Ai Wei didn’t rush to feed the little child.
First, she touched his belly and felt it was a bit bloated.

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She scooped a bowl of soup and said, “Ningning, let’s just have some soup for now.
We can have a late-night snack later, alright?”

After another two hours, the child’s belly wasn’t as bloated anymore, so it would be better to feed him some food.

The little child held a bowl of sweet soup and obediently started drinking.

Ai Wei saw how well-behaved he was and thought for a moment before feeding him a chopstick of vegetables, saying, “Eat some green vegetables, they’re good for your health.”

Although the little child often ate by himself, he was also accustomed to being fed by adults.

He opened his mouth and took a bite of the vegetables, swallowing a few mouthfuls.

After the meal…

Huo Lin helped the two children with their homework, with Wagner accompanying them.
The little child became more focused on doing his homework.

Ai Wei looked at them and went to Ludwig’s study.

Ella watched Ludwig’s video and had a long conversation with Zhan Xi.
She was very interested in the extinct royal family and was particularly curious about Ningning, the only known surviving child.

Zhan Xi fell silent for a while when she asked.

After a while…

Zhan Xi shifted the focus away from questions about the child’s daily life and turned to the child’s former home planet, saying, “That planet is said to have been gone a long time ago.
How can I go and search for it?”

Ella regretfully said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know either.”

Ella had a vast amount of knowledge, but she hadn’t reached the stage of omnipotence.
“Ningning is still very young now.
Instead of searching for his planet, I think you should focus on taking care of him.”

Zhan Xi frowned, saying, “I’m taking good care of him.”

His child had never lacked food and clothing since he was young, and the people on the barren planet started training and teaching him how to kill Zergs early on.

Although the mental power of the child was not aggressive, he was not so fragile, like some crystal glass.

Last time, Wagner fought with the child and ended up losing!

Ella frowned slightly.
She realized that Zhan Xi hadn’t fully grasped the fragility of a royal child, so she decided to send a bunch of information to Ludwig for him to pass on to Zhan Xi.

“Take a good look at these.
They are all records and data about the royal children.
Also, he’s too young, so don’t let him use his mental power easily.”

The most important thing was for this young royal child to grow up well.

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Ella stayed in the study for a while.

As she was leaving, Ai Wei came to invite her for a meal.
“There’s food left for you in the kitchen.
Today’s meal is rich and prepared for Ningning’s favorite taste.
Would you like to try it?”

Upon hearing this, Ella went to take a look.

The head chef of the palace was an expert cook, and he enjoyed cooking for Ningning especially.

Ella looked at the exquisite dishes and felt somewhat reassured.
“If he eats these every day, it’s still passable.”

According to the information she found about the royal family, the dishes the royal children ate were not only made from rare and nutritious ingredients but also prepared with intricate and meticulous methods that were unique to the entire empire.

Even these elaborate royal recipes could be considered as a decline in food quality for a royal child.

Ai Wei leaned over to see the recipe information Ella had saved and finally remembered the chubby child from earlier.

How should she explain it to Ella?

The child didn’t come here to eat every day.

The food the chubby child ate here was already of the highest nutritional quality, an improvement from his usual meals.

After eating a little, Ella didn’t linger any longer.
“I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving.
If Ningning encounters any problems in the future, feel free to contact me.”

“By the way, regarding my inspection equipment, if you need it, I can give you an 80% discount.”

Ella thought of Caesar’s previous suggestion to recommend the equipment to his father, so she casually mentioned it.
She didn’t really expect Ludwig to actually purchase it.

But as soon as her words fell, Ludwig hardly hesitated: “Send it over, charge it to my personal account.”

Ella: “?”

Ella almost thought she was hallucinating, and she said in a daze, “What did you say?”

Ludwig calmly replied, “Send a piece of the equipment for Ningning’s examination.
Charge it to my personal account.”

Ella: “…”

Ella looked at Ludwig in shock, and after looking at Ludwig, she also glanced at Ai Wei, who showed no objection whatsoever.

This couple wasn’t the type to spend money recklessly!

After her shock subsided, Ella murmured, “If it weren’t for knowing it’s impossible, I would really suspect that Ningning is your second child.”

Although Ningning was a rare royal child, it’s still inconceivable for both Ludwig, who was so cold and aloof, and Ai Wei, who seemed gentle but was actually difficult to let others in, to treat a child that was not their biological son so well.

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“I would love to have a cute child like Ningning.”

Ai Wei smiled, not rejecting the possibility that Ella hypothesized.

After calming herself down, Ella also smiled and said, “It’s not difficult to have a cute child.
With your excellent genes and His Majesty’s, you can easily continue the lineage.”

The three of them chatted for a while, and Ella bid them farewell, promising to deliver the equipment as soon as possible.


The homework in the kindergarten was actually not difficult.
It consisted of basic character recognition, numeracy, spelling, and a little foreign language.

Although the imperial language was the most widely used language, they also needed to master some local languages.

Wagner was very diligent in doing his homework.
He previously attended a federal kindergarten, and he excelled in all subjects.

Although Ningning also worked hard, compared to Wagner, who had received education early on, he started a bit late.

“Ningning, your posture for holding the pen is incorrect.”

Huo Lin, compared to the little child, was disciplined, and he never had any issues with his own homework.
His current task was to supervise the little child in doing his homework properly.

“I’ll write a few characters with you.”

Huo Lin said as he held Ningning’s hand and guided him in rewriting stroke by stroke.
He taught diligently, and Ningning learned attentively.

After writing for a while, the homework was finally completed.

Ningning put the pen back into the stationery box, raised his chubby hand, and rubbed his face.
Like a little adult, he sighed.
“Going to school is so tiring.”

Ningning, who went to school every day, was really amazing.

Ningning came during dinner time, and when he usually came at this time, it meant that he would stay here overnight.

Ningning, who was accustomed to sleeping with adults, would sleep next to his older brother during the day, but at night, he would sleep between Ludwig and Ai Wei.

The two adults spoiled him as well, putting him in the middle of the bed as soon as it was night.

“Auntie, play with Ningning.”

Previously, on the bed, Ai Wei and Ludwig would both come over to play games with Ningning, but today was different.
They were watching something together.

The little child, who had no one to play with, anxiously squeezed his small body in between them.

Ai Wei and Ludwig were not watching gossip or work-related things; they were looking at information about royal children.

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The information stated that the children were relatively thin due to congenital health issues.

While reading the information, Ai Wei pinched Ningning’s soft tummy, unable to resist bending her eyes and saying, “He’s really thin.”

Ludwig paused for a few seconds before extending his large hand as well.

Ningning was tickled on his tummy, giggling and lying down on the bed, holding the hand that had come to pinch his tummy and playing with it using both his hands and feet.

The information may not be entirely accurate, but the child right in front of them were even more appealing.

Ai Wei and Ludwig stopped looking at those materials and instead lowered their heads to play with the little child.
The little child had many itchy spots, and scratching them would make him laugh incessantly.

The laughter in the bedroom lasted for a while before stopping.

Considering that the child had to go to school the next day, Ai Wei didn’t allow him to play too late.
Before putting the little child to sleep, she tapped Ludwig’s arm.

“Go and take Ningning to the bathroom.”

The little child had drunk a lot of sweet soup at night, and Ai Wei was worried that he would wet on the bed again.

Thinking about the last time his clothes got wet with urine, Ludwig decisively picked up the drowsy little child and took him to the bathroom.

Perhaps because he had gone to the bathroom before bedtime, this time the little child slept soundly until morning.

The next day.

It was another day when the child didn’t want to go to school.

Wagner’s spirit in the morning was worse than Ningning, who liked to stay in bed.

Ningning, sucking on a milk straw, was somewhat unaccustomed to Wagner’s low spirits.
After all, Wagner was usually very lively.

“Wagner, what’s wrong with you?”

Ningning curiously asked, “Did you do poorly on your homework? Or do you also not want to go to school?”

Although there were many children in kindergarten, there were also many teachers and many classes that children didn’t like, so the little child preferred to stay at home and play.

“I did very well on my homework.”

Wagner replied, “I really enjoy going to school.”

Ningning: “…”

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Ningning was stunned.
Obviously, he still couldn’t understand why some children liked going to school.

After staying silent for a few seconds, Ningning, who had finished drinking the milk, threw away the milk carton and became even more curious.

He asked, “You like going to school, so why are you still unhappy?”

“I had a nightmare,” Wagner replied.

As Wagner talked about it, his expression on his little face turned even worse.
“It was a very bad nightmare.
I dreamt that my dad was gone.”

Ningning: “…”

Ningning was dumbfounded.

He looked at Wagner, his voice filled with concern.
“That’s a scary dream.”

Ningning, who had always been attached to his father, could immediately empathize with such a dream.
If he had such a terrifying dream, he would definitely cry out of fear.

Wagner was so strong he didn’t even cry!

Ningning greatly admired Wagner’s strength.
He tugged at Wagner’s clothes and whispered, “Is your dad still here? I can accompany you to see him.”

Wagner had accompanied him home several times and had even met his dad.

The little child felt that he should also go and see Wagner’s dad.

When Wagner heard his words, his downcast little face finally brightened a bit.
He grasped Ningning’s chubby hand and said, “Let’s go see my dad after school.”

“Oh, by the way, my dad said he wants to take me to the Federation.
Ningning, do you want to come home with me? We can consider it as going out to play.”

Upon being asked, Ningning hesitated and said, “Is the Federation fun?”

Wagner vigorously nodded.
“It’s really fun! I grew up in the Federation, and I can take you to see our kindergarten.
Our Federation’s kindergarten is also fantastic.”

Ningning shook his head.
“I don’t want to go to kindergarten.”

Wagner compromised, saying, “Then let’s go to the amusement park.
There are many fun things there.”

The little child who had just refused to go to kindergarten instantly nodded.
His chubby face was filled with anticipation.
“Yeah! Let’s go to the amusement park!”


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Ningning: Let’s go play!

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