The Tower’s Sole Regressor

Stats, Skills and Titles

[The Tutorial will start in 5 minutes.]

[Players are being paired together.]

Rin couldn help but feel emotional, staring at the floating words in front of him.

So this is when I really needed to come back to… He thought while looking around him.

The tall and frail Rin found himself in a large cubic room.

Did I really mess up that much?

His hair was dark and short.

Huh, clothes like these weren common in the Tower… Was I really this skinny in the past…?

He wore a black baggy T-shirt and black jeans.

The ground, ceiling and walls were made of grey sturdy-looking stones.

Rin sighed heavily as he sat on the ground, feeling comfortable.

After all, this wasn his first time here.

The beginning of the Tutorial… I thought I would come back a couple of days in the past… Or at most, go back to one year ago when I lost Miya. But this…

His amber eyes stared at the ceiling for a bit.

Its unexpected, but maybe for the best. Starting back from zero. Before any of my numerous mistakes were made, starting with our first meeting, Jack.

[Starting equipment will now be handed to you.]

Guess Ill see you in a bit, huh? Rin thought before chuckling lightly.

[Select one of the following options.]

Three screens appeared in front of him.

Should I choose the same as last time?

On the first screen, a sword and a dagger.

On the second one, a bow with a certain number of arrows.

On the third one, a heavy-looking bat and a shield. Both were made of wood.

Of course, youll choose the third one again. It suits you best anyways. Im sure you
e freaking out right now. Although you were much calmer than I was back then…

Rin selected the second option, just like he had long ago.

A quiver full of arrows and a bow appeared on the ground.

The next second, he appeared in front of Rin.

”What the hell? ” The person shouted, armed with a bat and a shield.

Tears were about to stream down Rins face but he held himself back.

”Hi! Im Rin. ” He said instead, somewhat enthusiastically.

”Im Jack…? But thats not important. How can you sit down so nonchalantly? Did you enter the Tower without meaning to? ”

Jack was a big guy.

Standing at about 195 centimeters tall, he could tower over Rin easily.

A gentle face and broad shoulders.

Rin stared at him for a bit, lost in thought.

The beginnings of the worlds greatest Tank, alongside Hercules… And my comrade ever since the Tutorial.

e supposed to wait so sitting down felt right. Anyways… ”

More floating words appeared, this time in front of both participants.

[Courageous challengers, we welcome you to the Tower.]

Not the best, but it beats last time. After all, I had an arrow aimed at your neck the moment you had appeared… Rin thought.

[The Tower is made up of 100 Floors, you are currently on the Tutorial Floor.]

[The 0th Floor is a test of courage, strength and adaptability.]

[Failure can lead to death, but not during the Tutorial.]

[The Tutorial will end once both fighters cannot continue the Test.]

[The 1st Test is about to begin.]

”We got weapons, so I guess the Tutorial is about fighting…? ” Rin said as if he had no idea.

”Thought as much. Although it is surprising that we cannot die during the Tutorial. I wonder if thats actually true… ”

Its true we can die. A protective barrier will appear around us if we can fight anymore.

”Not sure, but it would be best if we don get into a position to find out. Even if we can die, we might get heavily injured. ” Rin answered while getting up and putting his quiver over his shoulder.

The quality really is sh*t… The arrows aren even that sharp and the bows string looks fragile. Rin thought with a faint smile.

F*ck. I just had to be paired with the guy who chooses the bow. Probably a coward, although he looks confident somehow… Jack thought.

[The 1st Test will start in 10 seconds.]

Instantly, Jack squared up and raised his shield and his weapon.

Huh? I don remember him being this quick last time, although we were at each others neck during the whole thing which might explain it… Anyways, I need him to gain some confidence.

”Alright, Jack. Ill be counting on you to take the front lines. ”

”What? So you really are a cowa- ”

Before Jack could finish his sentence, the sound of bones hitting the ground caught his attention.

[The 1st Test has started.]

The Skeleton was about 170 centimeters, shorter than both Rin and Jack.

In its right arm, a sword made of iron.

[Defeat the Skeleton[F].]

Rin turned his gaze towards his old friend.

”Well? Are you going to do something? ” He asked right after noticing that Jacks leg was trembling ever so slightly.

”Just wait a second. That thing is creepy, almost scary. It has a weapon too. Honestly, its- ”

Once again, Jack couldn finish his sentence.

This time, it was because Rin ran as fast as he could towards the monster.

”Wait! What are you…? ” Jack shouted as he followed him.

A smile appeared on Rins face.

Coming to back me up? Is it because I look so frail? Thats just like you.

Once he arrived in front of the monster, the Skeleton raised its weapon with both arms.

”Move! ” Jack shouted.

Rin easily avoided the attack by taking a swift step to the left.

My body feels heavy… weak… But it should be enough for these guys…

A strong front kick.


The Monsters leg was now separated from its tibia.

The Skeleton tried to stand back up, but one leg was not enough to handle its weight.

”I guess… Its pretty weak. ” Jack said as he walked up to Rin.

The latter walked towards the crawling Skeleton.

It was waving its sword in every direction desperately.

Rin stepped on the monsters right arm and grabbed its weapon.

”Wanna finish it? ” He asked.

”No. Ill take the next one. ” Jack answered confidently.

[You have defeated 1 Skeleton.]

[You have passed the Tutorials 1st Test.]

Now, the second thing that needs fixing. Previously, we could only clear up to the Fourth Test, which meant that the rewards were not that amazing. The average pair of new Players will make it to the Third Test, but…

Rin turned his gaze towards Jack.

The latter looked at him with caution and suspicion.

”Lets aim for the top, Jack. ”

A smile appeared on Jacks face.

”Yeah. Lets do that. ”

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