Huo Lin was very dissatisfied with this.
One student was still a student! If the qualifications for admission to the kindergarten attached to the Imperial Academy were not so harsh, he would not have made such a proposal.

Because of the school’s affairs, the moody little prince packed his bags and directly took a spacecraft out to relax.
He planned to visit his mother on the Original Stone Star after seeing Ningning.

Perhaps because of Ningning’s presence in his life over the past two years, he no longer kept things to himself when he’s unhappy.
Whenever he’s upset after listening to Ningning’s words, he would go to see his mother.

Especially when his father was scolding him, he never failed to tattle on his mother.

After tattling on his mother, the little prince walked out, looking as cold and cruel as ever, gaining more and more resemblance to the emperor.

He opened his bulging backpack.

Huo Lin searched inside for a while and found that everything inside was meant for Ningning.
He had filled it up so much that he seemed to have forgotten to pack ointment for himself.

“Forget it.”

Huo Lin closed the backpack and decided to take a break, waiting until his ankle felt better before going to find Ningning.

The abandoned military base looked shabby, but there was a small row of flowers planted in a patch of soil behind it.
These flowers had small petals and were colorful and beautiful.

Huo Lin only took a quick glance and knew that they were planted by Ningning.

In recent years, Ningning had taken up the hobby of either planting vegetables or flowers.
He had a natural love for gardening but was only moderately interested in the imperial children’s fascination with mechas.


Time passed little by little.

On the spaceship, which was about to reach its destination, Jian Ning sat in his own seat with a frown on his face, saying, “Daddy, I want formula milk!”

Zhan Xi comforted him while flying the spaceship, “Baby, we need to learn to drink normal milk now.”

According to the parenting book that Zhan Xi had read, formula milk losed its nutritional value after three years of age.
However, his child was already over three years old but still drank two bottles of formula milk every day.

Zhan Xi was struggling to wean him of formula milk.

Seeing that his father refused to make a formula for him, Jian Ning threw his writing notebook aside in anger and didn’t want to do his homework anymore.

The spaceship accelerated all the way to its destination.

Once they arrived at their destination, the little child who was throwing a tantrum just moments ago opened his arms and asked to be hugged again.

Zhan Xi held him and asked, “Did you lose your homework book?”

Jian Ning replied with a frown, “No, I didn’t.”

Zhan Xi then picked him up and held him close.
Although the kid had grown taller in the past two years, he was still small compared to his dad.

“Daddy,” the now calm Jian Ning hugged his dad’s neck and rubbed against him, “I don’t want to go to school!”

Jian Ning found it comfortable not having to attend school on the barren planet.

He had seen videos of schools before and knew they had gates where many kids were kept inside, with teachers and exams.

Jian Ning was already struggling with his homework, which was being supervised solely by his father.
If there were more teachers, he would definitely fail.

Zhan Xi knew exactly what his son was thinking and said firmly, “It’s impossible.
You have to go to school.”

He had spent almost half a year saving up money to get a household registration for his son from the black market, and the registration process was almost complete.
If his son refused to attend school, it would be a waste of all his efforts.

Jian Ning knew he couldn’t argue with his father, so he drooped his head and muttered, “Okay.”

Soon, they arrived at the collection point.
When Jian Ning saw the little prince sitting on the ground, he froze for a moment before asking his dad to put him down.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, Jian Ning ran forward and shouted, “Brother!!!”

It turned out that his brother was not ignoring him, but had come to find him!

Jian Ning’s loud voice woke up Huo Lin, who was dozing off.
Huo Lin looked up and saw the chubby little Jian Ning running towards him.
His eyelids twitched.

The next second.

He was knocked over by Jian Ning.

Zhan Xi not too far away: “…”

The corners of his mouth twitched as he walked over, lifted the fallen chubby kid and, upon doing so, saw the little prince’s feet underneath.
“Sprained?” he asked.

Zhan Xi asked as he squatted down and took off Huo Lin’s shoe.

Huo Lin’s little face looked a bit embarrassed.
“Uncle Zhan Xi, I’m fine.
I’ll just sit for a while.”

Zhan Xi ignored him and continued to examine his foot.
“It’s not serious, but you’ll have to limp for a couple of days.
Why didn’t you bring your guards?”

“I didn’t bring them.”

Huo Lin was always self-reliant, and being held by someone made him feel uncomfortable all over.

Fortunately, Zhan Xi carried medicine with him, and after applying it to his sprained foot, the pain immediately eased a lot.

After applying the medicine, the two of them realized that there was a little child who had been silent the whole time, behaving a bit abnormally.
They both turned their heads and saw the teary-eyed little baby.

Jian Ning’s gaze was still fixed on his brother’s bruised foot, and he looked at the bruise with a heartache as he sniffled, “Brother, it hurts.”

“Brother is not in pain.” Huo Lin insisted, “I can still walk a few steps for you.”

He was about to stand up as he spoke, but Zhan Xi didn’t let him be tough.
“Okay, don’t move around these two days.
You haven’t said yet.
What did you come out for this time?”

Huo Lin’s face was tense, and he didn’t say a word.

Zhan Xi understood instantly when he saw this: “Oh, running away from home, huh?”

He was indeed a little prince who had run away from home, but he remained stubborn: “I’m going to see my mother and check on Ningning while I’m at it.”

Zhan Xi looked at his foot and thought for a moment: “Alright, since I have nothing to do now, I’ll take you there.
Once you’ve seen your mother, you’ll go home obediently.”

The little prince’s runaway made the emperor uneasy.
Although he was not one to meddle, this little prince was, after all, Ningning’s older brother, and it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t do anything.

After Zhan Xi made his decision, he looked down at the two children and asked, “Ningning, can you walk by yourself if Daddy holds your brother?”


Jian Ning nodded earnestly in response.

Zhan Xi took both children onto the spaceship and began setting the course.
It didn’t take him long to send the two children to the Original Stone Star.

After they arrived, Huo Lin’s car was inside and he took Jian Ning to see his mother, while Zhan Xi didn’t follow.

Zhan Xi, who had nothing else to do for the time being, planned to take a walk near the Original Stone Star.


As soon as he went out, he ran into an army with a menacing momentum, which was sent by the emperor to retrieve the little prince.

Zhan Xi looked at this scene and felt that the emperor’s way of taking care of his child was indeed rough.

With this kind of style, it’s no wonder that there’s family conflict.


Huo Lin, who still didn’t know what was happening outside, had arrived at the coffin with Jian Ning.

The phoenix feather stone inside the coffin had not been moved yet.
Huo Lin turned his head to look at Jian Ning’s face, wanting to say something, but swallowed it back down.

Over the past two years, he had researched a lot of information, and in the information he found, the phoenix feather stone seemed to be a relic passed down for thousands of years in a certain royal family.

Such things could only be used by the direct bloodline of the royal family.
Jian Ning was the offspring of Zhan Xi, and could not possibly be a royal offspring.

He regained his composure and felt that the information he found might be inaccurate.

Jian Ning hadn’t been here for a long time.
As soon as he arrived, he climbed into the coffin and said, “Brother, wake up Auntie!”

Huo Lin: “…”

How many times had he said it?

His mother couldn’t wake up.

Jian Ning climbed in and touched the hand of the pretty aunt, asking her to wake up.

Huo Lin didn’t have time to talk to him and received a call from his father: “Caesar, your nonsense needs to stop.”

“The First Legion is waiting for you outside of the Original Stone Star.”

“I’m not going back.”

Perhaps sitting next to his mother, the little prince was very confident: “It doesn’t matter, you can let them come and catch me.”

The atmosphere between father and son became tense again.

Meanwhile, Jian Ning saw the aunt’s finger moved and was pleasantly surprised.
He happily leaned his forehead against the aunt’s forehead to sense her mental power.

With this perception, his eyes widened in amazement.

Auntie had so much mental power!

Jian Ning was just about to turn around and tell her brother excitedly when she saw Auntie, who he had just stuck his forehead to, also tremble slightly.
Immediately, a pair of beautiful emerald-like eyes reflected in Jian Ning’s eyes.


Jian Ning sat dumbfounded on the stone and then said dazedly, “Auntie is so beautiful.”

This straightforward compliment brought a smile to the face of the just awakened queen.

After Jian Ning finished praising Auntie, he couldn’t wait to call his brother.

But his brother was still holding his phone, arguing with the person on the other end of the phone with a sullen face.

As she watched the little prince outside get so angry that his voice raised, the queen inside the coffin also put away her smile and frowned slightly.

She propped herself up against the inside wall of the coffin and sat up.

Jian Ning also very attentively extended her chubby little hand to support the beautiful Auntie and complained to her, “Auntie, brother is being scolded!”


The author has something to say:

Ningning: Don’t scold my brother!

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