In a certain place, at a certain time.

”Ready? ” An extremely big and muscular man asked.

”Sure… ” The man beside him answered.

One was Rin, the other was Jack.

Jack had a gigantic greataxe resting on his shoulder.

It had been smithed using a Ancient Dragons Flame that burns forever, which was why the greataxe looked like molten lava.

In Rins hand, a blueish sword made from a Krakens Core.

Covering his body, a black cloak, made using part of Cerberus Shadow. It made him practically impossible to detect.

”I guess the time has come, for the 90th Floor… ” Rin said with an expressionless face.


A monster appeared on the other side of the room.

It was short and stood on two legs.

Contrary to the Skeleton, it had skin, muscles, and flesh.

Its skin was green.

[The 2nd Test has started.]

[Defeat the Goblin[F].]

Armed with a Rusty Knife[F-], the monster turned towards them and screeched.

”So? You
e taking this one? ” Rin asked.

Without answering, Jack sprinted towards the small monster.

Im taking this one, and the next one! He thought.

The Goblin, feeling intimidated, took a step back.

Upon arriving in front of the monster, Jack used his momentum to unleash a hellish kick.

Even though the Goblin had raised its arms defensively, it was still launched away.

Its back hit the wall with great strength and its knife fell to the ground.

He really is too strong… In terms of Stats, his Strength Stat might be… double mine? Oh right, gonna have to introduce him to Stats… Rin thought while taking out an arrow from his quiver.

Jack walked up to the fallen Goblin before raising his weapon high up in the air, ready to slam it on the monsters head.

The Goblins expression changed as it coughed up blood.

With its weapon on the ground, its eyes closed, its arms raised and its whole body trembling, Jack asked himself if the Goblin was really a threat.

He turned back towards Rin.

”Do I really have to…? ”

The Goblin did not miss that.

Jacks words were interrupted as Rin let go of his arrow that came flying extremely fast.

The former turned back towards the Goblin, he found it standing tall about to stab him with its weapon.

The arrow pierced the monsters neck, which was the only reason why it hadn injured Jack.

His eyes widened as he noticed his mistake.

[You have defeated 1 Goblin.]

[You have passed the Tutorials 2nd Test.]

It would have stabbed me…? Lowering my guard for just one second could have been fatal… If not for…

”Its a monster. If it could, it would stab you a hundred times over. ” Rin said while pulling his arrow out of the Goblins body.

The dead monster disappeared seconds later.

”I guess you
e taking the next one? ” Rin added sarcastically.

Jack was obviously annoyed, but he couldn rebuke those words.

The third test already… I didn do much… He thought while bending down and grabbing the rusty knife on the ground.

Jack handed Rin the weapon before turning in the direction where the next enemy would appear.

Thats it. No need to get impatient. We
e not competing here. Its not me versus you. We
e supposed to team up. Rin thought.

A four-legged monster appeared.

[The 3rd Test has started.]

[Defeat the Gray Wolf[F].]

Jack stepped in front of Rin and raised his shield up.

Yep. Not only do I need you to start taking up your role as a Tanker, but Ill need you to do much more than that…

The Gray Wolf, which had much more acute senses than the previous monsters, immediately noticed them.

”Ill cover the front. You attack from behind. ” Jack said while staring at the monster.

”Yep, lets do that. ”

The Gray Wolf growled loudly before it started running towards the two.

Once it had closed half the distance, an arrow pierced its side.

Jacks eyes widened.

Hes good…

Still, the monster was not shaken.

It approached even faster than before.

The Gray Wolf showed its sharp fangs as it jumped towards Jack, aiming for his neck.

The latter used his Wooden Shield to push the incoming monster away before raising his Wooden Bat in the air.

With one swift motion, he slammed it down upon the Gray Wolfs head.

Part of its skull cracked and blood was pouring out from its head.

The monster barely managed to stay on its legs.

It stepped back submissively.

Jack walked towards it with great caution, to finish it.

”Maybe we shouldn finish it. ” Rin suggested.

”Why not? ” Jack asked, without lowering his guard.

e getting limited time between each Test. Might as well maximize the time we have by letting it bleed out on its own. ”

Jack felt a slight chill hearing Rins calm, collected and almost sociopathic answer.

”Maybe we should check our Stats. System, show us my Status Window. ” Rin said.

[ Name: Rin

Species & Level : Human Lv1 (0/40exp)

Gold: 0

HP: 80/80

Endurance: 25/25

Stats: Strength: 7

Agility: 10

Senses: 12

Vigor: 8

Endurance: 5

Unused Stat Points: 5

Skills: (None)

Titles: (None)


I think my Sense Stat is higher than it was, maybe? Its been decades…

”Mmm. Interesting! Stats, Skills and Titles, huh? Looks like we even start out with Stat Points that we can assign to the Stats of our choice! Show us mine too. ” Jack said while walking away from the stumbling Gray Wolf.

[ Name: Jack

Species & level : Human Lv1 (0/40exp)

Gold: 0

HP: 140/140

Endurance: 40/40

Stats: Strength: 15

Agility: 8

Senses: 8

Vigor: 14

Endurance: 8

Unused Stat Points: 5

Skills: (None)

Titles: (None)


”Nice! How come your Stats are so low? ” Jack asked in a way that was neither innocent nor condescending.

”I might have lower Stats, but I was courageous enough to fight that Skeleton, unlike you. Saved you from the Goblin too! ” Rin said while chuckling.

Alright. I can show him the Inventory later. Oh, I should tell him not to use the Stat Points…

”Ill put my Unused Stat Points into Strength. ”

Rins thoughts had been interrupted by Jacks loud voice.

His facial expression went from surprised to annoyed before he massaged his forehead with his hand.

e getting more of those after the Fifth Test, but what the hell?

”We probably should use them once we
e in a tough spot. Like if a monster is super agile, we should then use them on Agility then… I think. ” Rin suggested.

”Oh. You
e right! Yeah, that makes sense… SHIT! I messed up! ”

Rin laughed out loud at Jacks reaction before,

[You have defeated 1 Gray Wolf.]

[You have passed the Tutorials 3rd Test.]

Thats a victory, I guess. I would like for us to clear all ten Tests but well see about that. Anyways, if I remember correctly the Gray Wolf had injured my arm last time. Also,…

[The 4th Test will start in 30 seconds.]

…This is where we had stopped. Or rather, we failed to go any further.

Seconds later, a monster similar to a Goblin appeared.

It too had green skin, but it stood at about 180 centimeters making it much taller than a Goblin.

It was as tall as Rin.

Its skin looked tough and it was very muscular.

[The 4th Test has started.]

[Defeat the Hobgoblin[F+].]

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