”It still hasn noticed us… Step back. ” Rin whispered as he crouched down.

This guy… I can let him one-up me forever. Jack thought while taking cautious steps back.

Rin placed his arrow before pulling his bows string.

Where should I aim? The heart is the obvious choice, but these arrows aren the best. They might pierce through its skin but only superficially… Its neck? Probably the best choice, but I need Jack to get used to doing more. Therefore…

”Ill aim for its eye, okay? After that, fight it from its blindside. ” Rin whispered.

Jack quietly acquiesced.

Rin let go of his arrow.

”Sh*t… ” He said while slightly grimacing as the shot arrow pierced the air.

Did he mess up? He totally messed up, right? Jack thought with slight enthusiasm mixed with anxiety.

The arrow flew in the Hobgoblins direction and pierced its shoulder.

The monster growled loudly, angered by the cowardly attack.

It detected the two humans right away.

”Thought you were some kind of expert, since you hadn missed one shot. ” Jack said while positioning himself in front of Rin.

”I guess Im a bit rusty… ”

The shoulder… Not the neck or anywhere soft. It just had to be a tough muscle like the shoulder… Still, Jack is going to have to step up, so…

The Hobgoblin pulled the arrow out and broke it by squeezing its fist.

Rin flinched.

I don have many of those… Fuck!

The next second, it started sprinting towards Jack, the bigger target.

This one isn even armed. It might be a bit bigger, but…! Jack thought as he raised his shield and wooden bat.

Once the distance was closed, the Hobgoblin pulled its right arm back.

Jack is strong. Theres no denying that. His Strength Stat is already at 20 after all. But right now, against a Hobgoblin, in a 1-on-1 situation,…

The monster clenched its fist and threw a heavy punch using all of its strength.

Jack confidently raised his shield and prepared for the impact, but…

The impact was so heavy that his arm was pushed back.

As a matter of fact, his whole body was pushed back.

So much so that he fell to the ground.

The Hobgoblin now felt confident that it could deal with the enemy, but as the mountain that was Jack fell, the second enemy appeared.

Another arrow flew in the Hobgoblins direction.

This time, it pierced its right eye.

The monster growled even louder than before because of the pain it felt while pulling the arrow out.

Blood started dripping down its face.

Thats an ugly sight…

In that instant, Jack was no longer considered a menace to the Hobgoblin.

The real threat had become the smaller human who could deal damage from far away.

Jack, who had been struggling to get back on his feet while protecting himself with his shield, was ignored.

The Hobgoblin immediately chased after Rin who was running away from both the Monster and Jack.

Theres no way Im faster than a Hobgoblin right now. My Endurance isn higher either…

Seconds later, Rin arrived at a corner.

The Hobgoblin felt pleased seeing its prey cornered.

It slowed down and walked towards its prey.

Rin shot a third arrow, but the Hobgoblin was well aware of his attacks by now.

It managed to dodge.

Seeing the Hobgoblin take his time, Rins expression became one of distress.

As the monster took a step closer, Rin took a step back.

Until his back was against the wall.

Rin crouched down into the corner and raised his arms, as if asking for mercy.

The Hobgoblin, in such an advantageous and dominant position, approached taking small steps, as if to enjoy the moment.

But the next second, a smile appeared on Rins face.

He lowered his arms.

The Hobgoblin stopped approaching.

Why was the cornered prey smiling?

Remembering the other human, it turned around.

That is when a Wooden Bat hit its skull with great strength.

The Hobgoblin struggled to stay on its feet as the world around it became blurry.

More blood flowed down its face.

Already blind from its right eye, it was now seeing the world as fuzzy and dyed in a bloody red.

It faced the big enemy that was Jack.

A second hit from the bat was coming, but the Hobgoblin deflected it.

Since its vision was impaired, it couldn block the attack.

The wooden bat hit its shoulder with great strength.

Putting those Unused Stat Points into Strength… Wasn so bad I guess. Rin thought.

Still, the Hobgoblin was ready to counterattack.

The only problem was that it, now, was surrounded.

The roles had reversed.

The Monster growled, but the next second…

The Iron Sword that Rin had taken from the Skeleton during the 1st Test, pierced through the Hobgoblins chest.

Its beating heart was torn in two and massive amounts of blood flowed out as the sword was pulled out.

The monster, feeling all of its strength leave its body, fell to the ground.

Jack and Rin walked away from the bleeding monster, without taking their eyes off it.

e pretty strong, but you really suck man. ” Rin said while chuckling.

”As if. You were acting pathetically there, cornered like a rabbit. Who knows what would have happened if I didn come to your rescue. ” Jack said.

”Thats called strategy. Buying time for my teammate. Anyways, good job. Couldn have done it without you. ”

”Yeah, well. Im kind of sick of you getting all the glory. ”

”The glory? The last hit doesn mean anything. Plus, the monsters are getting stronger and stronger. I could only deal with the first ones because they were super weak. Anyways, you
e not injured, are you? ”

”No. That punch startled me though. ” Jack said as he raised his shoulders nonchalantly.

”Aren we getting rewards or something soon? System? ” Jack asked.

[Rewards will be given at the end of the Tutorial.]

[Rewards will go up according to your achievements.]

[After clearing the Fifth Test, three Health Potions and additional Unused Stat Points will be given.]

”Health Potions? ”

[You will find the items inside your Inventory after clearing the Fifth Test.]

[Health Potion: Non-perishable Item

By drinking one Health Potion you will recover 50 Health Points.]

You really have to drag out every bit of information from this Tower… Anyways, the Hobgoblin was a success. Not one of us got injured… Rin thought.

A minute later,

[You have defeated 1 Hobgoblin.]

[You have passed the Tutorials 4th Test.]

A large smile appeared on Rins face.

Its going a lot better this time…

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