“Haha, Hoyoon is always so full of energy.”


‘Thank you, Sung Jiwon!’


Sung Jiwon came forward before I could say anything.
Thanks to this, the stupid words and actions I did seemed to be an expression of an active person.


Without stopping, Sung Jiwon, a true human being, added sincere comments.


“After Hoyoon came in, the team became lively.
He suddenly brought a song that he received from the composer Blue Tiger.”


“Ah, are you saying Seo Hoyoon brought this single?”


Everyone was so surprised.
We had no contact with the composer at all.”


“Uh, this makes me curious… Seo Hoyoon-ssi, how do you know the composer Blue Tiger?”


Attention was drawn to this.
I decided to gloss over it as much as I could so that there would be no room for unnecessary problems.


“I was lucky.”


Let’s end it with a short answer.


Before I could finish my sentence, the sound of reporters typing on the keyboard and the sound of camera flash exploded one after another, but I didn’t open my mouth anymore.


If you’re curious, watch more.


Recognizing the awkward atmosphere, Kang Yichae quickly added.


“Hyung was really cool.
Trust me and follow me.
He was like that I was just amazed.”


“Seo Hoyoon-ssi, you really have a lot of connections.
You’re close to Joo Woosung, right?”


“Yes, he’s a senior I used to know.”


“This time, Joo Woosung sunbae-nim came and told us his secret.”


“Seo Hoyoon-ssi, please tell me the secret in managing personal connections later.”


The MC winked playfully and turned over the script card.


While unraveling behind-the-scenes stories related to this album, such as the concept of the stage and interpretation of the music video, this question finally arrived.


“You’re also famous for catching a robber a few weeks ago, aren’t you? Can I hear the story then?”


At the same time as the question was being uttered, the cameras flashed again.
They were wondering if there was something that could attract the views.


Kim Sunghyun carefully grabbed the microphone.


“At that time, we were on our way to the convenience store to take a break from practice.”


“Hoyoon hyung noticed it right away.”


“And Sunghyun ran out like crazy.
I thought he was an action movie actor.”


Jung Dajoon and Kang Yichae sprinkled MSG on Kim Sunghyun’s calm talk.
Reporters smashed down their laptops fiercely.


The title of the article would be something like this


[The group that doesn’t tolerate injustice ★Group The Dawn… The whole story of the robbery]


MC: Wasn’t it scary?


Kim Sunghyun: Hm, it was scary… When I came to my senses, I was already grabbing him (laugh)


MC: That’s amazing.


I could predict this even without turning open the interview paper.
As Kim Sunghyun continued to talk, a spark suddenly broke out.


“I heard that you almost got hurt badly….”


“Yes, if Seo Hoyoon hadn’t grabbed him, I could have been seriously injured.”


‘What’s going on here? You know the broadcast.’


“I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.”


When I responded so as to not get caught up, the MC laughed.


“Why are you so calm, Seo Hoyoon-ssi? You sound like you’re just thinking about what to eat for dinner.”


“Hoyoon is always calm, so you need a bigger scale to surprise him.”


“That’s right, he’s such a huge distributor.”


“Why… are you suddenly picking on me?”


The showcase hall was covered with laughter when I snatched the microphone and fired back in the atmosphere that only focused on me.


Kim Sunghyun suddenly said playfully.


“But he was surprised to see the fans today.”


“No, why?”


“I guess he didn’t know he had fans.”


At those words, the fans who had been laughing along with the members burst into cheers.
I didn’t expect Kim Sunghyun to do this here.


“Jung Dajoon-ssi was the same.”


I couldn’t die alone.
When I dragged in Jung Dajoon like a water ghost, he became greatly embarrassed.


(TL note: water ghost = Literally a ghost in the water, it is said to attract and drown anyone who enters the water.)


“That’s right, he asked several times if they’re really our fans.”


“Ah no,  why did everyone get flustered?”


“Hahaha, The Dawn is very popular these days.”


As the interview carried on following MC’s witty progress, there was a stir on one side of the audience.


‘What is it?’


I opened my eyes to see what was going on, and I could see a staff enthusiastically waving a sketchbook on the stairs leading up to the stage in the back.


Suddenly, I had a feeling in my head.
Oh, no way.


The MC pretended to be surprised while listening to the radio.


“—I’ve just heard good news.”




Sung Jiwon opened his eyes wide.
The MC glanced over the audience.


“I think the fans already know”


“What is it?”


“Everyone, shh! Please keep it a secret!”


When the members tilted their heads and asked the audience, words poured out even when the MC hurriedly stopped them.


Listening closely, words like charts, mangoes, and rankings… Such keywords poured out.


There was a sign of ‘no way’ among the members.


“You’ll be surprised to hear it!”


The MC, who was aiming for more surprise, quickly changed his attitude and smiled.


“The Second Chance in on the chart”




I looked back at the faces of the members.
Everyone looked incredulous.


“Mango, Tinkerbell, Tab! It’s in all those charts! It re-enters Tinkerbell and Tab.
It’s 56th on Tinkerbell’s real-time chart, and 71st on Tab! 89th on Mango!”


I didn’t know such good news would come from the showcase stage.


For rookies who hadn’t been on the charts, it was really picking stars from the sky.
Even if you had a lot of members in the group who were well-known in a contest program, staying at the bottom and disappearing from the charts was an easy matter.


However, after a long hiatus, an idol from a small company who had never participated in any entertainment shows suddenly entered the charts of music companies.


It was objectively ridiculous.


‘I don’t have to file for bankruptcy.’


Still, it was what I expected.


It wasn’t uncommon for an unheard-of idol to become a righteous person, make a comeback with a good song, and even enter the charts during a showcase.


The reporters who caught a good story material fired the camera flash like crazy.


I should go back later and analyze which parts contributed the most to this result.
I thought so, but a hand suddenly came up to my shoulder.
With strength that almost made me fall off the chair.


“It hurts, you fools.”


“In the charts!”


“Are-Are we dreaming now?”


“Seo Hoyoon, what are you doing? You have to celebrate!”


My thoughts were blown away as the joyous idiots came rushing in.


Those who appeared to be hardcore fans were already crying out for us.


“Don’t cry, don’t cry!”


Who the hell is crying? I looked back and saw Sung Jiwon and Jung Dajoon crying.


“We-We really….”




Jung Dajoon was wailing loudly, and Sung Jiwon was also shedding tears as if he had turned into a faucet.


On the contrary, Kang Yichae and Kim Sunghyun had such bright smiles that I had never seen before.


‘Sigh, you idiots…’


Normally, I would have ignored it, but Jung Dajoon suddenly clung to me and said thank you.


“Hyung, it’s all thanks to you.
Thank you, really.”


If he did this, I had no choice but to respond.
Jung Dajoon’s tears wet his shoulders, but even the stylist wouldn’t nag him this time.


“Congratulations, fools.”


“Hyung, but… Oh, it’s embarrassing, but….”


“We’re not even number one, but it’s crazy that we’re in the chart.”


“You know how desperate we are.”


They seemed to have suffered too much during the long trainee period.
The shortest period would have been a year, at least.
We just entered the chart…


I pressed down on Jung Dajoon, comforted the members, and threw a joke that only they could hear.


“Next time we win first place, we have to cry like this again.
Make it look good on camera.”


“Seo Hoyoon, really….”


“Let’s express our gratitude.”


“Oh, right.


Sung Jiwon nodded and Kim Sunghyun lined us up.
We bowed 90 degrees to the crying fans.


“Thank you!”


The MC looked at us with a warm gaze.
Even so, he sensibly tapped the watch on his wrist.
He probably meant that it was time for the next cover song.


Noticing this, Sung Jiwon accepted the microphone and said.


“T-Thank you.
If it weren’t for the fans, we wouldn’t be able to do this.”




“There’s a lot more we want to say… Thank you so much.
We prepared a lot of things.
We’ll show you the next performance we’ve been working hard on.”


I lightly took over the microphone on behalf of Sung Jiwon, who seemed frantic.
I made eye contact with the fans in the audience one by one.


“I think it’s time to show you the next performance.
We prepared hard with a heart full of gratitude to the fans.
Please look forward to it.”


When I smiled brightly, the fans laughed and nodded eagerly after crying.
The fans, no matter how you see it, they’re so cute.


Together with Kim Sunghyun, I encouraged the members thoroughly and prepared the formation of the next cover song.


“Can you sing, guys?”


“It’s a stage for singers who are on the charts, let’s be nervous.”


Kang Yichae giggled.
He pretended to be arrogant but he was also encouraged.
I clicked my tongue at the members whose eyes were swollen.


I told you it would work out, you idiots.


This result was only natural, but looking at their unsightly appearances, a smile came to my lips.




[Title: Today… The Dawn’s showcase today… It was torn apart.


Kids, why are you so sad??????? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


└ㅠㅠㅠㅠI went there too, but I cried when Sung Jiwon cried


└Why? What’s going on???

└They entered the charts during the showcase today!! The kids found out on the stage ㅠㅠ The fans are crying too…

└I think there are muggle picks, too.
Since they became a hot topic in the community]


[Title: I cried too ㅠ


I am glad… Honestly, The Dawn kids had a hard time ㅠㅠ In the robbery and leakage case…


└But it’s great for noise marketing ㅋㅋThey made a fuss and ended up getting in the charts, it’s a smart move

└What’s with this comment? Are you being sarcastic?

└Don’t pay attention to the assholes]


[Title: Meanwhile, Seo Hoyoon


So calmㅋㅋㅋㅋ ‘I’m glad you didn’t get hurt’ ‘I prepared hard’


I thought he was at a shareholders’ meetingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAh, but the point is that Seo Hoyoon is not used to fans… He has a gap moe ㅠ So cute  ㅠㅠ

└After a few years, you’ll be treated as an ATM and your eyes will go dead…ㅋㅋ

└Why is this bastard picking a fight on every post?]


[Title: What’s up with Sung Jiwon


Crying after entering the chart, what’s up with that? Do you think you won first place? I’ve heard of it… I heard that you practiced for several years at a large agency, but your skills are not good… You’re being carried by, Jo Woosung and Lim Hyunsoo on Seo Hoyoon’s bus


└Joo… Woosung… Lim Hyunsoo… carried by Seo Hoyoon’s bus… Oh…  a ride… (Oh, cool and cold-hearted… I’m objectiveㅋㅋ)

Tada, tadada, ta, ta, ta!!

└└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂWhat is thisㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└I enjoyed the performanceㅋㅋJiwon is a singer who is currently on the charts~]


When everyone went back to rest after the showcase, I got a call from the president alone.
While I was driving around with the manager, I looked up the showcase’s reaction.


‘The fans’ mentality is quite… Strong?’


I thought fans wouldn’t be able to cope with our sudden rise in popularity, but they went beyond my expectation.


Of course, there were some hate comments running and fishing around, but this was fine.


After thinking about it, the answer came to me quickly.
It had been a year since The Dawn debuted, so we had a handful of hardcore fans.
So, they quickly grasped the atmosphere from the beginning and it didn’t matter to them that we were grabbed by the collar and carried hard.


In addition, since the planning was more otaku-ish than usual, most of them had been the fanatics of K-pop.


…I felt thankful.


Making plans that I had confidence in succeeding was really different from confirming that I had fans who liked me.


Feeling strange, I put down my phone and confirmed the success of the quest.


[Quest completed!


Comfort Sung Jiwon 1/1


Finishing the showcase safely 1/1


Charm 30, Dance 10, and Vocal 10 will be added]


[A special gift will be given as a reward for the first performance.]


[You can now check other people’s stats.]


“Hey, I wish you had told me earlier.”


“What’s wrong?”


No, you should have let me know if there’s something like this.


It was doing this just to piss me off.
Dumbfounded,  I muttered and glared at the air, and the manager looked back.
I shook my head.


“It’s nothing.”


Every time I succeeded in the quest, my charm or dance level went up, and although I didn’t know it clearly, I felt that it was reflected in reality.
Therefore, I thought that there would be rough evaluation criteria for other people’s skills.


But if you could show it, you should have shown it to me right away!


I asked the system window as I promised myself to try it on the members and Joo Woosung.


‘This is the reward for the first performance? You’re saying there’s a next reward?’

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