Just as the strange Zerg pounced, the child who had just dirtied his shoes didn’t even blink and instinctively took a step back.

The next second, Zhan Xi grabbed the Zerg’s head, stabbed its forehead with a short knife, and the Zerg died with its eyes open, unwillingly falling to the ground.

The child who had stepped back poked his father’s leg to remind him, “Dirty.”

The blood of the Zergs was mostly green, but the blood of the king Zerg was red.
The human form of the king Zerg looked no different from humans in appearance, but their body structure still had some Zerg characteristics that were completely different from humans.

In every area under imperial control, there were detection devices installed at the entrance to detect this.

Zhan Xi released the Zerg in his hand while listening to his child’s previous reminder.
He frowned, feeling something was wrong.
“Strange, how can there still be live Zergs here?”

Ludwig’s army was not large in number, but Zhan Xi knew about this army.
In places where they had been before, the battlefield would be thoroughly cleaned and there would be no surviving Zergs.

“Ningning, Wagner, go back to the spaceship and wait for me.”

Realizing that something was amiss, Zhan Xi put both kids into the spaceship.
After putting the children back in the spaceship, he activated the automatic protection system.

“Daddy, hold me!”

After being picked up by his father and turning his head to leave, the child on the chair was unhappy and jumped down, trying to hold on to his father.

Zhan Xi stopped and said seriously, “Ningning, it’s dangerous outside.
You wait here and Daddy will go look around.”

The child looked at him with big eyes and didn’t want to let go until Zhan Xi said, “Daddy is going to find Uncle Lulu.
It will be inconvenient to hold you and Wagner.”

Ningning: “…”

Upon hearing these words, the little child reluctantly let go of his hand.

Zhan Xi lowered his head and kissed him on the cheek, soothing him in a soft voice: “Our baby is the best, daddy will be back soon.”

Seeing Wagner also watching by the side, Zhan Xi smiled and leaned over to kiss the child’s cheek, who was always playing with his son.
Wagner’s face turned slightly red from the kiss.

After comforting the two children, Zhan Xi held his short knife and carefully inspected the surrounding of the spaceship to see if there were any live Zergs left.

He was very skilled in searching and killing Zergs, having lived on the barren planet for years.
During the inspection, he actually found about ten of them.

As time passed, the two children on the spaceship had nothing to do.
They pressed their soft faces against the window and looked outside, saying, “The outside is so broken.”

Ouyun Star used to be a human territory, but this planet did not belong to the empire, but was an autonomous planet.

After being invaded by the Zergs, this once beautiful planet became increasingly dilapidated and gloomy.
The Zergs’ first instinct was to reproduce, and they had too many offspring here.

Disgusting Zergs did not understand how to build a planet, they only knew how to breed as many offspring as possible, and then plunder more land.

The two children looked outside for a while, feeling bored.

Coincidentally, the star machine left by Zhan Xi for the little child rang at this moment, and the caller ID showed the photo of the little prince taken by the photo-loving child.

The call was answered, and Jian Ning saw her brother on the other end of the phone.
The little boy’s voice was very happy: “Brother!”

Huo Lin didn’t expect that it was Ningning who answered the phone, and he was a bit surprised: “Ningning, why did you take a leave of absence? Where did Uncle Zhan take you?”

Huo Lin found out that Wagner and Ningning didn’t even go to school when he got out of school at noon.
He asked Teacher Lily and found out that the two kids had taken a leave of absence.

Worried about the two children, Huo Lin called them on the way back to the palace.

Jian Ning was caught off guard by his brother’s question and thought hard about the place's name.
After thinking for a while, he replied hesitantly, “In Yun Yun!”

He only remembered the word “Yun” and not the other two words “Ou and Star” in the name.

Huo Lin frowned, unable to figure out where this “Yun Yun” was.

The two of them talked for a while, and Huo Lin could see that the child was safe and had Wagner to play with, so he gave them a few more instructions.

“Did you bring your school bag with you when you went out with Wagner?”

“Dad brought it for me.”

Jian Ning didn’t want to bring his school bag with him at all.
When he was about to leave, he even wanted to throw it away secretly, but his father noticed it in time and made him bring it.

Huo Lin saw that he had brought his school bag, so he assigned some homework casually.
“Don’t play too hard with Wagner.
Oh, and listen to your dad.
Don’t run around outside.”

Jian Ning nodded.

After the call ended, Jian Ning still didn’t want to do his homework.
He took out the photo album on the star machine and looked at the photos with Wagner.
“Look! The vegetables I planted!”

Wagner came over and looked at the vegetables in the photo and asked, “Are they tasty?”

Jian Ning thought for a moment and replied, “Dad didn’t make them taste good.”

Having been raised by the palace chef for so long, the little child could now distinguish between what was delicious and what was not.

But even if Dad’s cooking was not tasty, the little child could still support and finish it.
Before coming to the palace, the little child living on the barren planet ate himself plump.

“This one is you.”

Wagner recognized the younger Ningning, and in addition to Ningning, there were photos of other people: “Are these all your uncles?”


Jian Ning pointed to the photos with her chubby little finger and introduced them one by one: “This is Uncle, this is Uncle Duo Bi, and this is Uncle Ling Qi.”

When she pointed to Ling Qi, Wagner suddenly exclaimed, “He’s really good-looking.”

Unlike Zhan Rao and others who kept their beards, Ling qi had a handsome face that all the little children would like.
Wagner, who was fond of pretty faces, liked him a lot.

Seeing that he liked him, Jian Ning flipped through several photos of Ling Qi again: “There are so many!”

Ling Qi was so good-looking that in the photos taken by Jian Ning, he had the most shots, followed by Zhan Xi.
Jian Ning took photos of Ling Qi from various angles, and he looked good at all of them!

Moreover, no matter what angle he was photographed from, Ling Qi’s looks could completely withstand it.

The two little children looked at the photos together and forgot about the time.
Finally, the sound of their stomachs rumbling made them put down the star machine.

“Ningning is hungry.”

Jian Ning rubbed her belly and turned his head to say.

Previously, when he said this, Dad or someone else would take him to eat.
But now, Wagner sitting next to him, looking at him, said, “I’m hungry too.”

Jian Ning: “……”

Jian Ning suddenly realized that Wagner was on his own spaceship.

He got up from the ground and greeted Wagner in a hospitable manner, “Come on, let’s go eat together!”

There was food and ingredients on the spaceship.

Jian Ning couldn’t cook, so he just grabbed some snacks to eat.
While rummaging through the snacks, he also found a can of milk powder that he hadn’t finished drinking.


The child, who brought out the milk powder, hugged it and his eyes shone, “Dad hid the milk powder here!”

Wagner had quit drinking formula milk powder a long time ago and was not interested in milk powder.

But looking at the child’s excited expression, he was still infected a bit, “Do you want to make milk?”


Jian Ning shook his head and earnestly educated Wagner.
“We are children.
Children cannot pour hot water.”

Making milk powder requires hot water, and Zhan Xi was afraid that his child would touch hot water, so he gave him a safety lesson early on and did not let him touch hot water.

“Making milk is dangerous!”

Remembering firmly not to touch hot water, the little child held the milk powder can and sat down.
He found two spoons and handed one to Wagner.

“Here you go.”

After dividing the spoons, Jian Ning worked hard to open the can.
The dry milk powder in the can could also be eaten directly, and he had stolen some before.

The two children each took a spoon and started eating milk powder.

Not long after.

The milk powder was scattered everywhere, and the two children’ faces and bodies were also covered in a lot of milk powder.


Ningning, holding a spoon, was eating milk powder with a satisfied face.
After a while, having eaten his fill, Ningning looked towards the door and furrowed his brows.

“Daddy hasn’t come back yet.”

Daddy had just said he would be back soon!

Ningning missed his dad and walked to the door, wanting to open it.
But Wagner stopped him: “Your dad said we can’t go out.”

“I want to go find Daddy.”

“We can’t go out.”

Wagner was very principled.
He had promised Uncle Zhan not to go out and wouldn’t step out even one step.
Not only did he not go out himself, he also pulled back the little child who wanted to go out.

“I want Daddy!”

“Your dad will be back soon.”

The two children quarrelled and even had a fight.
After the fight, Jian Ning turned his back on Wagner in a huff and refused to talk to him.

Time passed little by little.

Outside, Zhan Xi saw unconscious Imperial soldiers wrapped in cocoons.
Though these soldiers were wrapped in cocoons, they could still breathe inside.

Zhan Xi’s heart sank as he opened the cocoons.

Some of the soldiers in the cocoons could still be saved, but some had already been parasitized.

The reason why the Zerg frequently invaded human territory was that they could parasitize human bodies and lay their own eggs in them.

The Zerg mainly relied on the queen to lay eggs and increase their companions, but the number of queens was always limited.
In order to make the race stronger, these Zergs always had various dirty tricks up their sleeves.

The Zergs near the spaceship were cleared by Zhan Xi, and he mobilized his mental power to surround the spaceship.
As long as any Zergs approached, he could detect them for the first time.

Even Zergs had mental fluctuations, but their mental waves were different from humans.

Zhan Xi’s mental power was open, so once a Zerg near the spaceship was detected with a mental wave, his mental power would attack it.

“Wake up! Where is His Majesty?”

Zhan Xi tore open a cocoon and shook the arm of a soldier inside who hadn’t had a chance to take up residence, trying to wake him up.

But the soldier he was shaking didn’t wake up.

He searched for several others and finally woke one up.
“The new Zerg King is here.
His Majesty’s mental power is raging.
To avoid affecting us, His Majesty went deep into Ouyun Star…”

When Zhan Xi heard him say “new Zerg king”, his mind went blank: “The Zerg king is here? Did the Zerg king cause His Majesty’s mental power to fluctuate?”

“The new Zerg king…
has no mental power, but is very aggressive…
and good at disguising.”

The soldier who woke up was still speaking intermittently, holding onto Zhan Xi’s arm tightly and urging him to hurry and leave.

When Zhan Xi heard that there was not only a new Zerg king but also one without mental power, his mind went blank, and he thought of the spaceship he had enveloped in his mental network.

Thinking of the little children in the spaceship, Zhan Xi’s hands were trembling.
He tried his best to calm himself down so as not to mess up at this critical moment.

“I’ll take you away first.
Once we return to the empire, you’ll be able to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the soldier’s abdomen, and a Zerg that had crawled into his belly at some point pierced through his stomach and rushed towards Zhan Xi’s face.

Zhan Xi agilely dodged and stabbed the Zerg to death with one knife.

After killing the Zerg, he didn’t continue forward but turned around and ran in the direction of the spaceship.
The mental net that enveloped the spaceship remained silent, but a huge sense of panic arose in Zhan Xi’s heart.

He didn’t have time to think at this moment about what kind of unprecedented disaster this new Zerg king would bring to humanity.

All he wanted now was to see his little child!

On the spaceship.

The little child, who had just finished quarrelling with Wagner, had a face covered in milk powder and was crawling on the window, looking outside.


After crawling and looking for a while, the little child called Wagner again.
“Hurry up and come here.”

Wagner replied, “Hmph!”

Just now, he was almost suffocated by the chubby little child.
He took the little child’s current call as a sign of goodwill, but he planned to hum a few more times before forgiving this child.

A few seconds later.

The chubby-faced little child, with his face pressed against the glass, called out to him again, “There’s a little friend outside.
Come and see.”

As soon as Wagner heard that there was a little friend outside, he refuted without hesitation, “Impossible, there can’t be any little friends here.”

As he spoke, he leaned over to take a look.

But when he saw it, he was stunned: “There really is a little friend!”

The little friend outside looked even smaller than them, and after seeing them, the little friend smiled at them and walked over in a crooked and twisted way.

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