Chapter 23.1

10-12 minutes

The contact between Huo Lin and Mans was neither too much nor too little.
In any case, he knew well that Mans was not someone who loved to help others.

“Thank you,” Huo Lin said softly to Mans.
Even though Mans was probably called here by his mother, he still needed to express his gratitude.

Mans glanced at him but didn’t say much.

Hardy had agreed to Mans’ proposal, but the more he looked at the chubby little boy, the more he felt like the other was going to get beaten up in the ring.
He regretted agreeing too quickly, but the fact was set and could not be changed.

“The competition is in the afternoon.
Since you are so eager to come here to study, why don’t you experience what it’s like here before the competition starts?”

As he spoke, Hardy turned around and took out a few books and a stationery box from the cabinet.
He didn’t hand them directly to the little child who was being held by Mans, but instead handed them to Huo Lin: “Give them to him when Mans puts him down.”

He finished speaking and began to see them off.

“I have other things to do, so please don’t disturb me here.
Your Highness, I won’t send you off.”

If it were outside of school, Hardy would be much more respectful to the little prince, but inside the school, the Emperor had personally said that the teachers were the highest authority.
Royal children should not have any privileges in school, and the little prince had not been treated differently because of his status since he started attending here.

With his eyelids drooping, Hardy sat back in his chair.

Mans saw this and no longer disturbed him.
Although they were old acquaintances, they didn’t have much to talk about.

They left the office.

Huo Lin finally spoke to Mans, “Mans, you can put Ningning down now.
Holding him like that might make him uncomfortable.”

Mans cast his gaze downwards at the little one, swinging his legs in mid-air, not feeling like the other party was uncomfortable at all.
He actually thought that the child was treating this action as a game.

He let go and put the chubby little kid on the ground.

As expected, the little kid who had just been put down hugged his leg and looked up with a chubby face, politely requesting in a childish voice, “Can you carry me again?”

Huo Lin: “……”

Huo Lin pinched the clothing on the back of the child’s neck, not allowing him to hug Mans again.

“Ningning, let’s go.
I’ll take you to class.”

As he spoke, Huo Lin also bid farewell to Mans.
“Mans, we’re leaving now.
See you later.”

Ningning, who failed to hug Mans’ big leg, was led away by his older brother.
He kept turning his head back to look at Mans and said, “Brother, Ningning still wants to play.”

Huo Lin could also lift the chubby little kid, but his strength was weaker than Mans’.

Seeing that the child wanted to play so much, he thought for a few seconds and came up with an idea, “After we return home later today, you can ask my father to lift you up.
He’s very tall and strong.”

The imperial emperor was never a mere figurehead.
During times of war, His Majesty the Emperor led the army to fight against foreign enemies.
Almost every generation of emperors had been baptized in the flames of war to become increasingly powerful.

“Uncle Lu Lu is bad.
He scared Ningning.”

“Mans is not bad? He just said you’re not growing.”

Although Huo Lin didn’t like his own father very much, he still chose to favor him when he saw that his father was about to be surpassed by Mans.

The chubby little kid listened to his brother’s words and fell into deep thought.

After thinking for a while, the chubby little kid still felt that Uncle Lu Lu was the worst.
However, if Uncle Lu Lu was willing to lift him up and swing him, he could forgive him for scaring him.

The two big and a small figures held hands and walked to the entrance of a classroom.

At the classroom entrance.

Jian Ning said seriously: “Brother, let’s go find Uncle Lulu!”

Huo Lin: “……”

Huo Lin’s eyelids twitched, and he replied without hesitation: “No.
Ningning, don’t look for excuses to skip class.
You should go in and attend class now.”

Ningning was no longer just over one-year-old now; he could understand what was being said.

Just now in Principal Hardy’s office, the principal spoke clearly and even brought out books and stationery.

Ningning looked at the books and stationery in his brother’s hands but did not want to take them or go to class.
He grabbed his brother’s sleeve and looked at him with his eyes: “Ningning wants to go home.”

“Ningning, we have already talked about the issue of going to school.”

His brother’s attitude towards sending him to school was too firm, making Ningning realize that struggling was useless, so he finally chose to give in.
He hugged the books and stationery tightly, with a face that looked like he was going to bravely face this trial.

“Hello, I’m Ningning!”

Ningning, who walked in with his belongings under the watchful gaze of his brother, boldly shouted outside the door: “I’m here for class!”

Huo Lin picked a kindergarten class for Jian Ning, and the children in the class were younger, so there should be less friction when getting along.

The teacher in the small class was a young female teacher with a high ponytail.
She was recruited here immediately after graduation.

Compared to the stern-looking Principal Hardy, Teacher Lily looked much more approachable, with a bright and sunny smile that was very popular with the children.

“Hello, I’m Lily.”

Teacher Lily had a good impression of the little child in front of her who looked soft and fluffy.
She bent down, asked the little child a few questions, and then led the child to an empty table and chair to sit on.

“Children, we have a new classmate now.
How should we welcome him?” asked Teacher Lily.

At the reminder of Teacher Lily and the lead of the class monitor clapping, the other children started clapping one by one.

Huo Lin moved to the window and looked inside.

He saw the little child sitting straight on his seat, looking very nervous, but the nervousness didn’t last long.
It dissipated slowly amid the applause and welcome from the other children.

Huo Lin not only watched it himself but also recorded a video and sent it to Zhan Xi.

Zhan Xi quickly called.
In order not to affect the children in the classroom, Huo Lin used his star machine and found a quiet place to answer the call.

After he left, the little child sitting in the classroom also said his first words to the child next to him.

“Little friend, you are so cute.”

“Thank you, you are also…
very fair-skinned!” replied the child next to him.

The children started to compliment each other, and Ningning, who could already praise others even if he couldn’t speak very well, completely surpassed his classmates in complimenting.
He didn’t actively approach other children to talk, but waited for them to come to him before he would chat with them.

Time passed little by little.

The class selected by Huo Lin seemed to be very suitable for the little child who was entering kindergarten for the first time.
The curriculum taught in this class had already been learned by the little child.
There were many activities in kindergarten.

After a lesson in Imperial Language class, it was time for the combat class.

“Hey, Ningning, this class is all about martial arts.
Let me take you to get your gear!” The enthusiastic new classmate grabbed him and started running towards the direction of the teacher.

Jian Ning, who had never taken martial arts before, recognized the equipment.
He happily touched the protective gear and said in a loud, childish voice, “My brother has this!”

“Wow, you have a brother? How old is he?”

“Is your brother also in school?”

The children’s energy was high, and they hadn’t seen the little prince who had just sent Ningning at the classroom door, so they were all asking questions at once.

This was the first time Jian Ning had seen so many children and the first time he had been surrounded by them.

He shook his head, feeling dizzy from the noise.

Dazed by the noise, Jian Ning only answered a few questions: “My brother is in school.
He’s studying over there!”

Jian Ning’s chubby fingers pointed in the direction of the Imperial Military School.
When he pointed, the children’s eyes looked at him differently.

“Your brother is so cool!”

“Hey? Ningning’s brother is in the same school as the little tyrant! Will he be bullied by the little tyrant?”

“I don’t know! The little tyrant is so scary.
Ningning’s brother is in danger!”

“I think Wagner is even scarier! He always bullies us!”

“Yeah, Wagner is so bad!”

The children’s conversation jumped quickly, and Jian Ning hadn’t even understood who the little tyrant was when he heard them all talking bad about Wagner.

His head was full of question marks, and his chubby face was also puzzled.

“Who is Wagner?”

“It’s a kid from the Federation, and he has a bad temper!” When Jing Ning asked, the kids who were gossiping about Wagner immediately explained.

“He always fights with our kids, and he even said that the kids in our empire are all weak and can’t compare to the kids in the Federation!”

With the explanation from the kids, Jing Ning understood who Wagner was.

He frowned and said, “We’re not weak! The kids in our empire are the best!”

Although Jing Ning was from a humble background, he had a patriotic heart.
His love for the empire was not because of any heavy historical factors, but because in his mind, his brother was the little prince of the empire, and loving the country was the same as loving his brother!

After Jing Ning’s patriotic declaration, the kids immediately shouted along.

“The empire is the best! The empire is the best!”

In the end, their “best” shouts attracted the attention of a group of people nearby.

There were other people and teachers in the place where they were having their activity class.
These people looked at the group of little kids shouting love slogans with a smile in their eyes.

Although Ludwig had a tyrannical style, it was undeniable that it was because of his existence that the people could live a safe and peaceful life in the empire.

As imperial citizens, patriotism was ingrained in everyone’s bones.

The shouting of the little kids finally came to an end with the arrival of a little yellow-haired brat.

To be precise, it was not a little yellow-haired brat, but a little brat with golden hair.
This little brat was more than a head taller than Jing Ning.

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