Zhan Xi rushed to the garbage dump with the two children.
By the time he arrived, there was no sign of the emperor’s presence.

He looked at the human bodies scattered across the garbage dump and instinctively told the children in his arms and on his back, “Close your eyes.”

The children obediently closed their eyes.

Zhan Xi scanned the area and finally crouched down to ask one of the people with the weakest breathing, “Have you seen a tall, handsome man with a sword?”

Zhan Xi described the emperor’s appearance as accurately as possible, and a limbless teenager in the corner gave him feedback.

“He left,” the teenager said weakly.
“He was dragging a sword and said he would destroy everything here.”

The teenager pointed in a direction as he spoke.

Zhan Xi thanked him gratefully, but was powerless to help him in his current state.

The dying teenager could tell Zhan Xi felt guilty and said, “Don’t worry about me.
I won’t make it.”

The teenager was right.
His breathing was becoming weaker and weaker.

Zhan Xi didn’t know what to say, but at that moment, the child on his back opened his eyes.


The child wasn’t afraid of the dying teenager.
He patted Zhan Xi’s shoulder and asked him to put him down.

Zhan Xi put him down, and the child squatted down to offer the last two candies in his pocket to the teenager.
Although he was young, he knew he couldn’t leave the brother in front of him behind.

Big brother looked very hurt.

The little child simply peeled the candy open and fed it to the teenager’s mouth.
He whispered to the teenager, “I’ll come back when I find Uncle Lulu.”

There were still many people here who could breathe.
They were all injured and needed to see a doctor.

The teenager held the candy in his mouth.
He had never tasted anything so sweet in his life.
He looked at the soft and chubby child in front of him and asked softly, “Little child, can you hug me?”

As soon as he spoke, the little child reached out and hugged him.

Wagner, who was originally in Zhan Xi’s arms, also came over and hugged the dying teenager.
The embrace of the two little children was as soft and warm as the teenager had imagined.

He closed his eyes slowly while still holding the candy.

Zhan Xi took the two children back and pursed his lips, saying nothing.

The teenager had already passed away, and his overflowing mental power gradually dissipated.

Zhan Xi could sense that his mental power level was A-level.
He had reached A-level at such a young age, and if he were outside, he would have had a great life.

However, he was unfortunate to be born here.

Zhan Xi carried the children and walked out quickly.
He had to find Ludwig and then join the army that had already arrived outside to slaughter all those disgusting Zergs!

The two children in his arms and on his back were wiping their eyes and secretly shedding tears.

Wagner prided himself on being a very strong child, but his eyes were now as red as a rabbit’s.

Ningning buried his chubby face in his father’s neck and spoke with a crying voice, “Daddy, I hate Zergs.”

Zhan Xi comforted him softly.
“Daddy will kill all the Zergs.”

Wagner repeated with a choked voice: “Kill!”

He wanted to learn to kill Zergs like Ningning!

Not long after walking, one adult and two children heard a sound not far away.

Zhan Xi raised his head and his expression changed slightly: “Oh no, Ludwig’s mental power is erupting.”

Once Ludwig’s mental power began to rampage, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zhan Xi could barely think about the consequences and wished he could faint on the spot.
He hurriedly rushed forward, trying to stop Ludwig’s crazy behavior.



The outskirts of the Ouyun Star were filled with densely packed combat ships.

Ai Wei led Huo Lin and met the gaze of General Mans.

Although General Mans had heard the news of Queen Ai Wei’s awakening, he had not actually seen the awakened queen.

Now that the two of them met, there was no time for unnecessary pleasantries.

“Your Majesty, are you waiting outside with Prince Caesar or-“

“We’ll go with you.”

The usually gentle Ai Wei had a cold face at this moment, and she and Huo Lin had changed into combat uniforms.

“General Mans, you are in charge of the army, and I will not interfere with your decisions.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Your Majesty.”

Mans was appointed as the Empire’s top general by Ludwig, and his ability naturally matched his title.
And some of his methods of warfare and concepts were very similar to Ludwig’s.

He looked at the Ouyun Star in front of him and did not negotiate or communicate.

He just ordered-

Begin the attack.

Kill all the Zergs in sight.

Queen Ai Wei was not a useless decoration.
She wielded her sword and killed Zergs without blinking.

Huo Lin was raised by his iron-blooded father and had already excelled in the lessons of killing the Zerg race.

Inside the Ouyun Star, the uncontrollable emperor of the empire launched a killing spree without regard for consequences.

Caught in a pincer attack, the Zergs on Ouyun Star, who had been living a comfortable life for many years, were bewildered: “What’s going on?! Is the empire’s emperor insane?!”

“Are the troops coming in from the outside the empire’s army?! Why did so many troops suddenly come?!”

“Are they all crazy?!”

The Zerg race knew that the emperor of the empire had come to the Ouyun Star, but they were very confident.
The empire’s emperor would not risk his life and lose control of his mental power to kill them.

They thought that they could trap the empire’s emperor here, let him struggle alone, and take control when he was exhausted.

The Zerg race’s plan was well thought-out, but they never thought that—

The empire’s army would arrive so quickly.

In the Zerg king’s nest, the most well-cared-for new Zerg king couldn’t understand this situation.

It thought it would have a big harvest on the Ouyun Star this time: an empire’s emperor, and a young child it had been looking for a long time.

But the big harvest was not in its bag, and an even bigger twist had arrived first.

The emperor of the empire had gone insane.

And the sudden arrival of the empire’s army.

“The highest-ranking general of the Empire, General Mans leads the army outside.
Ouyun Star is just our breeding ground, and the defense level here is not enough to resist them.”

One of the Zergs spoke to the new Zerg king, “We shouldn’t confront the Imperial army head-on.”

The main army of the Zerg race was not here, and no matter how you looked at it, they were not willing to engage in battle.

Other Zergs chimed in, “We should send a Zerg to negotiate with Mans.”

“The Emperor’s mental power has lost control, and we can use this hidden danger in the future.
For now, we’ll return the Emperor to them and let them withdraw their troops.”

Ouyun Star was their favorite breeding ground, and they didn’t want to abandon it unless absolutely necessary.

The proposal for peace was unanimously agreed upon by the Zergs.

However, ten minutes later.

Mans twisted the head of the fat Zerg in his hand, and a little blood stuck to his cold and handsome cheek.

He lightly raised the corner of his lips towards a few stupid Zergs nearby.
“It’s too late to call for a truce now.”

Once the Imperial army set out, there was no possibility of a ceasefire.

They aimed at their Emperor and the Empire’s little child, and for such a heinous crime, only death could atone it.

Inside the Zerg’s palace.

The Zerg queens who learned of Mans’ atrocities were furious.
They looked towards Billy.
“Billy, can’t you induce their mental power to go haywire? Hurry up and teach Mans a lesson.”

Take advantage of Mans not coming in yet and make him lose control in front of the army.

Then, they would definitely see a spectacular scene of self-destruction!

The new Zerg king, Billy, did not carry out such a request.
He coldly said, “Inducing the mental power of the Emperor is already the most I can do now.
With the addition of Mans, what do you take me for?”

“Go and catch the young child I want.
I will take him away.”

The Zerg king had not been born long, and he still needed to grow.
Once he grew up, he would not only conquer the empire, but he would make this entire interstellar space the territory of his Zerg race.

But before he grew up, he needed to take away that young child.
If he couldn’t take it away…

“Wait, if you can’t take the young child away, just kill him directly.”


The subordinate Zerg went to search for the young child that Zerg king wanted.

Soon, they really found the figure of that young child.
The child was like a small cannonball, charging towards the direction of the Emperor of the empire.

The Emperor of the empire held a long sword, with piles of dead Zergs under his feet.

When the Zerg looking for the child saw the Emperor’s golden and pure eyes, the entire Zerg was frightened stiff.

It stood still for a few seconds, then turned and ran.

The Ouyun Star was completely chaotic, and the deaths of a large number of Zerg almost turned the land green.
The surviving Zerg were also scared and apprehensive.
At this moment, they finally realized what it was like to wait for death.

In the midst of the chaos.

A woman holding her daughter suddenly shouted, “The empire’s army has come to save us! These Zergs, who have been oppressing us, will all die!!!”

“We are saved!”

The woman’s voice spread to the ears of the crowd.
At first, the crowd could not believe it.
It was not until the little girl Nana in the woman’s arms showed them the snack bag in her hand and said, “My little brother gave it to me.
He is a kid from the empire.”

Under the instigation of the woman, some people finally gained the courage to seek revenge.

The chaotic scene on the Ouyun Star was ignored by the running Ningning at the moment.
Ningning let go of his father’s hand and ran with his little chubby legs.
Running much faster than during the kindergarten exercise.

All around was Ludwig’s terrifying mental power.
Ningning’s little sprout had already emerged.
He rushed towards Ludwig urgently, thinking in his mind to go faster, even faster!

Behind him, Zhan Xi was having a hard time moving under the influence of Ludwig’s mental power.
He couldn’t approach Ludwig anymore, otherwise, he would lose control too.
He couldn’t get close to Ludwig, so he could only watch his own little son rush over.

“Uncle Lulu!”

In the pile of Zerg corpses, the little child ran unsteadily, stumbled a few times before finally running up to Ludwig.

Ludwig lowered his eyes upon hearing the voice and looked at the little child in front of him.
There was no emotion in his eyes, as if he didn’t recognize the child at all.

The child noticed this, and his eyes turned red.
He raised his hand and hugged Ludwig’s leg.

The child skillfully climbed up Ludwig’s leg and then into his arms.
He hugged Ludwig’s neck, looked at Ludwig’s appearance, and tears welled up in his eyes.


The little child with teary eyes said, “I’m Ningning.”

Severe loss of mental control could cause people to lose their minds.
Obviously, Ludwig was in this state at the moment, and he had lost his mind, so naturally, he did not recognize the child in his arms.

The child saw that Ludwig did not react, sniffled, and wiped his tears himself.

After wiping his tears, he stopped wasting time and approached Ludwig again.
He leaned his forehead against Ludwig’s cold forehead.

This kind of touch would make his little sprout work more efficiently!

Ludwig’s mental power was too terrifying, a level that Ningning had never encountered before.

But the little child closed his eyes, and his chubby face was full of determination.

He wanted to cure Uncle Lulu!

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