I never made it this far obviously. Its a good thing I spent a bunch of times at bars socializing. Otherwise, I would be lacking a lot of information. Who knew these kinds of anecdotes would actually prove useful…

”This is going pretty well. ” Jack noted.

”It really is. But we can get arrogant now. The monsters will only get stronger. ”

About one hour later,

[You have passed the Tutorials 9th Test.]

[The 10th and last Test will start in 30 seconds.]

[Compensation is being calculated…]

e getting compensation? Rin was surprised by the Systems message.

”So the 10th is the last, huh? Good. Im getting tired of this. ” Jack exclaimed while drinking a Health Potion.

The wound on his shoulder started healing while the grazes on his entire body disappeared.

”It is getting tiring… Clearing all the tests, I guess our rewards will be pretty good. ”

”Hell yeah, theyll be great! ”

There are only 10 Tests. Clearing all Tests isn mandatory, but it sure gives a good headstart. Most of those who managed to perfectly clear the Tutorial ended up as Rankers, if not High Rankers… And not one of them remembers me now…

Just as Rins expression darkened, thinking about things and people from a distant past, loud thumping sounds brought him back to the present.

[Compensation has been calculated.]

[10 Extra Unused Stat Points have been given out.]

[The Extra Unused Stat Points will be lost if you fail to clear the Last Test.]

[Even if the Extra Unused Stat Points are assigned, they will be subtracted upon failing the Test.]

[The 10th Test has started.]

A huge Monster that stood at about 2,20 meters tall stared at Rin and Jack.

Its shoulders were extremely wide and its muscles very bulky.

Green tough skin.

[Defeat the Orc[E].]

So the Tenth Test is an Orc… No wonder we need compensation. Although, not using it the compensation might get us even better rewards.

Rin knew a lot about the different Floors that made up the Tower.

But most of his knowledge revolved around how to clear the different Floors.

Anything extra came from coincidence or conversations with the many people he had encountered.

Which meant that his knowledge about the Towers Floors was far from perfect or complete.

The Orc turned in their direction, but it did not make a move.

”Saving up those Stat Points will be tough. ” Rin whispered.

Jack immediately positioned himself in front of Rin.

With an Iron Shield on one arm, he felt confident in front of the Monster.

The 5th Test was a Skeleton Soldier.

A tougher version of the Skeleton with thicker and harder bones.

It was more agile and stronger.

After defeating it by himself, Jack had grabbed its Iron Shield.

It really suits me… This style of fighting. Jack thought.

”Its observing us. This guy might give us trouble… ” Rin noted in a low voice before taking out his Iron Sword from his Inventory.

That tough skin, theres no way these arrows will even put a dent in there. How unfair… the arrows and the bow are of the lowest quality while the swords quality isn too bad for Monsters of this level.

”Not using your bow this time? ” Jack asked while staring at the immobile monster.

”Nope. Lucky you, you get to check out my swordsmanship. ” Rin said while chuckling.

Rin knew that his swordsmanship was nothing to boast about.

After all, he had always been more of an Archer/Assassin type.

But, that was compared to other Rankers and High Rankers.

As an Archer who had climbed to the Higher Floors, of course, even his swordsmanship would look amazing to novices.

Alright… Lets do this… Rin thought, feeling slight tension.

He stepped forward and stood by Jacks side.

”Its just looking at us. How arrogant can a monster be? ” Jack said.

Maybe… I shouldn be arrogant either. I would have liked to keep my Unused Stat Points for later, but I definitely won be able to keep up without using them. This sucks… but clearing the Tenth Test comes first. I shouldn get greedy.

A smirk appeared on Rins face.

”Ill put my Unused Stat Points into Agility. ”

[ 20 unused stat points have been allocated to the Agility stat.]

[ Agility 10—->30.]

Immediately, Rin noticed a great difference.

With this, I should be faster than an Orc. Although I am as fragile as a twig. One hit from it would be enough to end the fight.

His body was much lighter.

All the stiffness in his muscles disappeared.

He felt much more flexible and mobile.

”All of them?? I guess I will put mine into Strength again. ” Jack exclaimed.

Messages appeared in front of the latter

[10 unused stat points have been allocated to the Strength stat.]

[Strength 25—->35.]

Rin stared at the iron blade in his right hand.

With his left hand, he gently caressed the blades edge.

”I guess… this is fine. ” Rin whispered.

The next instant, he propelled himself forward with great speed.

The Orc growled loudly and raised both its arms in the air, as if it had been waiting in anticipation for this.

Unlike Hobgoblins, Orcs are pretty humble…

As the attacker arrived in front of it, the Orc slammed both its arms down towards Rins head.

Hobgoblins used to be Goblins. By gaining strength, they get cocky and arrogant…

Before the monster could move, Rin was already standing behind it.

With one swing of his sword, he slashed the back of the Orcs knee.

…Orcs, on the other hand, are born strong.

Blue blood flowed down the monsters green skin.

It immediately turned back and swung its arms with great strength but Rin was fast enough to jump back in time.

The Orc fell on one knee.

He wounded it… Thats a good spot too. He aimed for where theres little muscle, plus… Jack thought.

The wound crippled the Orcs mobility.

That mostly worked because it was a surprise attack. So you better do your job. Rin thought.

Still, the Orc stood up and moved towards Rin.

That was when Jack slammed his Wooden Bat on the back of the Orcs head.

The attack was powerful, after all, Jacks Strength Stat stood at a staggering 35.

But there was one downside to that came with that powerful a hit.

As blood started flowing down the Orcs head, Jack threw his broken Wooden Bat away.

Shit, Shit, Shit! What kind of weapon breaks so easily?? He thought while stepping back.

The attack was powerful enough to injure the Orc, but not enough to make it dizzy.

It was far from fatal either.

The Orc was now being attacked from two distinct directions.

Not only that, but both had different weapons.

On one front, speed.

On the other, power.

Its acutely aware of the differences between me and Jack. Thats what makes Orcs so irritating… After all, some Orcs even climb the Tower.

The anger it felt was immeasurable.

The anger felt because it was being injured by beings that individually did not pose a threat.

The next instant, the Orc banged its chest as it roared loudly.

[The Orc is using ”War Cry[F+] ”.]

[All Stats will rise by 15% for 30 seconds.]

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