ith a slightly uncomfortable feeling.

[There are many dialogue scenes.]


[New idol’s bold behavior in front of the camera… Whoever sees it,

“Real legendary dark history… (see more)”]


Seeing the list of dialogue scenes laid out by the system window, I clenched my teeth and got up abruptly.

“Hey, let’s go to a PC room.”

“Eh! Really?”

Kang Ichae was happy, not knowing the hidden intention behind my decision.

I wonder if these kids knew the feeling I had to hide while showing them this side of me…

“Dajun, sometimes hyung’s life is hard…”

“What are you talking about?”

I stroked Jeong Dajun’s head out of habit.
He looked at me incredulously, but he didn’t avoid my hand.


One hour since we entered the PC room.

“Am I dead?”


“Did I do something wrong?”

“…No, hyung is just… not suited for this role, I guess.
Shall we try support?”

At first, Kang Ichae was gentle.

“Hyung, why did you use flash there?”

“Am I not supposed to?”

Two hours passed, and he started grinding his teeth.

“Why is your mana full right now?!”

“Am I not supposed to save it?”

“How can you have such creative thoughts?”

Three hours since we entered the PC room.


Looking at me dying by being hit by the enemy’s turret, Kang Ichae quietly put down his headphones.

I learned an important lesson this time.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t have prejudice against people….”

“Are you insulting me?”

“You catch on quickly.”

He must be disappointed because he thought I would be good at the game, but I wasn’t…

I glared at Kang Ichae and sighed.
I understood what he was saying, but my hands couldn’t keep up.
I was full of those “ah” moments after messing up.
Of course, every time that happened, Kang Ichae gradually lost his words.

“Hyung, go next to Seonghyeon-hyung and eat some ramen.”


In the end, Kang Ichae completely lost interest in me.
It’s been so long since I’ve been treated so coldly that I got a little sulky.

“Hey, how good are you to…?”

Kang Ichae quietly raised his hand to the monitor.

“Hyung, just look at this once and then say it.”

“…What is this?”

I asked, feeling deflated as I stood up from my chair.
No, it’s fine.
It’d be great if Kang Ichae did well.

If they get first place, that’s good for me.

Giving up easily, I started wandering around and observing the others.
Kim Seonghyeon, who had dropped out long ago, asked me with a raised eyebrow, having received harsh criticism earlier.

“Seo Hoyun, want to order some ramen?”

“Don’t order Kang Ichae’s.”

“Of course, why would I?”

Seonghyeon and I badmouthed Kang Ichae, but it didn’t get us anywhere.
We slurped up our ramen and started watching more intently.

“What about Jeong Dajun?”

Next was Jeong Dajun.

“Dajun is alright.”


Dajun cheered and clenched his fist.

“Seong Jiwon.”

The only one left was Seong Jiwon.
His skills were probably about the same as mine.
I waved at him, thinking he would be eliminated without even watching.

“Seong Jiwon, come and eat ramen quickly.
It’s getting cold.”

“No, wait a minute, guys.
Please don’t bother Jiwon.”


But Kang Ichae couldn’t take his eyes off Jiwon’s screen.

“Hyung, how long have you been playing this game?”

“Umm… not that long.”

“Wow, what’s…?”

Next to them, Jeong Dajun and Kang Ichae were getting excited.
Seong Jiwon dived into the enemy tower, hit the opponent with three ghostly skills in a row, and set the opponent on fire with a chat.

[“You fucking bitch”]

Somehow, Seong Jiwon figured out they were cursing at him and said innocently,

“Wow, they are cursing at me.”

“Mute them.”

“What’s mute?”

As Seong Jiwon followed Kang Ichae’s instructions to mute the other team, his brow furrowed slightly, and he quickly turned his hand with the mouse.
At that moment, he dodged a grab flying from the bushes and killed the opposing team.

[‘Practice guy’ is going crazy!]

[‘Practice guy’ Double Kill!]

“What the!”



[“Well, fucking practice”]

Even their teammates started praising them.
A rare sight in Korea: someone playing a game and hearing kind words.
Kang Ichae peeked at Seong Jiwon.

“Hyung, about the cursing earlier…”


“…You don’t care?”

“Ahaha, I get cursed at all the time.”

An idol indeed!

“Sensibility and mentality…?”

Kang Ichae, who was always serious about games, looked at Jiwon’s screen with a moved expression.
Following that, Jiwon wrapped up the team fight safely.

[‘Practice guy’ Double Kill!]

[‘Practice guy’ Triple Kill!]

[“No one can stop ‘Practice guy’!”]


When the tower was destroyed, and they returned to the main screen, medals were awarded in a flurry.
It was the MVP given by the people who played together.

“Wow! I guess I did well.”




Kang Ichae and Jeong Dajun were silent.
Then they nodded simultaneously.
Dajun grabbed Jiwon’s right shoulder, while Ichae grabbed his left.

“Hyung, what do you want to do?”


“Choose any lane.
I’ll push all of them for you.
I can support, and you can be the attacker.”

Kang Ichae was as serious as an Olympic athlete preparing for a competition.
Jiwon was still puzzled about the situation, but Dajun and Ichae grinned.

“I saw Seonghyeon, and we have to give up on him.”

Hoyun is worse than Seonghyeon.
It’s over for him.”

“Why am I done for?”

I expressed my displeasure, but it didn’t reach the two of them, who seemed to be wearing some protective gear.

“Let’s do this.
We’ll bring Jiwon, one from Nightmare, and one more from Refined.
Then we’ll have five good people.”

“How were the people you brought?”

“Not bad.
We can win with that level.
We just have to train hard with Jiwon for the remaining time.”

Kang Ichae clenched his fist, full of enthusiasm.

“We’ll win this match.”

Kang Ichae and Jeong Dajun sang “I Thought of You and the Championship~” with Seong Jiwon in the middle.
It was a surprisingly life-or-death atmosphere for such cheap pride.

While they were busy creating a new narrative, Kim Seonghyeon and I were peacefully eating ramen with rice.

“What are we going to do?”

“Let’s do archery or something.”

“Then I’ll do athletics.”

If they just get 1st place, I just have to sit back and enjoy the rewards.

It couldn’t have been more peaceful.

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