As everyone knew, the little children who could attend the Imperial Military Kindergarten had well-proportioned bodies.
Even those who were not well-proportioned could become balanced after some practice.

However, among the group of symmetrical and nimble little children, there was one particular little child in the middle who stood out.

Ling Qi was diligently recording and hadn’t paid much attention to the other children, so he hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

But Zhan Xi muttered to himself: “By comparison, he really looks like a little chubby.”

Also, wasn’t the size of the clothes they gave Ningning incorrect?

Zhan Xi carefully observed the clothes of the little child, and as he looked, his brow furrowed.
Just as he was about to turn his head and say something to Ling Qi, a tear appeared on his own child’s top.

Zhan Xi: “…”

Children on stage: “…”

The little child also became bewildered.
He looked down at his clothes, feeling at a loss.
Just as he was about to become daze, Roy, who had a strong sense of team honor, softly said beside him, “Ningning, keep jumping, don’t stop.”

Prompted by Roy, the little child pouted and continued vigorously, stretching his little arms and legs.

Teacher Lily below the stage was also watching nervously.

She was afraid that after Ningning tore his clothes, he would refuse to continue.
But now it seemed that Ningning was a very responsible little child!

When it came to the children’s performance on stage, in terms of professionalism, there wasn’t much to be expected.

The parents didn’t expect them to perform exceptionally well; they just wanted to see their own child’s performance.
One child’s clothes tore while jumping, another child stumbled and fell with one foot stepping on the other, and another child got out of sync but was pulled back by a companion.

One unexpected incident after another made all the parents in the audience burst into laughter.

When the music stopped, the children’s faces were all flushed.
Ningning had the reddest face because his clothes tore, exposing his little belly.

With a flushed face, Ningning tried to suck in his little belly.
He wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination, but he felt like there were many adults looking at his little belly.

As the host spoke, the children held hands and bowed together, then left the stage.

While leaving the stage, Ningning, with his little belly exposed, was even helped down the steps by other parents.
One of the curious parents asked him, “Little one, what’s your name?”

Blushing, Ningning, with his chubby face, honestly said his name.
“I’m called Ningning.”

As they passed several parents, Ningning eagerly rushed into Zhan Xi’s embrace and exclaimed, “Daddy!”

Zhan Xi lifted him onto his lap and leaned down to poke his little belly, asking, “What’s the matter? Are your clothes too small? Do you want to change into a different outfit?”

The gymnastics outfits worn by the children were very nice, and many of them didn’t want to take them off.
Not only did they refuse to change clothes, but they also prevented their parents from wiping off the makeup on their faces.

Ningning also liked his outfit, but it was torn.

Ling Qi, who had just finished recording the video, looked at Ningning touching his clothes and said, “Let’s go and change your clothes.
I’ll fix this one for you when we get back.”

Hearing this, Ningning’s eyes immediately lit up.
He broke free from his dad’s embrace and rushed into Ling Qi’s arms, saying, “Uncle Ling Qi is the best!”

After changing clothes, the whole family continued watching the performance.

During that time, the parents occasionally struck up conversations with each other.
Roy’s mom and dad talked more with Zhan Xi.
Roy’s family was involved in the food business, so they were discussing potential cooperation with Zhan Xi.

Zhan Xi’s weight-loss steamed buns and other diet meals could be sold in their store.

After chatting for a while, they reached a preliminary agreement on the collaboration.

While the adults were talking, the little children sat obediently on their dads’ laps, watching the performances on stage.

When all the children’s performances were over, Ningning poked out his little body and earnestly discussed with Roy, “Do you think we’ll get a certificate?”

The children’s performances were going to be judged, and if they received favorable evaluations, they would be awarded certificates.

The children from the Green Grass Class all wanted to receive certificates!

Roy was a rational child.
Thinking about the accident that just happened on stage, he hesitantly told Ningning, who was eagerly anticipating the results, “I think we can win an award next time.”

Ningning furrowed his brows, sounding a bit unhappy with a soft voice, “But we performed really well.”

His tummy kept jiggling without stopping!

Confidently, Ningning redirected his gaze to the stage, eager to hear the host announce the results.
Soon, the rankings of the program were announced, and the host read out the top three performances.

First, the Apple Class’s martial arts performance.

Second, the Nut Class’s martial arts performance.

Third, the Flower Class’s singing performance.

After hearing the names of the top three, Ningning’s chubby face instantly drooped.
In a low voice, he muttered, “The Green Grass Class didn’t win any awards.”

Did their gymnastics not look good?

Just as Ningning felt discouraged, the host suddenly announced a special award, “And the children from the Green Grass Class have received a special cuteness award!”

Ningning, who won an award, exclaimed, “!”

The adults were momentarily stunned by the appearance of the cuteness award, but soon erupt in applause and laughter.

“Hahaha, the child gymnastics today were indeed very cute.”

Zhan Xi also planted a kiss on his own child’s cheek and put him down, saying with a smile, “Go ahead, receive your cuteness award.”

A circle of children rushed onto the stage and collectively received a cuteness award.

After the award ceremony, there were interactive activities, such as tying the child’s leg to their father’s leg and running together, relay races between the child and their father, and various parent-child sports activities.

Ling Qi remained reserved, as he had never been so active in public before.

But there’s no way.

Ningning still wanted to win an award, so he had to put aside his dignity and accompany Ningning in playing around crazily.
After one activity after another, both the two adults and the child were all sweaty.

Ling Qi’s fair skin took on a touch of rosy color, and his appearance after intense exercise even left Ningning amazed.

“So beautiful!”

Ningning looked at Ling Qi, who was slightly panting, and sincerely exclaimed in his childish voice, “Uncle Ling Qi, you’re so beautiful!”

Not content with his own admiration, he turned his head and said to his father, “Daddy, look at Uncle Ling Qi.
Isn’t he very beautiful?”

Zhan Xi: “…”

Zhan Xi suddenly had his arms wrapped around by his own child, causing his body to shudder, and his gaze shifted away from Ling Qi’s face.

“Yes, very beautiful.”

Zhan Xi lowered his head and responded to the child’s words.

During the intermission of the sports event, while the three of them were resting, Ling Qi carried Ningning and went to get a hot meal together.
Zhan Xi stayed in place and waited for them.

This morning’s video was sent to everyone on the barren planet and it was even sent to the Emperor’s family by Zhan Xi.

Everyone on the barren planet was about to be overwhelmed by the child’s cuteness.

Zhan Xi had a smile on his lips as he cheered them on, saying, “Let’s all work hard together.
Come to White Mist Star as soon as possible, so we can live together with Ningning.”

Ningning liked bustling environments, so if everyone could come, Ningning would definitely be very happy.

Zhan Xi chatted with everyone for a while and then saw Ling Qi walking over with a plate of hot food.
He hurriedly said to the others, “We’re going to eat.
I’ll continue sending you videos tonight.”

He put away the star device, and at the moment when he put the device into his pocket, he suddenly realized something was amiss.

The Ludwig family of three had received Ningning’s video.
Why hadn’t they replied to him yet?

This strange feeling was temporarily ignored amidst the child’s calling for his father.
He stood up and walked towards his son with a smile.

Ling Qi had prepared the meals early in the morning, so they only needed to be reheated for lunch.

The child sat on his father’s lap, and Ling Qi fed him.
He happily swung his legs, feeling like the happiest child in the world.

However, this happiness was shattered in less than three seconds by another child nearby.

The child looked innocent and just curious.
He asked, “Ningning, do you have two dads?”

Ningning shook his head and explained seriously, “I only have one dad.”

The other child became more curious and asked, pointing at Ling Qi, “Who’s the one feeding you?”

Ningning proudly boasted, “This is my most handsome uncle!”

Although his dad and his other uncles were good-looking, Ningning thought that Ling Qi was the most handsome one.

The other child was stunned by Ningning’s boasting and said, “The teacher said that parents should come to the sports day.
Why isn’t your mom coming with you?”

At this question, Ling Qi, who was feeding the child, paused for a moment.

Zhan Xi’s heart skipped a beat.
He wanted to stop it, but it was already too late.

These questions about the child’s mother were always a sensitive area for Zhan Xi, and he never talked about it in front of Ningning.

Time ticked away.

The little chubby child sitting on Zhan Xi’s lap lost all the happiness on his face.
He hung his head low and said, “I don’t have a mom.”

The other child realized immediately that he shouldn’t have asked such a question.
He apologized, “I’m sorry, Ningning.”

The other child approached him, touched his face, and said, “I won’t ask again next time.
Don’t be unhappy.
Can I share my mom with you?”

Mom behind the child: “…”


The mom gently pulled her own child back, not allowing him to continue babbling nonsense.

To express her apology, the mom also gave the saddened little child a big chicken drumstick that she had made herself.
Although the child felt sad, he still ate the drumstick bite by bite.

After the meal.

The little child leaned against Zhan Xi’s chest and suddenly asked, “Daddy, was Ningning abandoned by Mommy?”

Zhan Xi tightened his grip on the child’s hand and softly said, “No, our Ningning is so cute and well-behaved, Mommy couldn’t bear to abandon Ningning.”

“When Ningning grows a little bigger, Mommy will come back.”

In the spaceship that carried Ningning, there wasn’t a single woman, which meant Ningning’s mom never appeared from beginning to end.

Zhan Xi didn’t know what happened to Ningning’s mom, and he had no way of knowing these things.

He couldn’t give Ningning a mother, so he could only be a good father to the child.

Ningning’s bad mood lasted only for a moment before Ling Qi diverted his attention, and his mood became happy again.

The whole day of the sports event, although tiring, both parents and children genuinely enjoyed a rare day of parent-child interaction.

Evening came.

The sports event came to a complete end, and Zhan Xi and Ling Qi left with the child.
Perhaps due to exhaustion from playing, the little child fell asleep on the way.

Upon returning home.

Ling Qi went to prepare dinner while Zhan Xi bathed the just-awakened little child.
They were both covered in sweat and felt uncomfortable without bathing.

The child, placed in a small bathtub specially prepared for him, held his little rubber duck and giggled, poking his father with it.

The father and son played for a while.

Ling Qi prepared the food and let them eat.
He took a shower himself.

After the whole family sat at the table, clean and tidy, the little boy held a round spoon and suddenly frowned, asking his father: “Daddy, didn’t Brother look for me?”

Brother hadn’t seen Ningning all day!

Zhan Xi pinched the little boy’s chubby cheeks and replied, “Finish your meal first.
After we finish eating, we’ll call your brother.”

The little boy thought for a moment before nodding.

After the meal, the little boy took out his star device and called his brother.

Meanwhile, in the imperial study room, Huo Lin, who had been waiting and not leaving, was listening to his father’s video conference with someone.
The atmosphere of the conference was not good.

His father’s face was even colder than usual.

Before the conference ended, Huo Lin’s communicator rang.


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Ningning: I’m looking for Brother!

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