The conversation between the two children reached Huo Lin’s ears, although he didn’t participate.
He only gave each of them a sweet bun.

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The little chubby child took the sweet bun, and his attention was successfully diverted.
He happily said to Wagner, while enjoying the sweet bun, “It’s so good!”

Comforted by the sweet bun, Wagner’s mood improved slightly.

Since they stayed at the palace last night, they were fetched there by Auben in the morning.
On the way, the little child also made a phone call to his father.

Zhan Xi’s bun shop business was already on track, and besides that, he and Ling Qi set up a recycling station.
It sounded nice to call it a recycling station, but bluntly speaking, it was a junkyard.

There weren’t many people in White Mist Star who rummaged through junk, but the profits here were not lower than selling weight-loss buns.

Zhan Xi had done all kinds of dirty and tiring work, so dealing with junk was not a heavy task for him.

He managed the junk cleanly and neatly, while Ling Qi was responsible for selling the well-processed junk at a negotiated price, or they would both work on secondary processing and sell it again in the market.

They were busy with their lives, but both of them seemed to adapt well.

Inside the car.

After finishing the phone call, the little child suddenly pulled Huo Lin’s big hand and said, “Brother, give me a bag.”

Huo Lin: “?”

Huo Lin was puzzled.
“What do you need a bag for?”

Little chubby child said seriously, “To collect bottles, bottles can be sold for money.”

The little one had seen his father selling junk, so he knew it could earn money, but the adults in the family didn’t allow him to do it.

Huo Lin often chatted with Zhan Xi, so he had the same opinion as Zhan Xi, “Ningning, just focus on studying in school.
You don’t need to collect bottles.”

Uncle Zhan had his own way of making money, and there was no need for the little child to collect bottles.

But the little child furrowed his brows and gave another reason.
“Collecting bottles is fun.”

The commercial prosperity of the White Mist Star was evident in the colorful variety of beverage bottles.
The little child enjoyed picking up these bottles.
It’s fun and also a way to earn money.

However, Huo Lin still didn’t give him a bag.

“Next time, shall I accompany you to pick them up?” Huo Lin lifted the little child onto his lap and coaxed him, saying, “It’s not as fun to pick up bottles alone.”

With his older brother’s patient persuasion, the little child finally gave up on the idea of picking up bottles at school.

However, this idea was only temporary.

Most of the courses at the Imperial kindergarten were practical, without much wasted time on useless subjects.
Once the two children entered the kindergarten, their day of hard work began.

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“Ningning, do it again.”

During the mecha class, Wagner, wearing a specially designed mini-mecha for the young children, looked at the rainbow-colored mini-mecha lying on the ground and extended a mechanical hand to lift it up.

Inside the rainbow mini-mecha was the little chubby child.

Controlling the mecha required a connection to mental power, and they were already learning how to control it.
But the little child didn’t possess any mental power, so he could only rely on the most primitive method—

Controlling the mecha solely through his own strength.

This course posed a bit of a challenge for the little child since all his classmates had higher-level mental powers, while he had to rely on brute force.

Fortunately, the children in the Green Grass class and the mecha teacher assigned to them were very patient with him.

“Ningning, if you extend your fist a little faster, you’ll be able to hit me.” Wagner reviewed their mecha battle.
“Let’s try it again.”

The little child inside the rainbow mecha had sweat beads on his eyelashes.
He shook his head and spoke with determination in his childish voice, “Yes! Let’s do it again!”

The mecha teacher stood on the side, watching the two mini-mechas engage in battle once more.
He lowered his head and recorded something in a small notebook.

Another mecha teacher from a different class, apparently free at the moment, walked over and struck up a conversation.
“Rick, is the child in the rainbow mecha, the one you mentioned before, the one without mental power?”

Rick glanced at him without saying a word.

The neighboring teacher, who had encountered a setback, rubbed his nose and persisted in chatting with him.
“He doesn’t even have mental power.
He’s simply unsuitable for piloting mechas.
Haven’t you explained the situation to the principal?”

Rick’s face revealed a trace of displeasure upon hearing this.
He disliked being disturbed when he was busy and despised others casually judging his students.

“Who says you can’t pilot a mecha without mental power? If you have so much free time, go do some voluntary work instead of bothering me.”

Rick’s personality was actually quite good, as long as you didn’t step on his landmines.

The neighboring mecha teacher was clearly dancing in Rick’s landmine area right now.
If he continued to do so, Rick couldn’t guarantee what he would do.

He was a top-tier mecha pilot who had recently been rehired here after retiring from the Mecha Corps.

The teacher who tried to strike up a conversation didn’t receive a warm response and could only leave dejectedly.

A few minutes later.

Rick approached the Rainbow Mini-Mecha that had fallen again.
He opened the faceplate, revealing a chubby, rosy face inside.

“Ningning, can you keep going? You hit Wagner twice this time, which is a great improvement compared to last time.”

“I can!”

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Ningning, with a flushed face from exhaustion, answered loudly, “This time, I’ll hit him three times, Teacher Rick!”

A smile appeared on Rick’s handsome face upon hearing this.
He reached up and wiped Ningning’s face, encouraging him, “Keep it up.
Ningning, you’re getting better and better.”

From stumbling with every step when first putting on the mecha to now being able to run around in it and even land hits on opponents, the little child had made remarkable progress despite not having mental power control.

Rick was very satisfied with the little child’s performance.

Of course, besides the modifications made to the mini-mecha by Rick, the top-tier mecha pilot, the care and patience of the other children in the Green Grass Class were also crucial to the child’s significant improvement.

Rick had long noticed that this child with weak mental power was popular among the Green Grass Class.

Wagner accompanied Ningning for a while to practice, and when Ningning finally managed to hit him three times, the two small mechas finally stopped.

“I’m so tired.”

Rick, the teacher, carried the little child out of the mecha and as soon as he was placed on the ground, the child sat down with a tired and somewhat dull expression on his face.

The other children who had already finished their practice brought him warm water, saying, “Ningning, have a sip.”

“Wagner, here’s your water bottle.”

During the halftime break, the little children liked to gather together.
They sat in a circle, chirping like a group of little sparrows.

After a whole day of classes in kindergarten, when it was time to go home, Zhan Xi came to pick up the child on a tricycle.

“Dad, I want to go see Wagner’s dad!” As soon as he got in the car, the child started shouting, “I made a promise with Wagner!”

Zhan Xi had already heard him mention it at noon, so he was prepared.

He started the car and said, “Okay, when you go there, be well-behaved.
After we finish seeing Wagner’s dad, I’ll take you home.”

Upon hearing this, Wagner chimed in, “Uncle Zhan, can Ningning and I sleep together with my dad?”

Wagner had slept with Zhan Xi before, and now he wanted to invite Ningning to sleep with his dad as well.

Zhan Xi hadn’t been able to sleep with his own child last night, and tonight his child was going to sleep with another dad.

He felt a little bitter in his heart, so he asked his child, “Ningning, do you want to sleep with Wagner’s dad?”

The little child thought for a moment and replied, “Tomorrow! I want dad today.”

Wagner heard his words and looked a bit disappointed.

Not long after.

Zhan Xi brought the two children to the place where Marshal Twain was staying.
Twain didn’t always live here; most of the time, he had to return to the Federation.

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“Uncle Twain, hello!”

Upon seeing Twain, he also handed over the gift prepared by his father and said, “This is from Dad.”

Twain accepted the gift, his gaze falling upon the two children in front of him.

He was just as strict with his own child as Ludwig.
But his own child was different from the Ice Prince.

Perhaps because he was still young or maybe due to playing with this lively and outgoing chubby kid for a long time, his Wagner had also learned to stick to him.

Even if he had a cold face, Wagner would no longer fear him like before.

One time, he couldn’t help but ask the reason.

Wagner looked up, serious, and said, “Ningning said that Dad loves their children, and since you’re a dad, you must love me too, so I’m not afraid of you.”

Regarding this child that had influenced Wagner, Twain’s emotions were quite complex.

“Dad, Ningning will sleep with me tomorrow.”

Wagner also informed his father, looking up, “We’ll sleep together! When we go back to the Federation, Ningning should come, too.
We made a promise to go to the amusement park.”

Wagner had been to various amusement parks in the Federation alone.

The two children huddled together, talking incessantly.

Twain had kept the chubby kid to have dinner together.
Originally, he was going to call Zhan Xi to join them, but Zhan Xi didn’t come.
While the child was busy eating, Zhan Xi took the opportunity to go around the place and take a look.

At the dining table,

Ningning looked up at Marshal Twain and felt that his expression wasn’t quite good.
“Uncle Twain, are you sick?”


Twain maintained a calm demeanor and didn’t show any signs of being different.
He occasionally picked up dishes for the two children, behaving like a normal elder.

Ningning looked at him, still very worried.

After dinner, Twain played with the two children for a while.
He was strong enough to lift both children at the same time.

At first, Ningning was a bit hesitant, but as they played, both he and Wagner became extremely excited.

“Uncle Twain, throw Ningning again!”

Games between adults and young children didn’t need to be too complicated.
It’s enough to make the children happy.

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As they were about to leave, the little child leaned against Marshal Twain, almost reluctant to go.

Wagner made a pinky promise with him and agreed to come and play again tomorrow.

Night fell.

After a day of exhaustion, the little child finished bathing and lay down on the bed.
His father and Uncle Ling Qi sat beside him, pinching his chubby arms and legs.

“Ningning, are you tired from the mecha class?” Ling Qi asked, while pinching his chubby legs and lowering his head.

Feeling a bit drowsy, the little child nodded slowly, “Yes, tired.”

Zhan Xi felt uncomfortable hearing the word “tired.” If possible, he didn’t want his child to be so exhausted.
However, reality forced him to let his child learn, exercise, and acquire self-defense skills.

The Imperial Military Kindergarten had the best mecha classes and combat training, with the best teachers.

The fact that his child could attend was already the greatest stroke of luck.

If it weren’t for being here, his child wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Teacher Rick.
Without meeting Teacher Rick, a child without mental abilities might not even be able to operate a mecha.

Ling Qi looked at the tired little chubby face and leaned over to kiss him.
“Although you’re tired, you’ve persevered.
You’re amazing.
Tomorrow, I’ll make you something delicious to replenish your energy.”

Upon hearing this, the little child’s eyes lit up.
With caring adults by his side, it was easy to comfort the little child.

The days passed by, one after another.

The little child, who was invited by Wagner, quickly became acquainted with Marshal Twain.
He and Wagner engaged in small competitions where the winner would be praised by Marshal Twain.

Influenced by the emotions of the two little children, Marshal Twain felt that his own spirit seemed to have relaxed a lot.

Friday arrived.

Twain was going to take Wagner on a trip to the Federation.
The little child had made up his mind early on to go and play with Wagner, but his father didn’t agree.

Zhan Xi was unfamiliar with the Federation and didn’t dare to let the young child go out easily.
Not only did Zhan Xi disagree, but Ludwig also didn’t want the little child to go to the Federation.

However, the little child clung to Twain’s leg with teary eyes and didn’t listen to anyone who tried to stop him.

In a sad and pitiful voice, he said, “I want to go, Daddy.”

Wagner said that the amusement park in the Federation was the most fun amusement park!


The author has something to say:

Ningning: I want to go to the amusement park!

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