[Title: Common Korean male idols caught a robber today


Crazy, crazy, crazy


I saw members of The Dawn catching a thief today


*I’ll talk comfortably for now 


To explain my situation, I’m a casual fan of idols, so I only know the famous ones.
Like Black Call?


But my friend suddenly went gaga and became a fan of a new group called The Dawn. 


I was like, who are those guys? Yeah… Initial sales… 100 tickets or something…


(I’ll omit the explanation of that here…)


So I was just looking at her with pitying eyes, but then Seo Hoyoon and Joo Woosung appeared together on Byeolstar a while ago, right? That was when my friend’s rambling reached its peak… 


But today!!!


I saw The Dawn at a convenience store!!


I didn’t recognize them at first; they just caught my eye because they were a group of five handsome boys gathered together, and all of them looked even better in real life as well;;


So I took a video while trying to get the right angle to show to my friend, and I talked to Seo Hoyoon.


Seo Hoyoon… When I saw him close up, I thought he looked really handsome.
I almost forgot how to talk because of his face.
He kind of looked like a sly fox, so I was a bit scared, but when he smiled, he looked so attractive… (aka.
Like someone who does really well in school, but suddenly greets you sweetly as he passes by) 


The other kids were handsome as well… I want to talk more about this, but that’s not the point of this post, so I’ll just skip this part. 


Below is a transcript of what we talked about


Me: Sung Jiwon, why are you so handsome? You’re so tall.


Sung Jiwon: Oh, thank youㅎㅎ


Kang Yichae: How old are you, noona?


We were just talking about these kinds of things.
I was happy that I got to talk to such handsome guys after so long.


But the important thing happened after this.


Seo Hoyoon: (Suddenly stops talking and looks outside)


Me: (What’s wrong?;; Did I do something wrong?)


Seo Hoyoon: (After tapping on Kim Sunghyun’s shoulder) Hey.


Kim Sunghyun: What?


Kim Sunghyun: (Face hardened suddenly after looking outside.)


But then those two ran out like they were possessed all of a sudden.
Me and the rest of the members were just watching them in shock, but some crazy bastard outside was stealing a bag from an old lady and running away;;;;; Seo Hoyoon and Kim Sunghyun saw him first. 


Sung Jiwon: Wait a second.


Jung Dajoon: Let’s go together!


Kang Yichae: I’ll call the police.


As soon as they realized what was going on, they ran out;; I was just staring blankly, but the kids were really good at dividing up their parts; the two who went out first caught the thief with crazy physical prowess and even kicked a knife out of the guy’s hand.
(Watch the video for more information)


The other two who went out a little later helped up the fallen elderly woman and asked if she was okay… Kang Yichae had already called the police.


Me: Heol… What’s going on…


Kang Yichae: (Talking on the phone to the police) Yes, I’m at a convenience store in front of Sarang Building in XX District, we caught a thief…


Me: Is this really okay? Oh my god;; 


Kang Yichae: (Glanced at me) Yes, I’ll ask for your kind cooperation.


I’ve never witnessed something like this before;; besides, there was a knife, so I was genuinely worried that they and the elderly woman might have gotten hurt. 


That’s why I was really restless all on my own, but Kang Yichae suddenly talked to me after hanging up.


Kang Yichae: Noona, it’ll be okay.


Me: Huh? Huh;;


Kang Yichae: We’ll take care of this.
You must have been surprised.
Go inside first.


Me: (Flustered, so I said yes for now)


Kang Yichae: Ah… Right.
I’m sorry that we couldn’t wait for your friend.
We’ll see them next time.


Kang Yichae is younger than me, but he was able to keep a cool head, solve this situation and comfort me in an instant…


Everything I wrote about can be found in the video I posted below.
See the full video for more details.
Everyone was really amazing, except me;; 


My friend is crying and screaming right now, asking why is it me and not her…


ㅈㅅ Starting today, I am The Dawn’s fan


I am ordering the album now


└I came here to curse out that person spreading fake news, but fuck, after watching that video, it’s legit.

└Crazy;;;; How did they manage to catch that guy? What’s with that crazy physical ability? How did Seo Hoyoon actually block that knife?

└└A true prophet…

└I need to upload this, I don’t care whether you’ll listen or not.
Seriously, this is crazy.

└And in the midst of all this, Sung Jiwon? What’s the reason that he couldn’t take his eyes off the grandma TT So cute

└Why are the kids only eating cup noodles??? TT TT

└└Because the agency is poor…

└└By the way, who’s the kid who piled up five pieces of seaweed and put them into the ramen cupㅋㅋㅋㅋthat’s so cute

└└Jung Dajoon!! The maknae and sub-dancer.
Recruiting aunties from all over the world.

└└Stop making silly comments already]


[Title: The reason I called you today is for this.


There will be more The Dawn fans starting today ㅅㄱ


└God of personality ㅇㅈ

└└Don’t just suddenly sell out personality

 └To be honest, I don’t get why people make so much fuss about this; their look isn’t that great, and their song isn’t that great either…

└└ㅁㅈTheir debut song was a flop, alright ㅋㅋThey’ll just shine for a bit before being forgotten again. 

└└Guys, they are just rookie idols, okay? Why are you already vigilant? What are you scared of?

└To be honest, all of them are very handsome;;; Kang Yichae in particular is totally my type.
While watching the video, my sister and I were already planning to disguise ourselves as 99-year-old ladies.

└└That’s crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWhat the hellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

└For me it’s Kim Sunghyun;;;; Is he a werewolf or something? For him to have the physical strength to catch thieves like that.

└└My noona is also like a wolf, but I actually caught her ㅎ

└└OP, I just called 112. Tofu is delicious [1]

└└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅂ Fuck, see you in prision^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]




“Man, what a mess.”


Joo Woosung was currently in a very bad mood.
He was also mentioned in the endless articles related to The Dawn.


This was because he promoted them on Byeolstar.
Everyone was annoying him by endlessly DMing him on Byeolstar, asking about who the guy in his pictures was, and the manager asking why he was suddenly advertising them.


Among them, the most annoying was Seo Hoyoon, who appeared like a comet.


Seo Hoyoon, Seo Hoyoon.


What the hell is he?


[Crazy guy: Joo Woosung-ssi]


[Crazy guy: Come to Daepaseong Entertainment]


A week after he had been threatened, Joo Woosung wanted to tell him to fuck off, but he ended up dragging his car to the ensuing threat.


If he told his manager how this happened, the manager would have put a stop to this, but to do that, he would have to confess that his dating history had been exposed…


‘I don’t like this.’


Joo Woosung sighed deeply and closed his car door before heading to Daepaseong Entertainment.


He was told that he would wait for him in the lobby, but seeing as they didn’t stop him from entering even though he wasn’t staff, this company was really unheard of.


But weren’t they on the rise lately?


Joo Woosung himself had posted about them on Byeolstar and promoted the group, and a while ago, very positive articles about them catching a robber poured out everywhere.


They might get criticized for suddenly rising like that, but the publicity seemed to be going really well.


‘You bastard, where are you?’


Joo Woosung annoyedly looked for Seo Hoyoon.
Then he saw Seo Hoyoon crouching in the middle of a sofa located in the corner of the lobby.
Joo Woosung approached him with a frown.


“Hey, am I a dog? Why do you treat people like dogs?”




“Seo Hoyoon, hey, hubae-nim.”


Seo Hoyoon didn’t answer.
Joo Woosung tapped him, and Seo Hoyoon, whose complexion was rather pale, raised his head.
Joo Woosung faltered a bit at that sight.


“W-What’s this? Why are you like this?”


“Ah, you’re here…”


Are you sick because I hit you?


Joo Woosung felt a prick in his conscience as he looked back and forth at Seo Hoyoon.
No matter how you looked at him, his blood had gone, he wasn’t in a state to be here.


“What’s the matter? You’re sick?”


“I’m alright.”


“No, I really think you’re sick.”


“I’m fine, Joo Woosung-ssi.”


I got up with a sigh.
Joo Woosung was strangely furrowing his eyebrows, probably looking more timid than he thought.


Yeah, fuck, I felt like shit.


This was because I hadn’t been able to sleep for a few days and had to suffer through various things, but the biggest problem was this damn system window.




[Seo Hoyoon, please continue with the quest now!]


‘Go away, you bastard.’


A quest had arrived, so I had ignored it to proceed, and the harbinger of my failure was already coming.


I looked at the explanation of the quest in front of me in silence, then turned my eyes away from it.
Joo Woosung looked startled.


“Do you know the reason why I called you?”


“What is it?”


“We’re filming our music video tomorrow.
Please check our dance until then.
You’re a professional, so you should know a lot about this, Joo Woosung-ssi.”


“You called me just for that?”


Joo Woosung looked dumbfounded.


Well, he was famous for never really taking care of his juniors.
He didn’t care much for his own members, let alone some kids at his own agency, saying they could take care of themselves.
He was busy dating after all.


“Ooh, it’s Joo Woosung-ssi!”


I picked up my heavy body and led Joo Woosung to the practice room.
As soon as I opened the door, the manager who was filming the members practicing at the entrance greeted us with surprise in his voice.


The members who were dancing with their hair dyed in different colors saw Joo Woosung and greeted him in 100 degrees bow like a protractor.


“Hello, sunbae-nim!”


“…Ah, yeah.”


I could feel Joo Woosung glaring at me.
Sorry, don’t take it out on me though.


This was a behind-the-scenes shoot of our comeback preparations.
The planning team leader pushed for this and I agreed, so we had to do these kinds of things all of a sudden.


Joo Woosung looked at the member in bewilderment and then put his arm around me.
We would have looked close to anyone else watching.


“Hey, you didn’t tell me that we were filming this.”


“It’s not like you only met me once or twice though?”


“…But we only ever met once or twice.”


Ah, right.
He didn’t remember the time when I was a producer.


“I’m just telling you that you should understand my style by now.
Joo Woosung-ssi, just pretends to be close to me and gives me tips.”


“This is real! If only it wasn’t for that picture!”


Joo Woosung sighed deeply.
He then took away his arm from my shoulder and quietly sat down on the couch in the practice room.
I was satisfied that he listened well.


“Yes, well… Please take good care of me.
As you know, I’m very close with Hoyoon.
Our proud Hoyoon has actually asked me for a favor.”


“We really appreciate it!”


Every time Joo Woosung said something, the members bowed, making me embarrassed.


Still, Joo Woosung nodded and the look in his eyes changed, as if the earnest momentum of this new group had worked on him.


“Well then, let’s cut to the chase and have a look, shall we?”




The manager played the song as if he had waited for the members’ enthusiastic answer.


Even after the robbery, I practiced for four days straight.
There wasn’t much time left, and we had no choice but to master the choreography in the given time.


Sung Jiwon, who had the first part, started singing.


[Give me, Give me, Give me Second Chance


This feeling keeps ringing in my head, telling me, I’m back


I squeeze my hands tightly, I can never miss this chance]


Sung Jiwon continued to sing as if used to it, even though anyone could still see that he was nervous.
Actually, it wouldn’t be strange for him to be out of his mind, because all of us had been staying up all night until now.


Sung Jiwon twisted his head and went forward.
After that, I, who was sitting behind him, stood up and the members around me crossed their arms to form a sort of table in front of me. 


[Ooh, Pick a card, a clear future, 


Low chances make you anxious 


It’s okay, I shall lead you.]




Joo Woosung looked at me with sharper eyes than when he looked at the other members.
But it didn’t really make me feel nervous.


Like the others, I was currently out of my mind right now because of the endless nights of practice and the system window penalty.
As I sang the last verse, Jung Dajoon stood up in accordance.


[Come to me, Come to me, 


Don’t be Afraid, come to me 


I have my second chance]


He hit the high note so it wasn’t bad.
At that moment Jung Dajoon bowed down and Kim Sunghyun stepped in and started singing.
The shaky live had become solid due to his pitch intelligence.


[I won’t miss this feeling]


After that, Kang Yichae rapped, and at the end, Sung Jiwon, me, and Jung Dajoon harmonized to the final parts of the song.


We, who had swept over the floor and poured in all our effort, were gasping for breath like dogs who wanted to run and lab up some water.


To be honest… I felt like I wanted to vomit because of my current condition.


That damn system window and his killer penalties.




“Huff, huff…”




Joo Woosung looked at us.
He pointed at me after giving us a moment to catch our breath.






“Are you sick? Or do you originally have two left feet?”


“I originally have two left feet.”


Joo Woosung burst into laughter when I answered him calmly, hiding my pain.
I quickly changed my face to be expressionless.


Jeong Dajoon, who was watching from next to me, quietly tried to help.


“Hyung has gotten a lot better.”


Was that supposed to be a compliment?


I looked at Jung Dajoon.
This wasn’t some kind of competition program so growth wasn’t important at all.


Idols could only be judged during the three to four minutes a stage performance lasted.
So, no matter how much I was told that I had grown a lot, the outcome was a lot more important. 


Joo Woosung got up slowly.


“It wasn’t bad overall.
But sometimes, there were some parts where the choreography seemed kind of empty during your individual parts.
Usually, you fill every part with gestures.” 


“Yes, yes.”


“I’ll show you how you should do it.”


Joo Woosung slowly stood up and demonstrated the gestures.
I thought he would just do it in moderation and be done with it, but I could feel that he was on a completely different level even if all he did was a bit of posing.


‘This heat…’


Still, Joo Woo-sung didn’t earn money only with his face.
Seeing it got me excited.


“No, no.
Not like that.
Look at me.”


“You dance well, but you put too much energy into that part.
You need to relax your shoulders a bit here.”


“You seem to have some flair, so you should make more use of it.
Pretend as if cameras are on you.”


When Joo Woosung, who didn’t hesitate to give advice to the members one by one, came back to my turn, he hesitated.


His face literally seemed to scream ‘How should I handle this two left-feet guy?’ and finally gave me detailed instructions.


“Seo Hoyoon, when you dance in your individual parts, it’s obvious that you’re not very good at it.
It’s better to fill the gap using the members’ talents.
This is just a temporary measure, but it’s better than leaving it like this.” 




“And about the song, you’re singing better than I expected, but it still lacks a lot of emotion.” 


Emotion, it was also what Lim Hyunsoo told me.
The members had pointed it out several times as well. 


“Listening to it, it’s like you know all the lyrics of the song, but it sounds boring because you only sing it straight.
Do it again.” 


I sang my part again.
Joo Woosung beat his chest and shook his head as if frustrated.


“No, do it again.” 


I sang it again.


“What’s this? Just what is the problem? Why can’t you sing with emotion?” 


Ah, this talented guy…

1. It’s a tradition in Korea to give tofu to people who come back from jail.
It apparently symbolizes ‘becoming a new person’

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