Chapter 14


Huo Lin’s posture of holding the baby was very skilled.
He had held Ningning countless times in the virtual world and even knew how the other liked to be held.

Unlike the virtual world, the baby he was holding now was a real, soft and squishy little baby.


Huo Lin called again.
After calling, he looked up and asked Mans, who had given him the baby, “Mans, why can’t I wake him up?”

“I brought him here so the doctors here could take a look.”

While Mans was speaking, his gaze fell on the anxious face of the little prince in front of him, as well as the posture of the other holding the baby, looking somewhat thoughtful.

It seemed that the rumors about the little prince hating socializing were not true.

Huo Lin held the baby steady and turned his head to order someone to call the doctor.

Just as he was about to call for the doctor,

Zhan Xi looked at his baby being passed around and held by this unlikable little prince, and the anger in his eyes almost solidified.

“What’s your relationship with my baby?”

Zhan Xi did not ignore the “Ningning” that the other blurted out when he saw the baby.
Obviously, this little prince knew his baby.

Huo Lin looked up and looked at Zhan Xi who’s expression had already turned ugly.

This person was a star thief.

He looked down at Ningning’s little face and then at Zhan Xi’s handsome face.
After a long time, he firmly said, “Ningning is not your baby.
You abducted Ningning.”

Huo Lin carefully examined it and found that Ningning didn’t look much like this star thief!

Seeing that he was about to lose his baby, Zhan Xi also became anxious.
“He’s my baby.
There’s a small flower birthmark behind his butt.
He loves to drink milk the most and has to drink it five times a day.
He only likes to eat sweet food as a supplementary food and hates carrots, but he doesn’t hate carrot juice noodles.”

“His personality is very obedient, but a bit clingy.
During the day when I’m working, he plays with his learning machine by himself.
At night, he waits for me to sleep with him.
If he can’t see me at night, he cries all night long.”

“He got sick and couldn’t wake up.
I brought him out to get him treated.”

As Zhan Xi spoke, Huo Lin’s heart began to panic a bit at a time.

He didn’t want to accept the fact that these people were Ningning’s relatives.

Not because they were Star Thieves, but because of another cruel reason.

When the Star Thieves fought with the guards just now, he held the military knife that his father had given him and fought from beginning to end! Several of the Star Thieves had cuts that he had made.

Including the chin of the man in front of him, which he had scratched.

The usually calm little prince had never faced a situation like this before and had no experience in dealing with it.

Just as he stood frozen, not knowing what to do next, Mans finally spoke in a calm voice: “Your Star Thief group is notorious for being cunning, so I can choose not to believe what you say.”

“Take them all away.”

Mans collected the people directly.
He glanced at the number of Star Thieves present and knew that the number was not right, and that a few people were missing.

The face he wanted to see was not among the captured Star Thieves.

Zhan Xi tried to resist again with his only movable arm, but as expected, his resistance was suppressed again.

“A doctor can ’t cure Ningning’s illness, but I know how to cure him!”

Zhan Xi knew he couldn’t stay, so he decided to offer a way to treat his family’s Ningning.
Although he didn’t like this little prince, he could see that he seemed to care about Ningning.

But before he could finish his words, the chief guard immediately took him away.

Mans withdrew his gaze and said casually, “The best doctor in the empire, his medical skills won’t lose to a star thief.”

Huo Lin heard this and thought about it.
Then he also felt that the doctor who accompanied him would be better than the star thief from earlier.

However, watching the star thief being taken away, Huo Lin’s uneasiness did not dissipate.
He avoided Mans’ gaze and quietly instructed the guard standing behind him, “Go and see those injured people and have the doctor treat them.
And, put them…
in an empty room.”

Normally, when star thieves were detained, they were kept in a simple but safe place.
The Original Stone Star had a prison, which had been empty for a long time, but it could be used as a temporary detention point for these star thieves.

Before the little baby in his arms appeared, Huo Lin had planned to keep them in prison.
But now, the plan had changed a bit.
Huo Lin still couldn’t fully confirm their identities, and his instinct for survival told him that it’s best not to be too harsh on these people until their identities were confirmed.

After arranging everything, he turned to the general still looking at him and calmly said, “General Mans, I read a phrase in a book that says law enforcement should have a human touch.
Although they are all star thieves, they are also entitled to medical treatment.”

General Mans chuckled ambiguously.
He didn’t expose the young prince’s clumsy lie but instead agreed with him, “Yes, your perspective is very innovative.
I will learn from you.”

The personality of the imperial emperor was arrogant and overbearing.
His rule was full of dominance and killing.
Even the supporters of the imperial family had to admit that the rulers of the imperial family in history were all ruthless tyrants.

And now, the only heir to the imperial tyrant was proposing merciful law enforcement.

Mans found it both novel and amusing.

Soon enough, the doctor rushed over.
Huo Lin instructed Mans to stay and clean up the scene while he carried Jian Ning back to the bedroom.

The bedroom was tidy, and the small bed was neatly made.

Huo Lin handed Jian Ning to a doctor, then took out a thick comforter from the wardrobe and laid it on his own bed.

The bed was very soft.

Huo Lin looked up and spoke, “Alright, you can put him on the bed for examination.
He has been unconscious the whole time.”

The doctor gently placed the baby down.

He first conducted a simple examination, but this kind of examination could not detect any problems.
He could only request, “Your Highness, I need to take him back to the medical room to conduct a more detailed examination.”

Huo Lin nodded, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

The examination lasted for an unknown amount of time.

The doctor’s brow was furrowed, and his face was filled with worry.
He said in a low voice, “It’s strange.
This is already the most advanced equipment, but it still cannot detect any problems.”

The baby’s vital signs were stable, and he would respond when his little body was moved.

But strangely enough, the baby just wouldn’t wake up.

Huo Lin’s accompanying doctor was already the best doctor in the empire, but the entire medical team had tried examining Ningning’s case, and were powerless.

At this point, it was already late at night.

Huo Lin looked at the baby receiving a nutrient infusion on the sickbed, his mood becoming increasingly irritable.
He was born with S-class mental powers, which, in addition to making him stronger than other babies of the same age, also brought him a slew of negative effects.

Among them, the most intuitive was his personality problem.

He was easily out of control and irritable.

“Ningning, what’s wrong with you?”

Huo Lin sat beside the hospital bed, looking down at the quiet sleeping little baby.
The real appearance of the little baby was even more beautiful and cute than in the virtual world.

He held the little baby’s hand and looked at the needle marks on the back of the baby’s two chubby hands.

These were needle marks left by nutrient infusions.

Huo Lin felt that he couldn’t continue to watch, or he would lose control of his emotions.

In the coma, Jian Ning seemed to be able to perceive the hand touching him.
His hand moved and firmly grasped the other’s fingers.

Huo Lin saw his reaction, but he knew clearly that these reactions did not mean that he could wake up immediately.


Huo Lin called the chief guard and ordered him, “Go and bring the star thief who was just locked up, the one with the worst temper.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Auben didn’t ask which star thief specifically, he turned around and brought someone.

Not long after.

Zhan Xi was brought in.
After he entered the room, the chief guard also looked around the room.
This was not the medical room, but Huo Lin’s bedroom.

The bedroom window was not sealed, and the safety factor was not high.

While the chief guard was still observing, Huo Lin had already spoken.
He looked directly into Zhan Xi’s eyes and asked, “What’s your name? What’s your relationship with Ningning?”

“Zhan Xi, Ningning’s dad.”

Zhan Xi’s face was full of suppressed emotions as he answered, and he also asked the little prince, “How do you know my Ningning?”

Huo Lin, with a straight face, replied in a courteous manner, “Through a learning machine.”

“???” Zhan Xi looked at him in shock.
“Isn’t that learning machine just a promotional gimmick? You actually went in there?!”

Huo Lin remained silent.
He thought to himself that he didn’t really go in there much, but ever since he met a clingy little baby, he started going in everyday like it was a job.

“You said you’re Ningning’s dad.
What evidence do you have?”

“The video stored on the star tablet.
Do you want to see it?”


Zhan Xi’s dislocated arm had already been fixed by himself, but it still felt a bit unnatural to use it now.
He took out the star tablet with his other hand.

He opened the star tablet, and there were countless albums and videos inside.

Huo Lin leaned over to take a look, with an expressionless face but with sweat on the palms of his hands.

Zhan Xi casually and deliberately clicked on a video, which he thought was the cutest video of Ningning.

In the video…

Zhan Xi was sitting on the bed, pretending to suddenly fall over.
He held his chest and looked at the baby holding the milk bottle with a pained expression, saying, “Ningning, daddy fell down, ah, it hurts!”

The little baby, who couldn’t tell that his dad was acting, dropped the milk bottle and crawled towards his dad in fright.

“Daddy! Get up, get up!”

The little baby hugged Zhan Xi’s arm with his two chubby hands, almost using all his strength, as if he was drinking milk, trying to pull his dad up.

To amuse his child, Zhan Xi intentionally did not get up.

Until the baby’s chubby face turned red from exhaustion and he still couldn’t pull his dad up, he looked up and cried out, “Waah”.

Zhan Xi, who was fooling around, heard the crying and immediately sat up to comfort the baby.

In addition to the videos of him playing with his child, there were also numerous videos of Ningning confessing his love to his dad in a cute way.

Huo Lin looked at these videos and had to admit that the Star Thief, who he had beaten up and captured, was really Ningning’s dad.

Huo Lin confirmed Zhan Xi’s identity, and Zhan Xi also noticed how much the little prince valued his child.

“Little Prince.”

Zhan Xi didn’t immediately go to hug his child.
He looked at Huo Lin with a scrutinizing gaze and asked, “If you could wake up Ningning, but the condition is that you have to do something for him, would you be willing?”

Under Zhan Xi’s gaze, Huo Lin didn’t hesitate and nodded.

After nodding, he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Zhan Xi glanced at the chief guard behind him and said straightforwardly, “Ask your guards to leave.”

Upon hearing this request, Auben’s face immediately turned serious, “Your Highness, it’s dangerous for you to be alone with him.
He might hurt you–“

“I know.”

Huo Lin interrupted him and insisted, “You go out first.
If I’m really in danger, I’ll call you.”

Auben could not disobey the order and had to leave in silence.

After Auben left, Zhan Xi went straight to the point and said, “I came here this time to kidnap you and use you to exchange for something from your father.
Only by getting that thing can Ningning have a chance to wake up.”

When Huo Lin heard this, the tense strings in his heart suddenly relaxed a bit.


Ningning could wake up.

Knowing that there was a way for Ningning to wake up, Huo Lin asked eagerly, “What do you need from my father? I’ll set off tonight to get it for you.”

Zhan Xi was a little surprised by his prompt response.

But the opportunity was rare, and he couldn’t miss it.
He seized the opportunity and said what he needed: “It’s something from the private collection of your father, a Phoenix Feather Stone.”

As soon as the three words “Phoenix Feather Stone” were mentioned, Huo Lin’s little face stiffened.

He knew where it was, in the coffin where his father would supposedly be buried with his mother together.
Although his father refused to accept his mother’s death, he had still made a joint coffin.

His father had said that he wanted to be buried there after his death.

The joint burial site of his father and mother was a forbidden place that no one knew about.
Of course, this “no one” did not include him, as he would personally arrange the joint burial in the future and naturally needed to know the location.

After a long silence, Huo Lin confirmed, “Do you really need the Phoenix Feather Stone?”

Zhan Xi responded with a “Hmm.”

Huo Lin: “…”



He would go dig up the grave now.


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