[The Tutorial will start in 5 minutes.]

[Players are being paired together.]

Rin couldn help but feel emotional, staring at the floating words in front of him.

So this is when I really needed to come back to… He thought while looking around him.

The tall and frail Rin found himself in a large cubic room.

Did I really mess up that much?

His hair was dark and short.

Huh, clothes like these weren common in the Tower… Was I really this skinny in the past…?

He wore a black baggy T-shirt and black jeans.

The ground, ceiling and walls were made of grey sturdy-looking stones.

Rin sighed heavily as he sat on the ground, feeling comfortable.

After all, this wasn his first time here.

The beginning of the Tutorial… I thought I would come back a couple of days in the past… Or at most, go back to one year ago when I lost Miya. But this…

His amber eyes stared at the ceiling for a bit.

Its unexpected, but maybe for the best. Starting back from zero. Before any of my numerous mistakes were made, starting with our first meeting, Jack.

[Starting equipment will now be handed to you.]

Guess Ill see you in a bit, huh? Rin thought before chuckling lightly.

[Select one of the following options.]

Three screens appeared in front of him.

Should I choose the same as last time?

On the first screen, a sword and a dagger.

On the second one, a bow with a certain number of arrows.

On the third one, a heavy-looking bat and a shield. Both were made of wood.

Of course, youll choose the third one again. It suits you best anyways. Im sure you
e freaking out right now. Although you were much calmer than I was back then…

Rin selected the second option, just like he had long ago.

A quiver full of arrows and a bow appeared on the ground.

The next second, he appeared in front of Rin.

”What the hell? ” The person shouted, armed with a bat and a shield.

Tears were about to stream down Rins face but he held himself back.

”Hi! Im Rin. ” He said instead, somewhat enthusiastically.

”Im Jack…? But thats not important. How can you sit down so nonchalantly? Did you enter the Tower without meaning to? ”

Jack was a big guy.

Standing at about 195 centimeters tall, he could tower over Rin easily.

A gentle face and broad shoulders.

Rin stared at him for a bit, lost in thought.

The beginnings of the worlds greatest Tank, alongside Hercules… And my comrade ever since the Tutorial.

e supposed to wait so sitting down felt right. Anyways… ”

More floating words appeared, this time in front of both participants.

[Courageous challengers, we welcome you to the Tower.]

Not the best, but it beats last time. After all, I had an arrow aimed at your neck the moment you had appeared… Rin thought.

[The Tower is made up of 100 Floors, you are currently on the Tutorial Floor.]

[The 0th Floor is a test of courage, strength and adaptability.]

[Failure can lead to death, but not during the Tutorial.]

[The Tutorial will end once both fighters cannot continue the Test.]

[The 1st Test is about to begin.]

”We got weapons, so I guess the Tutorial is about fighting…? ” Rin said as if he had

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