‘I’m screwed.’ 

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I woke up only to find that I was no longer myself. 

I grabbed a mirror with trembling hands, so I could see my reflection.


“Is this a dream? This is a dream, isn’t it?” 

Even the voice wasn’t mine. 

Perhaps it was because he was still young, but I covered my mouth with both hands, shocked by the delicate voice. 

This is probably a dream.
It must be a dream…

Well, this face in the mirror right now…

I was suddenly furious. 

“Why is he such a jerk?!” 

Why, why, why? Why is it Ki Yoon Jae? Why is it him? 

If I have to transmigrate, I should be the main character! Why am I the villain? 

The trend these days is to possess an extra, so why him? 

“Oh, my head…” 

My anger became overpowering to the point of dizziness. 

It is partly due to the rapidly soaring stress caused by this situation, but it was largely thanks to Ki Yoo Jae’s memories mixing in with everything that made me, me. 

Ki Yoon Jae, 16 years old.
The successor of the Sungwoon Group, the household who actually governs the Republic of Korea in this world.

‘Damn it, Too much information… I don’t even want to know…’ 

Can’t I just cancel my possession and go back home? I didn’t get hit by a truck, but I was dragged out of bed, so wouldn’t my body remain the same? 

‘God, Allah, Buddha, Gods of Heaven and Earth, I don’t know what the hell is going on.
I’m sorry, but please send me back.’ 

I prayed to a nebulous being.
Needless to say, I didn’t get an answer. 

Suddenly, something strange appeared in my vision.
I reclined on the sofa for a few minutes, struggling with the constant mix of memories. 

[System loading…] 

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A rapidly rising percentage bar with the word “loading”.
As the number went up, the dizziness in my head gradually subsided. 


[Loading complete.
Welcome, Player.] 


With little fanfare, a message popped up in front of me saying that it’s finished loading.

Player? Is that thing talking about me?

[‘Why are you living like that? You can live a better life.’ God was moved by your words.] 


[From now on, the player will live the life of Ki Yoon Jae.
We believe in you.
Your confident statement will not be a lie!] 

What? Shit, are you kidding me?

I was just reading a book, and complained, “Why did he live like an idiot when he had a lot of money?”

You made me look like this because I was complaining?

Whether I passed out screaming or somersaulted three times, the system messages was going to continue as it pleases.

[God will watch what kind of life the player will live.
God bless you!] 

“Oh, no, don’t do this! Come back!”

Just send me back!

I waved my hand at the system messages, but it just scattered as if making fun of me, saying, ‘It’s my afterimage’.

……I’m really screwed. 

What the hell happened to me after I let a slip of my tongue?

“What should I do… what should I do!”

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“Ki Yoon Jae, the promised…”


I sat down exhausted and sobbed like the main character of a tragic story, but jumped in surprise at the sudden entrance of another person.
I instinctively curled up and stared at them as she looked at me with a bewildered expression.

“Just now… That strange sound… No, why are you doing that?”

Her name appeared in blue above her head: [Ki Hyun Joo].

‘If this is Ki Hyun Joo… She’s Ki Yoon Jae’s sixth female cousin.’

Ki Hyun Joo served as his secretary and was one of the Gifted huddled near Ki Yoon Jae.
She glanced over at me and checked my condition.

“……I don’t know what else made you sulk, but it’s almost time for an appointment.
Come out when you’re ready.”

“Uh…… yeah.”

Ki Hyun Joo gave me a strange look after hearing my obedient answer.
She even asked me if I was okay.
When I answered, I looked at Ki Hyun Joo, but she tilted his head and muttered.

“You are strangely obedient today.
I would have asked you three more times if you went nuts.
You’re not sick, are you?”

“I’m… okay.”

I wasn’t fine at all, but that was because of my situation, not Ki Yoon Jae…

I pretended that it wasn’t a big deal. 

Ki Hyun Joo’s eyes were full of doubts, but she led me outside without saying much about whether it was really time for my appointment.

‘It’s all right, it’s all right now.’

Ki Yoon Jae, who I possessed, was 16 years old.
About 10 years from now, he will die.
But the main villain was prevalent through most of the story, so I’m not going to die right now.

‘First of all… Now I won’t be able to get out of the contract.’

Ironically, a contract, a thin piece of paper, was my lifeline.
It was a lifeline that would disappear later, but it was supporting me for now.

‘What was the content of the contract? If Ki Yoon Jae is killed, the contractor will also die.
If you betray Ki Yoon Jae again, you will die.
Was that it?’

It was a contract that was only favorable to Yoon Jae, but… Now that I’m Ki Yoon Jae, I feel lighthearted when thinking about the contract.

I won’t die right now, so let’s think about the original story slowly when I’m alone after finishing my promise.

“What, why are you so late?”

When I went outside, there was a row of black cars lined up.
In front of me were attendants in suits and children of the same age as Ki Yoon Jae.

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His name popped up in my head when the most sloppy-looking man grumbled that I was coming out late.

[Jung Yi Joon]

When I was with Ki Hyun Joo, I had no time to feel embarrassed, but it was so fascinating to meet the person who I used to read about in text.
So, my blank staring made Jung Yi Joon’s face distorted.

“What the hell are you looking at?”

“Oh, I’m sorry…”

Everyone stared at me in the face of my apology.
It was the same for Jung Yi Joon and Ki Hyun Joo.

“What’s wrong with this bastard? Is he sick?”

“He said he was okay…”

It was Jung Yi Joon who asked Ki Hyun Joo about my condition instead of me.
Surely… What have I done now? It’s out of character.

‘If it was really Ki Yoon Jae…’

He would have snorted at Jung Yi Joon’s swearing, he is always an imposing guy towards everyone.


‘Let’s get it together.’

I have to live as Ki Yoon Jae until I find a way out.
It’s hard to tell the world because I’ve just transmigrated, but I knew that Ki Yoon Jae didn’t act like I did just now.

I spoke to the two people talking in front of me.

“…I think it’s almost time for the appointment.”

When I stood with my arm folded and stared at the two of them, the two who were talking looked at me.
While maintaining his indifferent expression, Jung Yi Joon lifted the finger on his arm, clicking his tongue.

“…What, it’s the same as usual.
Don’t make me confused.
It’s annoying.”

Phew, fortunately I seemed to be out of the woods1.
However, the eyes staring at me had become fiercer.
While sighing with relief, Ki Hyun Joo intervened again.

“Well, I think it’s okay, so let’s go.
We will be late.”

As Ki Hyun Joo’s finished speaking, people scattered and boarded the vehicle.
I was looking around because I didn’t know where to get on until I saw Jung Yi Joon sitting in the middle of the car.

‘Is it okay, he got on over there?’

Thanks to his ability, Jung Yi Joon should always be next to Ki Yoon Jae.

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I think I was wrong, but everyone was onboard and the doors were closed except for Jung Yi Joon’s car.

“What are you doing?”

As I hesitated, Jung Yi Joon looked back at me with an irritated face.
I snorted like it wasn’t a big deal and got in the car.

‘The back seat on the right must be the best seat, right?’

I sat there because only that seat was empty.
After I boarded, the attendant closed the door and sat in the passenger seat.
Cars followed in a row as the leading vehicles began to drive slowly.

I was already tired even though it had been less than an hour since I had possessed this body.

‘God damn it…’

How the hell did this even happen? I complained once and then possessed this body?

Just because I was born with nothing, I criticized Ki Yoon Jae, who had everything, for continuing to be greedy and covet things without having any sense of the limits.

Is that a sin? Is that something to be grateful for? I only sighed.

I turned my head in frustration and gazed out of the window blankly.
Looking at the scenery alone, there was no difference at all from the Republic of Korea where I lived.

‘But where the gifted people exist…’

Jung Yi Joon, who sat next to me, had the power to kill people just by lifting a finger.


Not everyone has powers, though.
There were people who refused to have abilities, and there were people who were not naturally able to have them.

In the former case, I could do as I please, but in the latter case…

‘God damn it.’

It’s like having to give up against your own will.

And the representative person in that case was Ki Yoon Jae.

That means I can’t even defend myself from monsters who can easily take my life by lifting a finger.

I am incompetent.

T/N: Hi everyone, we are still looking for an editor for this project.
If anyone interested, DM me on Discord (Ramunchi#7151).
Benefit: You got access to advance chapters. 

Also this is my first time translating a korean, so I must say it’s not 100% accurate translation.
Thank you!


No longer in trouble or difficulty.

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