Twain was still standing at the door, and it was unclear whether he had noticed everything in the room just now since he didn’t step inside.

In the few seconds that he and Ludwig faced each other, several thoughts flashed through Ludwig’s mind.
His strongest, almost instinctual thought was to silence Twain.

The relationship between the Federation and the Empire was not close.
Initially, when the Federation was established, their intention was to unite and defend against external enemies, but as time passed, the Federation also established a complete government system.
Now, the Federation and Ludwig’s Empire are both independent entities.

Ludwig’s means of dealing with external problems had never been gentle, which was seen as cruel and cold-blooded without any human touch by anti-Empire forces.

“Uncle, shake me a bit!”

Ningning, who was held up, twisted in Ludwig’s arms.
He was a little tired from taking care of his father just now, so he felt he could reward himself with some playtime.

Ningning’s words broke the originally tense atmosphere.

Ludwig shook him while casually saying to Twain, “It seems that the doctor in our palace has good medical skills.
His consciousness has already been restored.
In order not to hurt the child, he forcibly suppressed his mental power.
No wonder Ningning always says he’s a good dad.”

With just a few words, Ludwig turned the process of controlling Zhan Xi’s mental power from frenzy to calm into something he achieved through his own struggles.

Ludwig didn’t know whether Twain believed this explanation or not, but at least his attitude on his face was one that seemed to believe.
“Well, he’s indeed a good father.”

The chubby child being held and played with couldn’t understand sentences that were too long or too profound.
He lowered his head and looked at his little feet in the air, giggling.

“Wagner, look at me!”

For the little chubby kid, playing by himself was not enough, he also wanted others to watch him.

When Wagner came over, the little chubby kid played even more happily.
A simple shake would make him laugh non-stop.
Even if at the end, he had a tired appearance.

“Uncle, Ningning is done playing.”

After having enough fun, Jian Ning returned to Ludwig’s arms.
He sat on his uncle’s arm with his two lotus-like arms around Ludwig’s neck.
Then he relaxed his little face and buried it on the other’s shoulder, as if he was going to rest.

Twain had originally planned to take his son back today, but now his eyes flickered and he asked Wagner in front of him, “Wagner, do you like it here?”

Wagner’s expression was somewhat hesitant, but in the end, he nodded.

After he nodded, Twain spoke, “Since you like it here, then go ask His Majesty Ludwig to allow you to stay a few more days.”

Wagner: “……”

Wagner was stunned.

He liked playing here with Ningning, but compared to that, he wanted to return to his father more.

Had his father, who always asked him to be independent and strong, really not wanted him?

Looking at his father’s expressionless face, Wagner was silent for a while and obediently replied, “Yes, father.”

After answering his father, Wagner looked at Ludwig.

Although he had been domineering in kindergarten, he was still courteous.
Especially during these days living in the palace, his etiquette was very qualified.

At this moment, he politely requested Ludwig to allow him to stay a few more days in the palace.

Jian Ning, who was leaning on Ludwig’s arms, was surprised and even opened his mouth slightly in confusion as he looked at Wagner.

“Wagner, do you really want to stay and play with me?”

“Yes,” Wagner answered, leaving Jian Ning even more confused.

He wanted to say to Wagner, ‘But you don’t look like you want to stay and play with me at all.’

He also wanted to say to Wagner, ‘You look like you’re about to cry.’

But he only said these words in his heart and didn’t speak them directly.
Wagner cared about his image most, so if he said that he looked like he was about to cry, he would definitely be very angry.

Twain left Wagner behind and said goodbye.

“Ludwig, I have some important matters to attend to.
I will trouble you with him.
I will pay for his expenses in the palace.
If he is too stubborn, please do not mind his identity and educate him like an ordinary child.”

Twain said, adding, “The above is what I said in the name of Twain.”

Not as a Marshal, but as Twain.
The Marshal represented the federal government, while Twain was just Wagner’s father.

Ludwig listened to his words but did not immediately respond.

It wasn’t until the soft and chubby little child in his arms came close, and the little child reminded him in a voice that only they could hear, “Uncle, Wagner’s dad is talking to you.”

Although he stopped using formula in the palace, milk was now being supplied again.
The little child, smelling of milk, came so close that Ludwig, who had always avoided milk products, suspected that the milk in the palace was fake.

He clearly couldn’t stand the smell of milk, and even Huo Lin inherited this from him and didn’t like the taste.

But neither he nor his son seemed to reject this milk-drinking little kid.
Instead, they both thought the milk smell all over the little child was quite pleasant.

“Do you want to play with Wagner?” Ludwig asked the little one in his arms.

The child being asked was stunned for a moment.
Then, he looked at Wagner and Wagner’s dad, and replied, “Yes.”

He thought that Wagner and his dad wanted to hear him say that.

Just then.

The child, who didn’t have any playmates of the same age, didn’t dislike Wagner.

As they were talking, Huo Lin came over.
After taking Zhan Xi back, Huo Lin had to go to school after dropping the other off.

“Father, has Uncle Zhan woken up?”


After Huo Lin finished talking with his father, he took the child from his father’s arms and said, “I’m done with class.
I can take care of Ningning for a while.”

The child in his arms was taken away, and Ludwig’s brow furrowed imperceptibly.

Ludwig and Twain didn’t stay in the hospital room for long.
The adults left, leaving only the children in the room.

Ningning hadn’t seen his brother for a long time and really wanted to see him now.
He pushed his chubby face forward, asking his brother to pinch him.

“Auntie said that it’s fun to pinch me!”

Ningning was most proud of his soft, chubby cheeks, and the pretty auntie said it was fun to pinch them!

Huo Lin pinched his little chubby face, thinking that his mother had started saying this to coax him into eating.
His mother wasn’t able to participate in raising small a baby before, so she now had a strong interest in raising Ningning.

The most direct way for his mother to express love was to feed, which seemed to be every mother’s nature.

As a mother, she always felt that her own child was not eating enough.
Now, this little child at their home was immersed in the brainwashing package sent by his mother, thinking that he was not fat at all.

When Huo Lin held him and bounced him up and down, he confirmed that he had gained at least three more pounds.

“Ningning, there will be a physical examination in kindergarten when school starts.
They will measure weight and height.”

Huo Lin couldn’t help reminding the child in his arms, “When they measure these things, the other children will gather around.”

The child in his arms had no sense of crisis at all.
He nodded his little head and said in a sweet voice, “Ningning is not afraid of the physical examination.”

He was a very healthy Ningning, even if he took the physical examination, he would not be laughed at.

Huo Lin didn’t say anything more after seeing this.

Meanwhile, outside.

Twain and Ludwig stood side by side, and their conversation had clearly lost its previous atmosphere.

Twain turned his head and looked at Ludwig, “I have already designated Wagner as my heir.
Ludwig, I think your previous will can be invalidated.”

Ludwig understood Twain’s meaning as soon as he spoke.

The Federation was not currently peaceful, and Twain’s problem with his mental power had long been a well-known secret in the Federation.

Twain held a high position, and when he died, there would naturally be people who coveted everything he left behind.

Wagner was too young to stay in the Federation, and Twain wanted Ludwig to take care of him.
In entrusting him, Twain was also hinting to Ludwig –

He discovered the little child who could soothe mental power in the ward.

But he would not reveal this secret, nor would he do anything predatory towards this little child.
He used this secret to exchange for Wagner’s safety.

In Ludwig’s golden eyes, his emotions were unclear.

After a long while, Ludwig finally responded, “I promise you, Wagner will always be safe on the soil of the Empire.”

“Thank you.”

For Twain, this result was already quite good.

He never expected to be able to “borrow” this child for his own treatment from Ludwig’s eyes from beginning to end.
The skill of this child was too eye-catching.
Judging from the care that Ludwig and his son had for the child, they would not take this risk.

Twain left that day.

And on the night he left, Zhan Xi also woke up.

After waking up, Zhan Xi looked at his child and his eyes turned red.
“Baby, let Daddy see you.”

Hearing his dad call him ‘baby’, Ningning pouted and tears dripped down.
Although Uncle Jean said that Dad would wake up, but seeing that Dad still had his eyes closed after a long time, Ningning was still scared.

Zhan Xi looked at his child crying, feeling heartbroken.

He took a tissue and wiped the child’s tears.
“Baby, are you scared? Daddy wants to wake up soon, but he just can’t open his eyes.”

When Zhan Xi was not awake, his consciousness was still there.

He knew that the child was next to him, and his child was still taking care of him.

Jian Ning nodded and finally dared to speak his mind after his father woke up.
“Daddy, Ningning is scared.”

He was afraid that Dad would not wake up.

He didn’t want to be a child without a father.

Zhan Xi listened to him and felt even more heartbroken.
He didn’t know how to vent his sour emotions, so in the end, he could only look at the little child, kiss him over and over again.

“Come on, let Daddy have a good look again.
Our Ningning is all skinny-“

When he said the last sentence, Zhan Xi also personally hugged the little child and prepared to bounce him before speaking.
But unexpectedly, as he was bouncing, Zhan Xi’s expression suddenly changed, and then there was a loud cracking sound next to the bed, which was heard by Huo Lin who was beside him.

He hesitated before asking, “Uncle Zhan, your hand…”

Zhan Xi: “…”

Zhan Xi forced a smile, put the child down, and hid his hand, which had been hurt again after the initial injury.
“It’s okay.
It looks like you’ve been taking good care of Ningning.”

Huo Lin was still sneakily looking at his hand.

He had heard the sound just now.
Was Uncle Zhan’s hand really okay?

Zhan Xi insisted that it was fine, and Huo Lin didn’t ask any more questions.

At that moment, Zhan Xi still didn’t know that his child had fallen off his horse in front of the emperor.
After putting the child aside, he chatted with Huo Lin for a while.

Ludwig and Ai Wei had gone out and had not come back to the hospital room yet.

After chatting for a while, Zhan Xi took out his star machine and sent a message to Zhan Rao on the barren planet: [Big Brother, wipe out all the members of the Poison Spider gang, leave none alive]

Huo Lin saw that he seemed busy, so he only told him that the child was going to school tomorrow: “Uncle Zhan, Ningning has delayed his enrollment for several days, but if we continue to delay it, it may not be good.”

“Then let him go to school.”

This matter of going to school was naturally treated as the most important thing by Zhan Xi, but he lowered his head to look at himself: “I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.”

“No problem, there is a video in the kindergarten, and I will send it to you later.”


When Zhan Xi woke up, Jian Ning naturally slept with his father at night.
He obediently slept beside his father, holding onto his father’s clothes tightly with his little hand.

Zhan Xi looked down at the clingy child and kissed his little face again, “It’s great to see you again.”

Father and son snuggled together, feeling warm and harmonious.

When Ludwig and Ai Wei came back, it was already late.
They didn’t disturb the father and son in the hospital room.
Ludwig had many doubts, but had to temporarily suppress them.

The next day, Jian Ning carried his schoolbag, tears streaming down his face, and said goodbye to his father, “Dad, can Ningning not go to school?”

Zhan Xi wiped his tears with a heartbroken look and answered him, “No, you can’t.”

Jian Ning: “…”

He sobbed.

In the end, Wagner dragged him by his schoolbag and pulled him out, “Let’s go, there’s nothing scary about going to school.”

Wagner didn’t have any aversion to going to school.
He dragged the curly-haired child and pulled him onto the car outside.

Just as Jian Ning left, Ludwig arrived in front of Zhan Xi.

He locked his golden eyes on Zhan Xi and spoke in an unusually calm tone, “About Ningning’s matter, I think we should talk about it.”

The adults began to talk, and the little ones went to the kindergarten to be tested for their height and weight.

Since other children were also being tested, Ningning did not have to be tested separately.
He followed behind the other children in line and listened to the teacher talking during the test.

This teacher was quite strict, and he was shouting in a low voice: “We are the Imperial Military Kindergarten, and all the best children come here.”

“Although you are young, since you are here, you must be a child who is strict with yourself.”

“Here, at the very least, you cannot be overweight.”

Being overweight or too thin was also very harmful to the health of children, and their kindergarten attached great importance to their health.

Jian Ning, who was lining up, listened to the teacher’s words and nodded in agreement.

The children in front of him were taking the test one by one.
Occasionally, a child who was a few pounds overweight was picked out, and Jian Ning hd to frown and look at the other person.


Another child who was not self-disciplined!

After testing for a while, it was finally Jian Ning’s turn.
He sat confidently on the scale and waited for the results.

One second, two seconds, and by the third second, he hadn’t held on.

Jian Ning heard a bang under his butt, like a broken sound.

The teacher in charge of the test: “???”

The teacher’s face was stunned, and he quickly picked up the child on the scale: “Why are you so overweight?!”

The scale used for measuring the children’ weight was not an ordinary one, but a scale that could measure other detailed data indicators in addition to height and weight.

The price of this scale was very high, but the downside was that it was relatively fragile, and if it exceeded ten pounds above the specified range, it would break with a bang.

The teacher looked at the child in his hand in shock: “You’re built is still so solid!”

Although this child did not look overweight on the outside, when picked up, it was really heavy!

Ningning, who was being called fat, looked up with his pretty little face and explained to the teacher seriously: “Ningning is not fat, Ningning is just soft and doughy.”

Teacher: “…”

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