Ludwig could see it, and Marshal Twain naturally could see it, too.

He turned his head and glanced at Ludwig.
“Are all the children in your empire this fragile? They shed tears from just a bump.”

Ludwig’s golden eyes remained emotionless as he simply stated the facts, “Even if they are such fragile children, your Wagner would still lose to him.”

Twain chuckled lightly.
“Is that so? Your Majesty is quite confident.”

The fight between the two children on the stage was not over yet.
Ningning, who had been hit on the forehead, clenched his fists and attacked Wagner with all his might.

He used both hands and feet to fight and even bit directly when it was crucial!

Wagner had never seen such an unscrupulous child in a fight.
He used one hand to hold the soft white cheek of the child and used all his strength to push the seemingly harmless face back.

He had no choice but to push him away.

This child wouldn’t let go if he didn’t!

“You can’t compare yourself to me like this!” Wagner scolded the child, who didn’t have any sportsmanship.
“You’re only using sneaky tricks!”

Jian Ning couldn’t understand what sneaky tricks meant.
Tears welled up in his eyes, and he hugged Wagner’s chubby arm while vigorously kicking his chubby legs like a lotus stem.

Wagner scolded him angrily for a long time.
After the scolding, Jian Ning still couldn’t hold back his tears and said in a childish voice, “Ningning doesn’t understand.”

The words Wagner used to scold him were idioms, but Ningning was still learning how to write Chinese characters and had no knowledge of idioms.
After being scolded for so long, this little milk baby was still choking on his tears and saying he didn’t understand.

Wagner was both physically and mentally hurt and almost cried on the spot.

Ningning held onto the other and kicked his legs hard.
Tears welled up in his eyes as he noticed Wagner’s moment of carelessness.
Ningning climbed up and pushed the person down the platform fiercely.

The mat was laid under the platform, and it was very thick.

Wagner was unprepared and was finally pushed down.

The children under the platform who were chanting slogans saw this scene, and all applauded and cheered, “Ningning won!”

This group of children who had been chanting slogans outside the ring were the biggest highlight of the competition.

The teachers watching the competition couldn’t help but ask each other, “Did Lily rehearse this in advance?”

These little children, regardless of their size or age, looked up with chubby faces and shouted patriotic slogans with loud, childish voices, which was really cute.

If it were a larger child or an adult shouting these slogans recklessly, it might be a bit embarrassing.

But when these chubby little children shouted together, it’s a different situation.

If Lily hadn’t stopped them, these excited little carrot heads would have rushed to the bottom of the platform to cheer Ningning on up close.


Ningning, who won the fight on the platform, was so exhausted that he had no strength left.

He sat on the ground with a thud and looked up.

The children below were anxious.
“Teacher Lily, why doesn’t Ningning look at me? I want to give him flowers!”

“I want to give Ningning candy!”

“I want to hug Ningning.
He was amazing just now!”

The children wanted to celebrate with Ningning, but Ningning sitting on the platform just wouldn’t look at them.

After sitting on the platform for a while, Jian Ning turned towards his brother and opened his arms to ask for a hug.

Huo Lin saw this and immediately wanted to get up.
But there was someone who got up earlier than him.

It was his father.

His father walked with Marshal Twain, and according to etiquette, Huo Lin could not walk in front of them.

The two adults also headed towards the platform.

They had both been fighting on the battlefield for many years, and there was a lingering smell of blood on their bodies.

Marshal Twain walked up to the platform and looked down at Wagner, who had fallen on the mat, with no tenderness in his handsome brows and eyes.
“Wagner, get up.”

When Wagner fell just now, he accidentally twisted his arm.
He didn’t make a sound and slowly stood up under his father’s gaze.

Twain not only asked him to stand up but also to get back on the platform.

While Marshal Twain and his son were still talking, a shadow fell in front of the chubby child sitting on the ground.

Ludwig looked down at the red-eyed little chubby child.
If he hadn’t witnessed the whole process just now and saw the look of the little one on the ground, he would have thought it was he who had lost.

Jian Ning originally wanted her brother to hug him, but Ludwig came to him first.

The chubby child who didn’t want to walk grabbed Ludwig’s pants with his little fat hands and said, “Uncle Lulu, hug me!”

Ludwig listened to the child’s request for a hug and was surprised.

“Don’t you always think I’m scary?”

Ludwig bent down and asked him softly as he lifted the little one up.

Jian Ning sniffed and honestly replied, “You’re very fierce.”

Ludwig raised an eyebrow and said, “If I’m so fierce, why do you still want me to hold you?”

Jian Ning remained silent, with his head down and fiddling with the metal buttons on Ludwig’s clothes.

Uncle Lulu was very fierce, and Uncle Mans was also very fierce.

Uncle Mans picked him up to play in the morning, and he wanted Uncle Lulu to pick him up too.

Seeing that Uncle Lulu was about to ask him something and not knowing how to answer, Ningning simply pasted his chubby little face onto Ludwig’s chest.

Sticking his chubby little face into others was a skill Jian Ning learned on the barren planet.
Sometimes when he made his father or other uncles angry, he would paste his chubby face onto them, rub it a bit, and then they would no longer be angry.

Ludwig, with Ningning’s chubby face on him, had never felt something so soft before.
When he used to carry his son, there were times when he wanted to be affectionate with him when no one was around, but his son was only a few months old at the time and would either slap him or kick him in the face when he got too close.

In short, Ludwig had never been close to a young child like this before.

“Uncle Lulu, don’t be fierce in the future.”

After rubbing his face on Ludwig, Jian Ning took the opportunity to make a request.

He thought that after “coaxing” Uncle Lulu, he could shift his attention to Marshal Twain.

Marshal Twain’s tone of letting his son stand up sounded like he was giving orders.

Ludwig was tall, and with Jian Ning sitting in his arms, he could clearly see Wagner down below.

He frowned and looked unhappy.

Ludwig thought he didn’t want to see Wagner, given how aggressively the two children were just fighting.
But as it turned out, the little child in his arms didn’t dislike Wagner.
He had noticed Wagner’s injury.

“Uncle, is he Wagner’s dad?”

Jian Ning pointed his chubby little finger at Marshal Twain, who heard his voice and turned to look at him.

Jian Ning met Marshal Twain’s gaze without any fear.

The scary Uncle Lulu was holding him.
Besides, Jian Ning didn’t feel scared even if Uncle Mans was standing in front of him right now.

“Hello, I’m Ningning.”

Before talking to a stranger, you should greet them first.
Following his father’s teachings, Ningning politely greeted Marshal Twain.

After the greeting, he asked the same question he had just asked: “Are you Wagner’s dad?”

Marshal Twain replied with a “Hmm,” claiming his identity: “I am his father.”

Jian Ning confirmed the other person’s identity, and his eyebrows furrowed even tighter.
His little voice was mixed with strong emotions: “You’re his dad, so why don’t you hold him?”

Although Jian Ning didn’t like Wagner, he still spoke up for him: “His arm hurts.
You’re his dad.
You should hold him and comfort him at times like this.”

Marshal Twain, who was being taught a lesson, remained silent.

Wagner, who had just painfully climbed onto the ring, was also silent.

Father and son both fell silent.

Jian Ning leaned against Ludwig’s arms and continued to explain to Marshal Twain how to comfort his child.
In his view, being a father meant loving one’s children more!

Jian Ning seemed to be educating Marshal Twain, but as he kept talking, Ludwig gradually noticed something unusual.

This brat was teaching two fathers at the same time.

Huo Lin, who was standing behind Ludwig, had already heard the child teaching his father.
He didn’t say anything or remind his father.

After a while.

Jian Ning, who had finished speaking, took a long breath, as if tired and unable to speak.
His little head leaned back and rested on Ludwig’s neck.

Meanwhile, a few steps away, Wagner was picked up by his father, who had walked two steps closer.

Wagner’s small face was a bit stunned by his father’s action of picking him up.
After the astonishment passed, he felt a bit confused and panicked.

“Dad, I’m sorry, I lost the fight.”

Wagner didn’t know what to say to his father, so he chose to apologize.

Jian Ning, who had heard the words with his upright little ears, looked at Wagner and asked, “Did your dad ask you to fight?”

“Of course not.”

“Then why are you apologizing to your dad?”

Jian Ning thought of his own father, Zhan Xi, and once again brought up the topic of being a good father to Marshal Twain: “My dad said that a good kid shouldn’t fight recklessly.
Wagner, your dad should learn from my dad.”

Wagner pursed his lips and wanted to say something, but he swallowed it back down.

After the fighting tournament was over, it was already noon.

Jian Ning sat in Ludwig’s arms, and soon his stomach started growling, despite his small show of strength.

Ningning was hungry.

The little child, who got hungry on schedule, reached out to touch his belly.

Ludwig put him down and whispered, “Go say goodbye to your little friends.
We’re going back to have lunch.”


Ningning, who was very enthusiastic about eating, heard this and hurried down.

His little friends, who had been waiting for him for a while, surrounded him as soon as he arrived.

“Ningning! Let me hold you!”

“I want to hold him too!”

“No one is allowed to grab him from me.
I want to hold Ningning!”

Ningning, who wanted to just say goodbye and leave, was then hugged by one child after another.

He was confused by all the hugging.

The little friends who hugged him were satisfied.
“The Emperor held Ningning, and I held Ningning.
So, rounding it off, the Emperor held me!”

A group of patriotic children admired the Emperor very much.

Finally, after all the hugging, Jian Ning stood in a daze, the hair on his head was messed up from all the rubbing.
At first glance, it looked like he had just woken up and crawled out of bed.

Principal Hardy also walked over.
He asked Teacher Lily to take the other children to have lunch, while he stood in front of the messy little baby and handed him an envelope.

“This is for you, an enrolment application.
Have your parents fill it out, and after I review it, I will approve your application.”

“Then you can come to school.”

The Principal was indeed surprised by this little chubby kid’s behAi Weior.
He thought maybe he shouldn’t judge a child by their appearance.

Jian Ning reached out with his dirty little hands from the fight earlier and took the snow-white envelope.

Hardy patted his shoulder and said, “Go and eat.”

He didn’t let Teacher Lily take the child to the cafeteria.
He was close to His Majesty the Emperor just now and could see the interaction between the Emperor and the child.

With the Empire’s prince and the Emperor’s favor, the future of this little child did not require him to worry.

Under the gaze of Principal Hardy, Jian Ning turned around and ran back.

He handed the envelope to Huo Lin and said, “Brother, look!”

“It’s from Principal Hardy.”

Huo Lin took the envelope and wiped the other’s face.
“I’ll help you put it away.”

Several people had lunch together, and Wagner and Ningning couldn’t avoid interacting.

Under the eyes of the adults, the two children managed to maintain a bit of harmony at first, but after just a few words, they started quarrelling again.

The adults did not intervene in the quarrel between the two children.

In the afternoon, Huo Lin did not continue to take Jian Ning to kindergarten.
He sent the child there in the morning to secure a spot.
Now that the spot was secured, he was going to take the child home to fill out the enrolment application.

On the way back, Marshal Twain suddenly made a request.
“I see that Wagner and Ningning get along well.
Your Majesty, can you allow Wagner to stay in your palace for two days?”

Ningning, who was “getting along well” with Wagner, looked at Marshal Twain in confusion.
The latter was very frank and did not feel guilty about lying at all.

Twain’s request was not a big deal, and Ludwig did not refuse it.

He ordered Huo Lin, “Caesar, bring Wagner back too.”

Wagner, who did not want to go to the palace, had an unhappy expression on his face.
But in the end, he did not go against his father’s words.

When they went out in the morning, there were two children, but now they returned with three.

Andrei looked at the three children, and his smile did not change.
After confirming Wagner’s identity, he gave him a welcoming hug.

Wagner was not used to being close to people, and when Andrei hugged him, his small face looked uncomfortable.

Ningning, who was used to being hugged, refused to walk.
After being carried back to the palace by Huo Lin, he clung to the Queen’s legs.

“Auntie, hug Ningning!”

Ai Wei looked at the child below, and was stunned: “Ningning, what’s wrong with you?”

Ai Wei held the child while looking at her son in confusion.

When they left in the morning, Ningning was still a clean child.
But in just a morning, his hair became messy, and his face and clothes looked dirty.

Huo Lin looked at the child in his mother’s arms and suddenly understood what he was thinking.

Sure enough, in no time, the child started talking to his aunt.

He said that he had fought with someone in the morning and it hurt so much, but he didn’t cry, and finally he won.

While telling the story, he pointed at Wagner as the one he fought with.

Ai Wei: “……”

Ai Wei looked at the dark-faced Wagner and then at the child in her arms, feeling both amused and exasperated.

“Xiao Lin, I’ll take Ningning and Wagner to take a bath first and then come back.
Please wait for me for a while.” Ai Wei took both children and led them to take a bath.

Huo Lin was afraid that she couldn’t handle it alone, so he followed them.

As Wagner sat naked in the bathtub, watching the curly-haired child play like a duck in the water, Marshal Twain, who was alone in the hotel room in the distance, pressed his forehead with a pale face.

He relaxed for a while before easing the pain caused by his mental power.

The room was quiet.

Twain thought of his own Wagner, and when he thought of Wagner, he couldn’t help but think of the curly-haired child he had just seen.

For the first time in his life, he was taught how to coax a child by a little child.

Thinking of the child’s serious look, Twain closed his eyes, but unfortunately –

He had no time.

He had no time to learn the child-raising guide taught by the little child.


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