshal Twain, who was being comforted by him, others might not be able to tell what he was doing.

Marshal Twain’s mental power level was too high.
The child exerted strength and struggled for a while before reluctantly stopping.

Intermittently, Marshal Twain felt the long-lost comfort.

The problem of his mental power going out of control had tormented him for too long, and he thought only death could end this pain.
He was willing to die as long as his Wagner could grow up safely.

But now, he had hope for life.

While the little child was treating Marshal Twain’s mental power, Huo Lin was not idle either.
He led the guards to launch an attack on Noz.
In order to kill Twain, Noz didn’t bring too many people closer.

Half an hour.

Huo Lin firmly remembered this time and began counting down in his mind.
He had to hold on until Mans arrived here and then let Mans start clearing the area.

Time passed little by little.

The little child being held in Twain’s arms, just like last time, tilted his head and fell asleep from exhaustion.
After he fell asleep, his tender sprouts hesitated, wanting to go back to sleep as well.

Twain’s mental power was calmed down by more than half, and this level of comfort was sufficient for him.


He lowered his head and looked at the little child in his arms.

Wagner was still a little confused.
He only saw Ningning’s head tilt and close his eyes, but he didn’t know what was happening to Ningning.

Twain put both children down.

He took off his coat and placed it on the long bench in the corridor, then placed the chubby child with closed eyes on the coat.
“Wagner, take good care of Ningning for Daddy.”

Wagner nodded heavily.

Even if Daddy didn’t say it, he would take good care of Ningning!

With Twain taking action, Huo Lin felt the pressure instantly relieved.
Although he was young, his attacking power was not insignificant.
Being born with S+ mental power was not just a useless decoration.

“Caesar, come here.”

Twain wore a white shirt, stepped on his military trousers with straight boots.
His previously pale complexion regained its healthy color, and the coldness in his eyes when he saw the rebels sent chills down their spines.

Although Huo Lin had received more training, he still lacked experience in real-life combat.

There was a little bloodstain on his cheek.
After hearing Twain’s instruction to come over, he raised the back of his hand and wiped his face, then walked behind Twain.

“You can rest now.”

Twain whispered, “Leave it to me here.”

Taking over the scene, with the soothing effect of the chubby child earlier, Twain no longer needed to hold back or hesitate.
He dared to unleash his mental power.

Noz noticed Twain’s change, and a chill ran down his back.

His gaze was fixed on the child’s forehead that had just been pressed against Twain’s, and his facial expression trembled with shock.
“It’s this child, he—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Twain’s mental power transformed into a blade, striking directly at his face.

The second-in-command of the Federation was no pushover.

Twain’s attacks grew increasingly relentless; he clearly intended to take Noz’s life.

Realizing the gap between himself and Twain, Noz’s eyes darkened as he prepared to escape.
The earth-shattering secret he had discovered from Twain today was enough for him to make use of.

He couldn’t defeat Twain, but he had a chance to flee.

Twain would not let him go.

As the two figures moved, one ahead and one behind, crossing rooftops and about to withdraw, Noz suddenly caught a glimpse of a cold light before him.

Immediately after, a powerful mental force intercepted his path.

“Trying to escape?”

Accompanied by the formidable mental power was General Mans, with his silver hair and cold eyes.
He stood on the accompanying spacecraft, looking down at this wretched rebel before him.

Twain lifted his gaze, meeting Mans’s eyes.
Without hesitation, he said coldly, “Kill him.”

Noz had Mans in front of him and Marshal Twain behind him.
At this moment, he finally felt the approach of death.
Fear made his body tremble.
“No, please don’t kill me!”

He wanted to beg for mercy and admit his mistake, but Mans didn’t give him that chance.

Blood overflowed from Noz’s chest, staining Mans’s white gloves unintentionally.
The fastidious general frowned slightly, took off the white gloves, and casually discarded them aside.

Twain inspected Noz’s corpse, ensuring his complete death, and then thanked Mans.

Mans spoke in a calm voice, “There’s no need to rush to thank me.
When I passed through the checkpoint, your people refused to let me through, so I used a slightly impolite way to pass.”

“Please don’t blame them too much later, Your Excellency.”

Twain remained silent.

He glanced at General Mans, whose face was full of perfunctory meaning, and decided to temporarily let this matter go.

Once Noz had died, the group of rebels brought by him also suffered the same fate.

Twain was not merciful; without batting an eye, he ordered the execution of all these people, without exception.

Mans watched him clean up the battlefield, originally indifferent and only intending to observe.
However, he noticed a chubby brat curled up and sleeping on a coat.

In such a noisy environment, this chubby kid was curled up like a ball, sleeping peacefully with his eyes closed, not afraid of the noise at all.

Mans took a few steps forward and stopped in front of the chubby kid.

Huo Lin wanted to say something but saw that the other had already picked up the little child into his arms, so he spoke, “He’s tired from playing during the day, so he’s sleeping now.”

This clumsy excuse made Mans raise an eyebrow.

The little child in Mans’ arms continued to breathe, the even rise and fall of his little chest indicating stable vital signs.
However, Mans found it hard to believe that he could possess such a well-behaved sleeping posture.

In just an instant, a trace of suspicion flashed in Mans’ eyes.

He turned around and instructed the people he had brought with him, “Help Marshal Twain take care of this, and remember, not a single one should be left alive.”

With his final words, Huo Lin secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Not leaving any survivors meant that tonight’s events would not be leaked.

The aftermath of this handling lasted for over an hour.

Huo Lin led Wagner ahead, guiding the way.
They returned to the room early.
As for Marshal Twain, he still had a pile of things to do next.

Wagner opened the door to his father’s bedroom and patted the bed, saying, “You can put Ningning here, Uncle Mans.”

Mans bent down and placed the little child, who was all soft and fluffy, on the bed.

The white clothes on the little child were dirty, and Huo Lin couldn’t bear to see it.
He took new clothes and changed them for him.
While changing clothes, he noticed that the little child had scraped his knee.

“Ningning fell down.”

Wagner thought for a moment and explained, “Dad’s clothes were too big, and he tripped.”

Huo Lin looked at the scraped area, feeling a twinge of pain.
He carefully avoided the injured spot and changed the child’s clothes.

After changing the clothes, Mans handed him a medical kit he had just found.

Huo Lin reached out and took it, using a cotton swab to carefully disinfect the scraped area.
When the cotton swab touched the wound, it caused a stinging sensation.

The sleeping child cried out in pain twice.

Mans saw tears welling up in his eyes and wiped them away with his hand.

Huo Lin knew that the child was afraid of pain, so after quickly disinfecting the wound, he put a band-aid on it to prevent his pants from rubbing directly against the injury.

For such a small wound, it would be considered melodramatic for an adult to put on a band-aid.
However, for a young child, it was already a significant injury.

“Your Highness Caesar, I have been ordered to take you away.”

Mans, seeing that Huo Lin had taken care of the young child, directly picked the child up and prepared to leave, saying, “The spaceship is ready.
We should go.”

The young child’s original plan was to play for two days, but now, due to the unexpected situation, the plan had to be abandoned.

After all, a child that was asleep and wouldn’t wake up was simply unable to play.

Mans carried the little child, and Huo Lin held Wagner’s hand as they followed behind him.

Outside, Twain saw them and did not hinder them.
Instead, he bid them farewell, saying, “Your Highness Caesar, please take care of Wagner for a while.”

After handing over Wagner, Twain approached and looked at the little child with his small face nestled against Mans’ neck.

He leaned in, gently touched the soft cheek of the child, and whispered, “Thank you.”

He never expected this child to save him.
Ludwig had vaguely told him that if this child used healing abilities, it would come at a great cost.

To pay a huge price to ensure the safety of others.
This selfless act was something Twain found difficult to do himself.

He acknowledged the kindness shown by the little child today and promised to find a way to repay it in the future.

Mans saw him step back, didn’t say much, and continued walking while holding the child.

Soon enough, the group boarded the spaceship and departed.
On the ship, Huo Lin used the star communicator to report to his father about the child using his mental abilities once again.

However, this time he added his own perspective, saying, “Father, I don’t think Ningning’s condition looks so bad this time.”

The little one slept soundly, drooling in Mans’ arms.
When Mans instinctively reached out to cover his mouth, the child bit him, grinding his teeth.

Ludwig’s expression wasn’t very pleasant, and he frowned, saying, “Come back first, then we’ll talk.”

He had already had the Phoenix Feather Stone brought back and turned into a bed.
Once the child returned, this bed would become his exclusive little bed.

The call ended.

Huo Lin returned to the child’s side and continued to accompany him.

Wagner had initially been watching nearby, but after checking for a while, he fell asleep.

The spaceship was quiet.

Huo Lin glanced at the expressionless General Mans and didn’t have the desire to chat with him.
To avoid awkwardness, he also lay down with the child and fell asleep.

The night grew darker.

In the zoo where the little child had been during the day, a short mouse held onto its food and ventured into the territory of other animals.

It squeaked loudly, showing signs of excitement.

However, despite spending a long time venturing into other animals’ territories, it received no response from its own kind.

Finally, it approached a chubby baby beast named Rongrong and said, “Squeak? Squeak squeak squeak.”

‘Little brother, do you want to find a different place to eat?’

The black-and-white Rongrong held its toy, looking confused.

The short mouse patted its fur and explained for a while before suddenly realizing, “Squeak.”

‘Oh, you’re not a beastman.’

It was a waste for him to say that.

The short mouse, who sneaked into the zoo to get free meals, looked up at the chubby Rongrong.
His eyes spun around, and he said, ‘You look oddly adorable.
Let’s move together!’

The chubby child he saw during the day seemed so friendly.

The chubby child looked good and was generous to him.

He reached out his little paw and patted Rongrong again, making a decision, ‘I’ll take you as a welcoming gift.’

The chubby child would definitely like it!

That night, amidst the turmoil on the Federation, apart from the major event of rebellion, the news of the missing precious rolling beast from the central zoo also made the headlines in the gossip section.

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