A Skill? Did it just use a Skill in the Tutorial??

Rin was stunned by the message in front of him and the Orc did not miss that.

Taking full advantage of its Stat boost, the Monster launched itself towards Rin.

It threw a heavy punch and the latter barely dodged.

Damn it! A 15% boost was enough to close the gap in Agility??

The Orc punched again, again and again.

The more the Monster attacked, the closer his hits were.

Is it getting faster? Rin thought before noticing a drop of sweat on his own nose.

”Jack! ” He shouted.

The next instant, his companion pushed the Orc with all his strength using the Iron Shield.

It was barely enough to make the Monster change targets.

Rin was breathing heavily.

Shit… I might be fast, but my Endurance isn up to par. Fuck… Fuck! Its not the Orc thats getting faster. It is I who is getting slower. The faster I go, the faster my Endurance Points will drain… Tsk, that boost even gives it extra Endurance since all Stats increase… But its Rank is [F-], which means…

Jack, who had ignored his Agility Stat, could only counter by using his shield.

A heavy punch from the Orc pushed him back, still he managed to stay on his feet.

Even though I put all those Stats into Strength, this Monster is just too strong…! Jack thought while defending against another heavy hit.

Rin took advantage of that by attempting to slash the Orcs already injured leg once more.

But the Monster was suspicious of Rin.

Just as his sword was about to make contact with the Orcs leg, the Monster rotated quickly, swinging its arm towards Rin.

”Ack- ”

The latter barely had enough time to raise his arms defensively.

The brute strength behind the attack was enough to send him flying.

Rin rolled on the ground before lying on his back.

”Agh…! ”

He coughed up small amounts of blood.

Rin also had trouble breathing.

My arms… are killing me. My lungs are burning…

He stared at the ceiling.

”This is getting annoying. ” Rin whispered.

For a Ranker to be thrown around by an Orc…

His arms were twitching and the pain he felt was sharp.

”I NEED HELP HERE! ” Jack shouted while defending againts another one of the Orcs attacks.

”Im sure you
e doing great. It should be over soon anyway. ” Rin said before drinking a Health Potion.


The pain slowly started to fade away.

I shouldn have forgotten that even its Sense Stat was boosted right now… Rin thought while picking up his Iron Sword.

He ran towards the Orcs wide back and raised his sword high.

Once it was about to hit the target, Rin quickly lowered his body.

Same as before…

The Orc turned around and swung its arm towards the spot Rins upper body would have been.

From below, Rins sword pierced the Orcs core. He quickly jumped back right after.

The next second, Jack used his Iron Shield to hit the Orcs head.

Too much muscle… I couldn even pierce halfway through its core… Rin thought.

Still, blood was flowing down the Orcs body.

The Monster quickly increased the distance between itself and the attackers.

Rin chuckled lightly while Jack stared at the Orc that was slowly moving away from them.

The reason for that was,

[Effect of ”War Cry ” is over.]

[All Stats decrease by 5% for 1 minute.]

A wide smile appeared Rins face while Jack let out a sigh of relief.

Good thing the Skill has such a heavy drawback. Rin thought.

5% decrease… So its 20% weaker than it was when War Cry was active!! Which means I might be stronger than it!!!

Jack quickly ran towards the Orc, forgetting that his Wooden Bat had been broken.

Rin chuckled internally.

Yep! Ill let you have it…

The Orc was starting to feel anxious, as even using its ace in the hole was not enough to finish off the attackers.

”Catch! ”

An Iron Sword was tossed in the air.

Without stopping, Jack caught the Iron Sword with his empty right hand.

…All the glory!

The Orc was about to throw a desperate punch towards the enemy.

But just as the enemy got closer, an arrow pierced through the Orcs left eye.

Partly blinded, the Monster was thrown off.

Jack raised the sword high in the air before slashing the Monster in front of him, leaving a deep wound that stretched from the Orcs shoulder to its waist.

The Orcs green skin was covered by its blue blood.

Damn… I barely could make a dent in that mountain of tough muscle. Rin thought as he aimed a second arrow.

The Orc, feeling cornered tried pushing the enemy in front of it to run away.

Jack raised his shield quickly, bracing himself for the coming impact.

An arrow hit the Orcs neck.

Feeling such a weak spot being attacked, the Orc froze once again.

Jack did not miss that moment.

The Iron Sword pierced through the Orcs stomach.

It left out a pathetic cry.

Jack pulled the sword out of the Orcs body and massive amounts of blood flowed out.

A huge smile was on his face.

Hehehe. I for sure am the MVP here. Jack thought while walking away from the Orc.

It fell on its knees before its body hit the ground.

”Did you see that? Maybe I should switch to using a sword for the next one. ” Jack said confidently with his hand on his chin.

Rin chuckled lightly.

”Theres no next one though. ”

”Oh… ” Jack raised his gaze towards the ceiling. ”I guess thats true. Nice, we made it. ”

[You have defeated 1 Orc.]

[You have passed the Tutorials 10th and Last Test.]

[You have achieved a feat that is not easily accomplished.]

[Rewards will be handed after the pairs of Players are separated.]

”Oh. We
e getting separated here. ”

”Yeah… I wish we could have stuck together for a bit longer. ” Jack said.

A faint smile appeared on Rins face.

Im glad you think that.

Rin extended his hand towards Jack and the latter did the same.

Rin grabbed Jacks hand tightly.

”See you later. ” He said.

”Sure…? ” Jack answered.

He was surprised by that.

After all, to Jack, there was no reason to think that they would see each other again.

”And take your time, alright? ”

Just as Rin finished his sentence, Jack disappeared.

The faint smile faded and an expressionless face was left on Rin.

Images from the past that he had been mentally running away from came back at him at once.

That Outer God… What the hell does it expect?

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