Zhan Xi felt that this was a heaven-sent opportunity.
Although he had never done business before, with his brain, he could definitely make the bun shop prosper.

With great expectations for the bun shop, the father and son slept slowly together.

The next day.

When Zhan Xi woke up, he moved very lightly.
He did not wake up the sleeping child, but got up to work alone.

He was very familiar with how to make buns, but doing it alone would inevitably make him a little overwhelmed.

“If Ling Qi was here, that would be great.”

Zhan Xi thought of another person on the barren planet who could make buns.
“Ningning seems to prefer the buns he makes.”

Ling Qi had a face as dignified as a young master, but he knew many things.
He could make a variety of fancy desserts, even buns in cute shapes, and he could even sew and repair things.

The only thing was that his house was messy, and he never cleaned up.

Zhan Xi had gone to his place to tidy up many times.

The kitchen was filled with a lively atmosphere, and the shop opened at five o’clock.
The small shop that was still lit up from afar looked a bit attractive.

Zhan Xi had promoted it on the street for a few days and put up a sign in front of the shop, so many people knew that their shop was opening.

Gradually, there were diners coming to the door.

Zhan Xi busily packed the buns and handed them to the customers.
He only had three tables and chairs in his shop, but those who wanted to sit inside and eat could come in.

Buns, soy milk, rice porridge.

Zhan Xi only sold these for now.
He wanted to add more new items when the customer base was stable.

It was sold until after seven o’clock.
The little one in the room in the backyard woke up.
The little child also remembered that they were selling buns today, so after waking up and rubbing his eyes for a while, he put on his small slippers and ran to the front to find his father.

Zhan Xi felt quite comfortable selling for the first time.

“Dad!” When the little child in his cow pajamas saw his dad selling buns, he ran over with his chubby face and said, “I’ll help dad sell the buns!”

Zhan Xi didn’t discourage his enthusiasm.
He put two pots of buns on a shorter table and ordered, “Okay, you sell these.
When you finish selling, Dad will give you money.”

The little one shook his head and said seriously to his dad, “I don’t want money.”

Just as Zhan Xi was touched, he heard the little one continue, “Dad has no money, so I will earn money for dad to spend!”

A customer overheard the conversation between father and son.
After seeing the young child in cow pajamas and the busy father who had been working all morning, he swallowed the meat-filled bun in his mouth with difficulty and called out, “Give me two vegetarian buns.”

Meat buns weren’t good, but vegetarian buns couldn’t possibly be that bad.

When the little child heard that he wanted buns, he quickly handed him two and said, “2!”

The little one who could count brought the buns back and said “2” to the uncle.
The uncle who was eating buns thought he was cute and talked to him for a while.

The business on the first day was not bad.

But on the second and third days, Zhan Xi and the little child who got up early saw the increasingly bleak customer traffic and fell silent.

Zhan Xi couldn’t figure out why his bun shop had lost business so quickly.
Were his buns not big enough or cheap enough?

The little one looked at his small chopping board and the unsold buns, his eyes turning red.
“Dad, the buns aren’t selling again.”

Zhan Xi: “…”

Zhan Xi wanted to comfort him, but as soon as he squatted down, he saw that his own little one was crying even louder: “Ningning, Ningning will have to eat the buns again!”

The always filial little one had solemnly promised his father before selling the buns that he would eat all the buns that could not be sold.

As a result, their family’s buns were unsold every day.

The little child had already eaten buns for three days in a row.

Zhan Xi naturally didn’t want him to eat buns every meal, but the little child didn’t want to waste the buns that his father couldn’t sell, so between his father’s meal and the buns, he firmly chose the latter.

Due to too many buns, the little child couldn’t finish eating them, and he couldn’t go to the palace to beg for food with an empty stomach.

Zhan Xi wiped his precious child’s tears and vowed to him.
“Dad will start to reform immediately.
Don’t worry, this time, Dad’s buns will definitely sell!”

The bun shop was reformed for half a month.

At school, Wagner saw the curly-haired little child with a bulging school bag walking towards him.

Before he could even approach, Wagner had a look of defeat on his face: “Ningning, I really can’t eat anymore.”

The other kids in the Green Grass class also didn’t hug or get close to him like they used to.
The kids quickly put their textbooks up to cover their faces.

They couldn’t look Ningning in the eye, or else he would invite them to eat buns!

As Ninning’s desk mate, Wagner couldn’t avoid him like the other kids.

He looked at the bun box on the desk and decided to find someone to eat buns before Ningning spoke: “Ningning, Roy is behind us!”

Roy was also an overweight little child.
He was eight pounds overweight at the time.
If it weren’t for Ningning dragging the average down, Roy would have been the fattest child in the kindergarten.

In order to repay Ningning’s kindness for helping him not to be the kid with the most weight, Roy treated Ningning exceptionally well.

For the past two weeks, he had been gritting his teeth and eating buns with Ningning every day.
By now, he had lost all of his extra eight pounds of weight!

His father was amazed when he saw his weight drop and discussed with his wife about coming to see Ningning in the kindergarten.

His son said that it was eating Ningning’s buns that made him lose weight!

Roy and his wife had always had a problem with being overweight.
Their son inherited it from them and inevitably became overweight from a young age.
No matter how strictly they controlled his diet, his weight was still difficult to manage, unlike the other children.

Now the buns brought out by Ningning could even solve their son’s overweight problem.
If the two of them also ate this magical bun, would they also lose weight?

Just as the Roy’s parents were lost in their beautiful fantasy, their son, with teary eyes, looked at Ningning in front of him handing over the buns.


It’s really hard to repay kindness!

Ningning not only treated the children of the Green Grass class to buns every day, but also carried the box of buns to give to the teachers one by one.
Even Principal Hardy received them several times.

Principal Hardy only ate it once, and the other two times he delivered it to General Mans.

At that time, Mans was the one who brought the little child to him for admission.
Now the little child was indiscriminately targeting everyone in the kindergarten with his box of buns, so Mans should also take responsibility!

In the palace.

After receiving information about the spaceship captured by the Poison Spider, Ludwig came to the bun shop in the evening.

At the entrance of the bun shop, Zhan Xi provided a small table and chair for Ningning, and continued to sell pan-fried buns at the back, while the little cub sat under his watchful eye to do his homework.

As soon as he heard footsteps, the little child immediately dropped his pen and started selling buns: “Steamed buns available! Good buns–“

Before he could finish his call, the little child saw Ludwig walking towards him.

Ludwig lowered his gaze and looked at him.

The two of them looked at each other for a moment before the little child reflexively reached out his hand and said, “Uncle Lulu, hug!”

Ludwig listened to his little voice and lifted him up.

When he picked him up, Ludwig realized that in just a short period of time, the child had lost weight and become noticeably thinner.

Although the little child’s chubby cheeks still looked the same, the meat that used to be hidden under his clothes had fallen off.

He frowned slightly and asked, “Why did you lose weight? Didn’t you eat well?”

The little child said nothing and hung his head dejectedly.

He remembered that his aunt and Uncle Ludwig had said that his previous weight was cute.

Now that he had lost weight, he must not be cute anymore.

Thinking of this, the little child hugged Ludwig’s neck and felt too sad to say a word.

Ludwig saw this and became even more puzzled.


Did this little guy suffer with his father?


The author has something to say:

Ningning: Doesn’t want to sell buns anymore QAQ.

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