The Tower’s Sole Regressor

A Walk In The Desert

”A pocket watch? What is this supposed to be? ” Rin asked

The next second, his companions whole body slowly started turning into numerous particles of energy.

[A certain Outer God is manifesting the full extent of its Authority.]

An insane amount of Mana flooded the Towers 90th Floor.

[You have been assigned as an Apostle.]

Rin was so shocked his mind was going blank.

Even Gaïa, the being that holds the most Mana, didn show this much power…

The time that the pocket watch showed started flowing backward.

[An Outer God is using all of its authority.]

Wait… An Outer God…? What do you-

The next second, everything around Rin disappeared.

Around him, there was only darkness.

[An incredibly high amount of Deities are being brought back to life.]

[An incredibly high amount of Humans are being brought back to life.]

[An incredibly high amount of Monsters are being brought back to life.]


”You mean… Everyone is coming back to life? ” He whispered.



And worst of all,


[You shall regress to a certain point in time.]

[All beings will have their memories sealed.]

[All beings will have their memories unsealed once you get back to this exact place.]

”Regress?? What is this? ” Rin shouted.

[Calculating Regression Point…]

”What..? ” Rins voice was weak.

He felt as if he were about to pass out.

[The Regression Point is the instant where the Apostle needs to come back to so that they can achieve the Goal.]


The next time Rin blinked, he was in a different place when he opened his eyes.

His body had changed.

It was now both younger and weaker.

Floating words appeared in front of him

[The Tutorial will start in 5 minutes.]

[Players are being paired together.]

Rin had gone back decades into the past.

That Outer God… What the hell does he expect? He… Or I guess it… has accompanied us ever since the 60th Floor. For it to be an Outer God… Not like I know what those are. It has more power than a Disaster, when those weren even things we could handle. Disasters, just like those that killed Jack and took my left arm…

Rin could feel intense anger rising up.

Tsk. Still, its for the best. Everyone has come back to life. They just have their memories sealed, which means that Jack is Jack… except… with amnesia, I guess. The Miya is… Shes back…?

He could feel his mind going into a place it hadn in a while.

Task focus.

The ability to clear ones mind and focus on the task at hand whenever needed.

Rin quickly shook his head.

I was thrown into the Tutorial so fast I didn have time to clear my thoughts or make some kind of plan…

A message from the System cut his thoughts.

[Congratulations for clearing all of the Tutorials Tests!]

[The Tower will be watching your future endeavors closely.]

[You have been rewarded with 1024 Gold Coins.]

[Your Affinity with a certain Stat is high.]

[You have been awarded one ”Dark Cloak[F+] ”.]

[You shall be rewarded with a Weapon.]

[Choose a Weapon Category.]

Rins eyes widened.

When he had first cleared the Tutorial, he had obtained less than 20 Gold Coins.

The Gold Coin reward structure was simple.

The number of Gold Coins awarded during the Tutorial was 2 to the power of the number of Cleared Tests.

If no Tests are cleared, the Gold Reward is 1 Gold Coin.

Rin had cleared 10 Tests.

2 to the power of 10 is 1024.

Not only am I getting a good amount of Gold Coins for this Floor, but I also get equipment… Since the Dark Cloak is [F+] Rank, Ill probably get an [F+] Rank weapon too. A good bow would be nice, but I already have a bow, although it is not nice in the least. The Iron Sword is alright for Monsters on the Lower Floors, but its not a good weapon for me. I need a strong weapon that will compensate for my low Strength Stat… No, no. Can think short-term. A good bow is harder to come by than a good Shortsword, especially on the Lower Floors. Ill get other weapons later.

”Ill take a Bow. ”

[Your reward is being chosen.]

[You have been awarded one ”Old Assassins Bow[E] ”.]

[E] Rank, huh? Probably because a bow with no arrows is worthless…

[Would you like to leave the Tutorial Floor?]

”I get a choice…? Why? ” Rin whispered to himself.

He turned towards the other side of the room.

There, Rin found the unmoving Orc.

Unlike the other Monsters in the different Tests, its body hadn disappeared.

Could it be… a Mutant?

Mutants were rare breeds of certain Monster Species.

They usually could not be identified by sight, but finding one was always a great opportunity.

So heavy…

Rin struggled to turn the dead Orc upside down so that its chest faced the ceiling.

Using his Iron Sword, he meticulously cut the Orcs chest in half.

Now that its dead, the muscles are relaxed. Much easier to cut through.

He reached inside the Monsters chest.

The next instant, proof that the Monster was a Mutant was found.

[You have obtained:

Orc Heart[E]: Elixir. Consuming it will shrink the gap in strength between you and Orcs.]

[You have found a Hidden Piece inside the Tutorial Floor!]

[200 Gold Coins have been awarded.]

A smile appeared on Rins face.

Damn… These are so hard to come by. For a Monster in the Tutorial to be a Mutant…

He chuckled lightly before opening his mouth wide.

Rin swallowed the large heart in an instant.

He felt the urge to throw up, but resisted.

”AHH! ”

An intense burning feeling permeated his whole body.

Rins legs shook violently as he fell to the ground.

He grabbed and pressed down his stomach with all his strength, but the pain only increased with time.

[You have consumed the Elixir: Orc Heart[E].]

[Orc Blood is being mixed with yours.]

[You have gained 1 Strength Point.]

Rins whole body was covered by veins.

[You have gained 1 Endurance Point.]

Slowly but surely, the veins changed color, becoming greener and greener.

[You have gained 1 Vigor Point.]

Shit!! How come it burns this much…

[You have gained 1 Strength Point.]

For five minutes, Rin suffered as his body was forcibly strengthened.

At last, his eyes shined green for a second before going back to normal.

[You have learned the Skill ”War Cry[F-] ”.]

[Familiarity with Orcs has increased.]

Rins whole body was covered in sweat.

He took many deep breaths before he was able to stand back up.

That was intense… Way more than it should have been. Just goes to show how large the gap between me and Orcs is, huh? Rin thought.

”Stats. ” He said out loud.

[ Stats: Strength: 12 (+5)

Agility: 30

Senses: 12

Vigor: 11 (+3)

Endurance: 7 (+2)

Unused Stat Points: 0


A total of 10 Stats…Good. Still, its only because my Stats are so low that I got so many. Vigor and Endurance… Ill need them on the next Floor.

[You will now be transferred to the Towers 1st Floor.]

So theres nothing left.

[May luck be on your side.]

And just like that, Rin disappeared from the Testing Room.

The next instant, Rin found himself in a totally different place.

Some say this Floor is the toughest one out of the first 5…

Around him, dozens of people he had never seen before.

A burning sun reigned above.

The ground was covered by sand.

Actually, there was nothing but sand.

[Welcome to the Towers First Floor.]

[Number of participants: 124.]

I can help but agree. Rin thought while looking at the infinite desert around him.

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