During the fall, the wind whistled past the child’s ears.

The little chubby child saw his father and, despite feeling scared, reached out to grab the Zerg king.
The Zerg king was long, and if he held onto it, the landing wouldn’t be so painful.

Perhaps the Zerg king did not intend to harm the child inside the cocoon, so it did not wrap the cocoon tightly.

The child’s hand grabbed the slimy body of the Zerg king, which made him feel nauseous.
He held the Zerg king with one hand and Wagner with the other.

Wagner’s mind had not yet calmed down, so he closed his eyes tightly, his little face full of pain.

They didn’t know how long they had been falling.

The Zerg king with the cocoon landed, and from such a height, the fall couldn’t kill the Zerg.
The thick cocoon was enough to keep the children inside alive.

One Zerg and two children fell to the ground.

There were no other Zergs where they landed.
As the Zerg king raised its head to call its fellow Zergs, the child inside the loosened cocoon stumbled and knocked its head against the Zerg king.

As a young Zerg king, it was not as strong as humans, but it was powerful in its mental camouflage and parasitic and corrosive abilities.

The mental power of the Zerg race could also cause a human’s mental power to erupt, but in general, the Zergs were killed before the mental power of human soldiers erupted.

For some reason, the Zerg king in front of them did not harm Ningning.

In a short time, Ningning realized this and used his forehead to hit the Zerg king.
The little chubby child, who had regained some weight after not eating diet dumplings, knocked the Zerg king backwards with his weight.

Almost in an instant, a big hand picked the chubby child up after hitting the Zerg king.

The Zerg king that had fallen down sat up, and in front of it, there was now an empty space.

Zerg king angrily sounded the Zerg call, urgently summoning its fellow Zergs.

After hearing the sound, numerous Zergs quickly rushed over, wave after wave of Zergs, almost making a tide.
From a distance, it was enough to make someone with an intense fear of crowds drop dead.

Zerg king issued a notice: to find two human children.

The two children ordered by the Zerg king to be found were being carried on Zhan Xi’s shoulders, running all the way.


The chubby child held Wagner’s hand and released a small, tender sprout to calm Wagner’s mental power: “It won’t hurt soon.
Don’t bite yourself.”

While the chubby child was treating Wagner’s mental power, the chasing Zergs became even crazier and chased after them relentlessly, making it impossible for them to shake them off.

“Ningning and Wagner, both of you retract your mental power!”

Not only did the two children retract their mental power, but Zhan Xi also restrained his own mental power.
After retracting their mental power, he instantly increased his speed and shook off the chasing Zergs.

Carrying the two children, Zhan Xi desperately fled through the Ouyun Star, full of Zergs.


At the same time.

The Marshal was waiting in a secret room that blocked mental power, enduring the pain brought by the rampage of mental power.

The news about Wagner was like a thunderbolt, hitting him directly.

After learning the news, his already strained body could no longer hold on.
After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he briefly passed out, and his mental power also spiraled out of control.

His confidant sent him to this room.

Without him giving orders, his loyal subordinates also knew where to go next.


The awakened Marshal Twain looked at the unconnected phone on the star machine, and he couldn’t imagine how fearful Wagner must have been when he called him.

Knowing that he didn’t have much time left, he had deliberately cultivated Wagner’s independence.

He didn’t want Wagner to depend on him.

But at this moment, Twain was completely overwhelmed with regret.
His Wagner had called out for help at his most fearful moment, but he was unable to answer the phone.

“Sorry, Sasha.”

In the midst of the torment of his mental anguish, Twain seemed to see his wife.
If she were still alive, she would surely hold him accountable for what he had done to Wagner.


Time passed slowly.

Although the farthest Marshal Twain had not yet arrived at Ouyun Star, Ling Qi, who had gone to see the child, and General Mans, who was not too far from Ouyun Star, had already approached it.

Ai Wei and Huo Lin met up.
The former had originally wanted to look for Ludwig, but she had not seen him, and Ningning had gotten lost along the way.

Compared to the Imperial regular army, the Zhan Rao’s ragtag band looked shabby.

Duo Bi frowned as he sat at the end of the table, looking at the information about Ouyun Star.
“Boss, there are too many Zergs on Ouyun Star.
Our people might not be enough to handle them.”

Zhan Rao responded indifferently, “Our main task is to bring Ningning out.”

Killing Zergs would come after rescuing Ningning.

Thinking of the child that had fallen into the Zerg nest, Duo Bi was restless: “Zhan Xi has always been cautious with the child.
How could he let the child fall into the Zerg nest? And how could there be Zergs with no mental fluctuations…? This is impossible!”

In this world, whether it’s humans, the Zerg race, or even the beast race living on distant planets, no one could be without mental power.

Although their Ningning wasn’t initially detected with mental power, they knew that he had mental power, but it just couldn’t be detected.

This year, the instrument could at least detect a bit of the child’s mental power.
Although the little child still ranked at the bottom in kindergarten, they could at least barely enroll.

Principal Hardy turned a blind eye to this little child and let him pass as if turning on the faucet.

Doubt from Duo Bi was also shared by others.

They all looked at Zhan Rao in unison, waiting for his answer.
In their view, Zhan Rao understood more about the child than they did.

Zhan Rao’s face, with a longer beard, showed no expression.

His deep eyes drooped slightly, and after a while, he said, “Nothing is impossible.
Isn’t Ningning’s emergence also a miracle?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Duo Bi disagreed first: “How can Zergs be compared to our Ningning?”

Their Ningning was a miracle child.
An insignificant Zerg was not worthy to be compared with their miraculous Ningning.

Duo Bi’s slanderous remarks were agreed upon by others.
Although they had not yet seen the Zerg that had no mental power fluctuations, the star thief group that held grudges had already put him on the revenge list for daring to abduct their child.

The group continued on their way.


Zhan Xi, who had been running away in Ouyun Star for a long time, finally had a chance to catch his breath.

He pulled out both children from the cocoon, but he didn’t throw away the white cocoon.
Instead, he stuffed it into his pocket.


In the narrow and cramped corner, Ningning, who was pulled out by his father, pounced into his father’s arms.
Not only did he jump in, but he also generously shared his father with Wagner.

Two frightened children were in the arms of an adult, and their emotions gradually eased.

Zhan Xi patted their backs and whispered to them, “Don’t be afraid.
You don’t need to be afraid anymore.
I will protect you from now on.”

As he comforted them, Zhan Xi also praised them, “Our Ningning and Wagner did great this time.
After seeing the Zergs, they knew to call their uncles.
And they also knew how to protect themselves and hide.”


At this age, there was not a single child who didn’t like being praised by adults.

After Zhan Xi praised them, he also pinched their little cheeks and asked, “Such amazing children deserve a reward.”

“Come, let me kiss your little face.”

After Zhan Xi finished speaking, Ningning, who was often kissed by his father, quickly brought his face over.
Wagner, who was a little shy, also blushed and let Uncle Zhan kiss his cheek.

If Zhan Xi didn’t shave his stubble more often, he would have a layer of stubble.
His stubble rubbed against the soft children’ cheeks, making them itchy every time.

This time was no exception.

Zhan Xi deliberately rubbed his stubble against them, making them laugh and smile.

The little children were easily coaxed.
With adults by their side and playing games with them, they were able to quickly emerge from the shadows.

Zhan Xi said he would kiss them once, but he actually kissed them several times.

The little children covered their cheeks and hid, but they were caught in his arms as they tried to avoid him.

The simple “cheek poking” game was over, and the two children leaned against Zhan Xi, looking like they were tired from laughing.

After calming them down, Zhan Xi continued to move with the two children.

In this Ouyun Star, there were humans being kept captive.
The Zergs liked to use the humans’ bodies as warm incubators for their eggs, especially their abdomens, which were the most comfortable living space for them.

Zhan Xi couldn’t leave in a short time.
In order to settle down here, he had to find an area where humans lived.

Zhan Xi grew up in a harsh environment, and his survival experience was definitely among the top, being able to live to this age.

Even if he carried two small children, even if he fell into a nest of Zergs, he was confident that he could bring the children out safely.

Soon, Zhan Xi found the human residential area, which was fenced off with layers of iron fences.
There was a sign hanging on the fence that said “breeding area.” They treated humans like livestock and used them.

The overall area of Ouyun Star was very large, and although the number of humans in this area was insignificant compared to the total number of Zerg tribes on Ouyun Star, Zhan Xi estimated that there were even more people here than on the barren planet.

There was a road in front of the houses, but there were very few people on the road.

Zhan Xi leapt from one roof to another, his back and arms each carrying a child.

Although the children were uncomfortable being carried like this, neither of them made a sound.
They held on tightly to Zhan Xi, trying not to fall.

After searching for a long time, Zhan Xi stopped at a household.

The family’s home was very simple, and most importantly, there were only two people inside.

The two people were a mother and daughter, and the little girl had double ponytails and was sitting on the bed, covered with a blanket.

She looked only four or five years old, and although her clothes looked old, they were very clean.

Zhan Xi chose this place.

He jumped in and, in that instant, covered the mother’s mouth.
“Don’t make a sound or call for help, or I’ll kill you,” he said.

After he had intimidated her, the mother nodded her head, and Zhan Xi slowly released his hand.

The little girl sitting on the bed stared at them blankly, with a hint of fear in her eyes, but she did not make a sound, just like her mother.

Ningning, who had been lying on Zhan Xi’s back, was put down by his father.

He looked at the bewildered little girl and thought that she might have been frightened by his father.

“My dad is not a bad person, don’t be afraid,” he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a milk candy.
“Here, have a candy.”

The little girl with twin ponytails looked down at his candy and reached out her hand to take it.
But as soon as her hand was stretched out, she suddenly pulled it back.

She shook her head and refused the candy.

Ningning, who was offering the candy, didn’t pay attention to the little girl’s refusal.

At the moment she reached out her hand, he saw a glimpse of something under the raised blanket that covered her waist and below.

He stared at the little girl, who had covered herself with the blanket, and then, when the blanket was raised, he pulled out a small knife from his pocket and stabbed it hard.

Green liquid spattered out.

With milk stains still on his lips, Ningning lifted the blanket and picked up the little Zerg that had been stabbed to death but hadn’t yet settled in the girl’s belly, then threw it away with a snap.

His chubby face was solemn.
“Bad Zerg!”


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