“Hua Ya, Hua Ya, come here!”

Zhan Xi reached out his hand and, after feeling the warm forehead of the young baby, he turned towards the woman who was eating a snack and called out, “The baby has a fever.”

Upon hearing this, Hua Ya quickly stood up and walked over.
Zhan Rao, who was in the middle of a conversation, also interrupted his subordinate’s report and walked to Zhan Xi’s side.

Zhan Xi’s voice was loud when he called out earlier, and in less than two minutes, a crowd had gathered.

Hua Ya didn’t let them get too close, as she was afraid that the air would not circulate properly, which would be bad for the feverish baby.
She asked everyone to stand back and asked them to find a thermometer and fever-reducing medicine.

However, after searching for a long time, they only found a small amount of adult antibiotics and fever-reducing medicine.
As for the thermometer, they were not prepared for such a thing.

“I read the instructions, and these adult medicines are too strong for the baby to use.
Hua Ya, didn’t you used to know how to treat illnesses? Can’t you think of another way to bring down his fever?” Zhan Rao said.

Hua Ya looked down at the young baby she had just held.
The baby’s face was red from the fever, and he had started to whimper.

She frowned and said, “I used to treat illnesses for my family’s cows and sheep.”

If she treated them, and they died, her parents would just skin and eat them.

If this rare genius young baby died while being treated by her, her deceased parents would probably come to her bedside in the middle of the night and curse her.

The group was at a loss, and Zhan Rao could only order, “Let Xiao Sheng increase the speed of the spaceship and search for a town where the baby can be treated.”


Xiao Sheng, who was responsible for piloting the spaceship, was multitasking, searching for a place to stop and treat the young baby.
The other people in the spaceship were also racking their brains to find a way to bring down the baby’s fever.

The young baby that everyone was worried about had a fever that was getting worse and worse.
When the pain from the fever became unbearable, Jian Ning finally couldn’t help but cry out with his eyes closed.

His chubby little hands were reaching out in the air, as if trying to grasp something.

Upon seeing this, Zhan Xi quickly extended his hand, but Jian Ning only shook it once before letting go.
Hua Ya tentatively extended her fingers, but Jian Ning only shook them once before letting go as well.

He kept grabbing, wanting to grasp someone’s fingers, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t catch hold of anything.


Jian Ning cried sadly, while opening his mouth, trying to call out a name —

Huo Lin.

He wanted Huo Lin.

The memories of Huo Lin in his mind began to blur in pain, like frames of a picture being suddenly submerged by a tide.

Jian Ning struggled and reached out his chubby hands to grab those memories.

His tears covered his face, with his eyelids red and swollen.
It was unclear whether it was due to crying too hard or the fever, but he vomited twice in Hua Ya’s arms.

This time it was not milk, but yellow water.

Zhan Xi saw the yellow water Jian Ning vomited and turned pale.
“Boss, haven’t you found a place to dock yet? If he doesn’t go to a hospital soon, he will die.”

Hua Ya had someone bring alcohol, hoping to use a physical fever-reducing method from ancient times, but it didn’t work for Jian Ning.

He closed his eyes, crying almost to the point of breathlessness.

The memories of Huo Lin continued to sink, and Jian Ning, who realized he could not stop all of this, was filled with despair and grief.

He didn’t want to forget Huo Lin!

Amidst the overwhelming panic, Jian Ning finally opened his eyes.
His eyes, swollen into small peaches, were filled with round tears, which fell like they were hitting everyone’s hearts.

This soft and rare little baby had just arrived in their hands and was already on the verge of death.

Exhibiting a calm expression, Zhan Rao went to check the route himself.

Zhan Xi took out the adult medication from earlier and asked, holding the medicine, “Hua Ya, if we decrease the dosage of the fever-reducing medicine, can we try to get him to take some?”

Hua Ya hesitated.

The route of the B33 commercial transport ship was also unclear.
This route was very remote, and there were no inhabited towns nearby.

Even if their spacecraft was fast, they were helpless in this desolate place.

Jian Ning couldn’t focus on the people in front of him.
He looked around anxiously, trying to find something.
Soon, he saw an ornament that looked like a snowflake.


Jian Ning pointed at the ornament, his voice filled with tears.
He looked at Zhan Xi, then back at the snowflake-shaped ornament.

Zhan Xi understood what he meant and went to take the ornament down for him.

Jian Ning took it and the next second, he grabbed the ornament and pressed it onto his chubby arm like a lotus root node.
In order to leave a mark, Jian Ning ignored the sharp edges of the ornament, pressing it so hard that blood flowed out.

Hua Ya saw this and gasped, snatching the ornament from his hand.

Zhan Xi’s eyes widened, and he became both anxious and angry.
“What are you doing?! Did your fever burn your brain? You’re hurting yourself for no reason!”

Jian Ning had already imprinted the snowflake before his memories faded completely.

Snowflakes only appear in the winter.

He wanted to leave a snowflake mark for himself, and then wait for someone born in the winter.

Zhan Xi looked at the little baby who had made himself bleed, and before he could scold him, the baby opened his mouth as if to say something.
Then, his small body went limp and his head fell into Hua Ya’s neck.

As he looked at him, for a moment, Zhan Xi felt that the two words the baby murmured were very similar to the name of another baby he had commented on in his mind just a moment ago —

Little Prince Huo Lin.

This thought was too absurd for Zhan Xi to believe.
He regained his thoughts and asked, “What happened?! How did he suddenly pass out?”

They couldn’t stop the spaceship, couldn’t find a doctor, and didn’t have the right medication.

These notorious space pirates, known as the most ruthless and bloodthirsty in the entire galaxy, were completely helpless in front of a baby.
They couldn’t do anything.

“Crush the medicine and give him one-fourth of the dosage.”

Zhan Rao, who walked over from the cockpit, made a decision in a deep voice: “If we don’t give him the medicine now, he will be burned to death.
If we do give him the medicine, he still has a chance to survive.”

The fact that this baby met the Poison Spider and wasn’t killed indicated that he was lucky.
As long as he maintained this kind of luck, perhaps he could survive.

Unconscious, Jian Ning was held by a pair of big hands and given medicine.

The medicine was very bitter.

Jian Ning closed his eyes and vomited out the medicine.

As time passed, the medicine was gradually absorbed, and he woke up with a face full of wrinkles and without many memories.

Without those memories, he was now just a real little baby.
Inside the baby’s shell, there was also a matching little baby’s core.

The first thing the little baby Jian Ning did when he opened his eyes was to knock over the medicine bowl in front of him.

Zhan Xi, who was sweating from administering the medicine, didn’t get angry at all.
Instead, he happily picked him up and said, “He’s awake, really awake! It looks like the medicine worked!”

Jian Ning called out in a serious voice, his little voice sounding very serious.

‘He woke up and didn’t want to be given any more medicine!’

Medicine was a double-edged sword.
When Jian Ning woke up, Zhan Xi naturally wouldn’t give him any more medicine.
Besides, his fever had already subsided, so there was no need to drink any more medicine.

Zhan Xi was delighted and lifted Jian Ning up.

Jian Ning nervously kicked his short legs, afraid that Zhan Xi might drop him, but soon he realized that the hands holding him were very strong.

He won’t fall!

The little baby who was lifted up high raised his furrowed eyebrows.
He swung his short legs and giggled in the air.

The baby’s laughter echoed in the spacecraft, making the adults who had been tense for a long time feel a rare relaxation.

The spacecraft was still flying.

This time, Jian Ning didn’t cause any trouble again.

He was wearing the little clothes that Hua Ya had modified for him, with only a pair of socks on his feet and no shoes.
Zhan Xi held him and walked from the bow to the stern of the ship, occasionally walking to the window to show him the passing scenery outside.

Jian Ning was curious about everything.
Whenever a cloud floated by outside the spacecraft, he would press his face against the glass and exclaim, “Waa!”

A cloud, a passing spacecraft, or even the small parts of the spacecraft could amaze this baby.

Zhan Xi pinched his chubby cheeks and smirked, “You’re just a little baby with no experience.”

The little baby, with no experience, hugged his neck and snuggled against it.
According to tradition, Zhan Xi would come to kiss him after pinching his face!

The baby’s skin was delicate, and the people on this spacecraft, except for the sexy and beautiful older sister, were all tough and hairy old men.

They came to cuddle the little baby, but their beards poked the baby’s little face!

Zhan Xi used his beard to poke the young baby, causing the young baby to kick his legs in response.
The commotion between the big and small person drew the interest of others watching from their seats.

Not long after, the spaceship finally arrived at its destination.

Jian Ning was wrapped in a small blanket, with only a few strands of light brown curls on top of his head visible.
His breathing was long and even, indicating that he had been asleep for a while.

Around his neck hung the ruby necklace that he had tightly clutched in his hand before.
This type of necklace was a cheap antique that had been around for many years, and not many people would wear it.

Zhan Rao personally checked this necklace and found that there was nothing unusual about it.
He hesitated for a moment, thinking about replacing it with a new one, but Jian Ning wanted to keep this old one.

In addition to the necklace hanging around his neck, there was also a milk bottle filled with milk hanging from it.
One of the handles of the milk bottle was broken, making it look quite shabby.

As soon as the spaceship landed, Zhan Xi whispered to his companions, “Don’t forget to find some clothes that fit the baby, as well as milk powder, toys, and a crib…”

Zhan Xi’s recitation of all the baby’s necessities were smooth and effortless.
His companions responded with an acknowledgment and went to find these things for him.

Meanwhile, wrapped in his small blanket, Jian Ning slept soundly and was completely unaware of the environment in which he would soon be living.

He slept until evening.

Jian Ning turned over on the soft bed and kicked his legs, as if he didn’t want to wake up.
Although he had been well-behaved during the day, he had a habit of getting up on the wrong side of the bed.


Before he even opened his eyes, he began to cry and fuss.
After only a few cries, Zhan Xi rushed in and skilfully picked him up.

“Okay, okay, I’m here, don’t cry.”

Zhan Xi picked him up and gave him a new bottle.
The bottle was filled with prepared milk powder, and the temperature was just right.

Jian Ning exclaimed in excitement and reached out his chubby hand to tightly grip the new bottle.
He drank the milk in big gulps, as if afraid that someone would take his bottle away.

Zhan Xi had never raised a baby before and naturally did not know that babies didn’t know when to stop eating.
Adults needed to pay attention and control their food intake.

He held the baby’s chubby little butt with one hand and the baby’s back with the other, happily taking the baby out for a walk.

Jian Ning held the bottle, his little belly already swollen, but he continued to swallow the milk.
After he finished the whole bottle, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and tilted his head to rest it on Zhan Xi’s shoulder.

‘Ah, it felt so full.’

The baby, unable to move because of how full he was, leaned against Zhan Xi and even stopped making noises when he saw people.
His chubby little hand was held by Zhan Xi to greet people.

“Baby, come and wave hello to Uncle.”

“Such a good boy.”

Zhan Xi held his little hand and waved to everyone, originally wanting to show off the baby’s genius abilities, but the baby was a little uncooperative in his arms.

Seeing this, Zhan Xi could only regretfully take the baby back inside.

As for the little baby lying on his shoulder, after a short walk, he also realized the true situation of the surrounding environment: there were few people, strong winds, and lots of sand in the wind.

Jian Ning’s white and tender little face was covered with red spots after being taken out for a walk.

Hua Ya frowned and scolded, “He’s still too young.
Why did you take him out? In the future, just keep him inside and let him watch educational videos.
I heard that the empire’s babies start listening to music and foreign languages while still in the womb.”

Zhan Xi sneered, “Only those who lack talent learn in their mother’s womb.
That’s what they call ‘slow birds first to fly’, but our baby is a genius baby.”

In the star pirate’s den, where there hadn’t been a cultured person for many years, Zhan Xi was extremely proud to have found a genius baby.

Hua Ya was still frowning and told Zhan Xi about cases of genius babies being raised as failures on ancient Earth.

Zhan Xi didn’t seem to be listening, but as soon as Hua Ya left, he hurriedly took the baby to study, saying, “Baby, we can’t let those slow birds surpass us!”

Jian Ning was sitting on a small bed with two pillows supporting his back.

Zhan Xi took out the star tablet, connected to the star net, and searched for early childhood education videos for the baby.
After a short while, he found a course video that was marketed as being the same as the education of the Imperial Little Prince.

Although he didn’t like the Imperial Little Prince, his education courses were certainly top-notch.

“Baby, watch the star tablet carefully, and I’ll be here with you,” Zhan Xi said, placing the star tablet in front of the baby, and sitting beside him to watch.

The baby’s educational videos were too boring for an adult.
After less than ten minutes of class, Zhan Xi started yawning.

Jian Ning, however, was watching very attentively.

Especially when the image of the Imperial Little Prince appeared on the screen, he would always reach out with his chubby hand to poke the screen, as if trying to pull the little prince out of the screen: “Ah!”

‘It was so interesting!’

The Imperial Little Prince, who was pouting in the image, made Jian Ning’s eyes light up.

Zhan Xi was dozing off next to him.
He had only slept for a few minutes when someone outside the door called him away.

The person outside lowered his voice and said to him, “The boss has gone to the isolation room again, and we don’t know how long he will be there this time.
Before he left, he told me that you would take over the next thing.”

“I got it.”

Zhan Xi’s face didn’t look good.
Last month, Zhan Rao had just been sent to the isolation room due to a loss of control of his mental power.
He had only been out for less than half a month, and now he was back in.

The frequency of his comings and goings made Zhan Xi very uneasy.

In short, a loss of control of mental power meant that it was in a state of frenzy and difficult to calm down.
The violent mental power represented extremely terrifying attack potential.
If one was hit by this kind of mental power, they could be injured or even killed.

The isolation room that Zhan Rao had personally built could block the frenzied mental power from spreading outward, thus allowing people outside the isolation room to remain unharmed.

However, the person inside the isolation room would suffer greatly, enduring the time until their mental power slowly calmed down.
Many people died during this process.

Zhan Xi knew the severity of the situation.
He turned to look at the little baby sitting on the bed, who was quietly watching the screen, and whispered, “Find someone to watch the baby.
I’m going over there.”

Zhan Rao’s mental power was too overbearing.
Not only were they overbearing, but they would also induce others to lose control of their own mental power once they spread out.

Zhan Xi had to go over there and use his own mental power to add a barrier outside the isolation room.

As time passed by slowly, the night enveloped the earth.

Jian Ning held the star tablet and poked it with his chubby little hand from time to time.
He couldn’t find the video he had just watched and anxiously said “ah” twice, wanting to find Zhan Xi.

But Zhan Xi was not there, and there was only a stranger looking at him.

The little baby, who had no sense of security, hugged the star tablet and slowly shifted his body, turning his butt toward the stranger.
He continued poking at the screen, but as he poked, his tired little body couldn’t sit still and began to wobble.

After wobbling for only a couple of seconds, the star tablet slipped from his chubby hand.

Jian Ning closed his eyes and fell asleep.
After he fell asleep, the person watching him came over and covered him with a blanket.

After covering him, the other person left quietly.

In his dreams, Jian Ning soon curled up into a small ball.
He had drunk a whole bottle of milk before going to bed, and his stomach was bloated, making it hard for him to sleep.

Just as the little baby with a bloated stomach was dozing off and about to wake up, a fierce spiritual force, with a sense of destruction, suddenly attacked under the cover of darkness.


Author’s note:


Ningning: I see my husband!

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