Seeing Wen Li's embarrassed and almost cannibalistic appearance, Song Yan withdrew his thoughts and didn't tease her further.

The couple each occupied half of the bed, playing with their phones.
Wen Li wanted to explain that she truly stumbled upon it unintentionally, but she understood that the more she explained, the more guilty she would appear.

At this moment, playing dead seemed like the wisest choice.

She didn't dare to continue browsing the CP fan page and decisively exited from Weibo.

Suddenly, Song Yan spoke up and politely addressed her, “Teacher Wen.”

After two years of marriage, they hadn't given each other any cheesy terms of endearment.
They still addressed each other as “teacher”.
Some people felt that this term of address confirmed their marriage as a contractual agreement and that they were not close in private.
Others thought it had a unique charm, appearing polite and intimate at the same time.

“What's the matter, Teacher Song?”

“Shall we postpone the divorce for now?”

Wen Li's heart skipped a beat as she looked at him, “Do you want to?”

Song Yan smiled and said, “Who wouldn't get along with money?”

Wen Li started rejoicing inwardly, but she remained calm on the surface and nodded as if understanding, “Actually, the draft of the agreement was just a preliminary version.
Since you suggested postponing, then let's take it slow.”

Song Yan raised an eyebrow, lifted the blanket, and got up.
“Then I'll make a call to Brother Bin.”

Brother Bin's full name is Ke Bin, Song Yan's manager.

Wen Li waved her hand dismissively, “Go ahead.”

Song Yan stood on the bedroom balcony, making a phone call, while Wen Li immediately turned her back to him and made a hand gesture as if aiming and shooting a gun.
Then she sent a WeChat message to her manager, Lu Dan.

Litchi: 「I'm on board with 'In This World with You'.」

Dan: 「??」

Dan: 「!!!」

Dan: 「Did Song Yan agree?」

Litchi: 「He said he'll go.」

Dan: 「!!!!」

Dan: 「I'm laughing so hard.
Today, right after the news about your involvement in [In This World with You] was exposed, Zheng Xue's side immediately found a marketing account to spread rumors that you really wanted to go but Song Yan refused.
Mocking you with a heavy burden.
Now I don't even need to buy water armies.
An official announcement is more effective than anything.」

Zheng Xue is Wen Li's old rival.
This year, she rose to the top with the popularity of her CP with her husband.

There are only a few A-list actresses, and even with good scripts and resources, it's not enough for all of them to fight for.
Compared to others who still maintain a courteous facade, cooperating and posting sisterly photos on Weibo, Wen Li and Zheng Xue don't bother hiding or concealing their actions.
Because no matter how secretive they are, the other party will immediately suspect them.

However, their previous conflicts were minor, and their biggest point of contention was the male artist, Lu Ming.

Two years ago, there was a small scandal involving Wen Li and Lu Ming in a popular ancient puppet drama.
At that time, Wen Li and Song Yan only had a photo together at an awards ceremony, their careers had no intersections, and there was no interaction between them.
The hottest topic at the time was Wen Li and Lu Ming's “fame and fortune” couple.
They were promoted together everywhere.
With a professional attitude, Wen Li cooperated sincerely, although she gained a lot of popularity, she was also criticized by some of Lu Ming's fans for a long time.

As the CP gained more and more popularity, many marketing accounts were spreading rumors that they were actually in a real relationship.

Just when the TV drama promotion was about to end, and the team was preparing to end the CP, Lu Ming suddenly publicly announced his relationship with Zheng Xue and quickly announced their marriage.

Thus, the “fame and fortune” couple's tragic ending was announced in such a ruthless way.

Wen Li became a clear target.

With popularity comes attention, and where there are fans, there are naturally haters.
When they were paired as a CP, she was already heavily criticized.
After the CP was finally dissolved, Wen Li faced even more brutal backlash.

Wen Li's personal Weibo had fans helping to control and report comments, but she couldn't control what others said on their Weibo accounts.

During that time, Lu Dan told her not to log in to Weibo unless necessary, and to wait for the storm to pass.

Unable to resist her curiosity, Wen Li already had a guess about what she would see, but she still used a secondary account to foolishly search for her own real-time Weibo posts.

For You, Ming-Zheng:「Sending a meme: How shameless.jpg」

The majority of comments below were in agreement.

「Knowing that Lu Ming had a girlfriend at the time, she shamelessly created a CP with him.
I'm disgusted.」

「I heard that during the promotion period when Lu Ming wanted to end the CP, Wen Li disagreed.
Lu Ming was afraid that Zheng Xue would be unhappy, so he announced it directly.」

「Lu Ming would rather be criticized by CP fans than reveal his relationship publicly.
He's a real man.
I'm a fan.」

Sanli's Baby:「Wow!! It was the male party who was dating another female artist, now you fans went too far in blaming the female party.
Truly misogynistic.」

「When did Power Chicken leave the entertainment industry? Reply: 'Is the one calling it misogynistic a Wen Li fan? Just look at the way your idol looks at Lu Ming with such deep affection.
If Lu Ming didn't have a girlfriend, she would have jumped into his bed long ago, hehe.」

For You, Ming-Zheng: 「Wen Li's fans, get lost.
Do you have any right to tell me what I can say on my own Weibo? If you have the guts, ask your star to send me a lawyer's letter.

Not long after that, Wen Li and Song Yan publicly announced their marriage.
The love story between the rising A-list actress and the top movie star immediately made the headlines.

It was a lightning-fast turn of events that silenced the marketing accounts.
Under the Weibo posts of those who had previously criticized their relationship, there were now orderly apologies from troll fans, and many of them deactivated their accounts and disappeared.
Only a few stubborn ones were sent legal letters.

Wen Li held grudges, and she didn't feel relieved.
From then on, she had a strained relationship with the Ming-Zheng CP.

Because of this, she had a deep aversion to the act of creating fake relationships for publicity.
Even if the Salt Grains trended, she still refused to have any personal interaction with Song Yan.

Later, she starred in two TV dramas, and her popularity skyrocketed, firmly establishing her as an A-list celebrity.

Wen Li couldn't help but look out onto the balcony.

She followed a path of being a genuine popular actress, while Song Yan became a rising star on the big screen after his debut.
One youth film skyrocketed his fame, and over the years, he occupied the [Cinematic White Moonlight] throne.
Every time there was a blogger's review of the memorable film and television images from those years, comments like [I guess Chen Jiamu is Song Yan's top role], [If Chen Jiamu isn't the first, I'll copy the dictionary live], and [It's absurd without Chen Jia Mu] would appear.

Song Yan's debut film was [Paper Airplane].

It swept awards for the script, music, and styling at various domestic film festivals and even won the Best Foreign Language Film at an international film festival.
That same year, Song Yan won the Best Newcomer award, marking the beginning of his glorious film career.

At that time, Song Yan was an amateur with no acting experience.
The director happened to catch a glimpse of Song Yan, who was in the neighboring high school, and decided that he was the perfect Chen Jiamu in his heart.

Although Song Yan's acting skills weren't outstanding at the time, his character had a strong aftertaste that matched him perfectly.
He portrayed Chen Jiamu, a frail and beautiful wheelchair-bound teenager who was quiet and silent, yet deeply passionate and obsessive.
He silently loved the female lead, who was as dazzling as the sun, and this love remained unchanged until the moment he died.

No girl could resist such a young man.

Even though Song Yan had portrayed various roles on screen over the years, his portrayal of Chen Jiamu had left an indelible mark in film history.

Their combined resources seemed top-tier, but in reality, they had barriers and didn't have much interaction.

Wen Li's main focus was on TV dramas and variety shows, while Song Yan pursued a solid career in films.
In recent years, he had collaborated with either critically acclaimed directors or popular young directors.

In the past two years, Wen Li has also ventured into the big screen, starring in romantic comedy films.
In terms of investment costs, she has actually made a profit.

However, the most common criticism she receives is, “Couldn't Wen Li ask her husband to help her choose scripts? The difference in their script selection is staggering.”

Another comment often heard is, “You can freeload on TV dramas, but when I spend money to watch a film in the cinema, can't you produce something meaningful?”

Wen Li was genuinely dissatisfied with these comments.

When Song Yan first entered the industry as an amateur, he had no acting experience.
Although he had a certain charm, his acting skills were mediocre at best.
If it weren't for his striking appearance, how could he have become a classic figure in the industry?

The malice towards female artists in this industry is truly significant.

At this moment, Song Yan had just finished his phone call and saw her sitting on the bed, staring directly at him.
Her shoulders were soft and fair, with red marks on them.
She was unaware that her current appearance was incredibly enticing.

When he quietly observed someone, his eyes resembled a serene lake.

Their gazes intertwined in the air for a moment, and Wen Li silently wrapped herself tighter in a small blanket.

“Did you talk to your agent about it?”

“I did, but he doesn't recommend me taking it.”

Wen Li frowned, “Why? Does your agent not think highly of it?”

Song Yan shook his head, “No, the production team has been negotiating with another celebrity couple recently, and they are close to signing the contract.
Even if we agree to the program now, they will probably go ahead with the other couple instead.
My agent believes there's no need to wade into this muddy water.”

For Song Yan, it was indeed unnecessary.
Going there would not only lower his status but also give away the spotlight to others for free.

However, if she didn't go, she would simply hand over the popularity and endorsements to the other couple.
People would think she, Wen Li, was feeling guilty for winning first place in the voting and yet lacked the courage to confront others face-to-face.

She didn't want to pretend to be indifferent or have a broad mind.
She cared too much.
By that time, she might not be driven to death, but her fans would be the first to abandon her.

Wen Li bit her lip and anxiously shifted her gaze from left to right.
“So, are you going or not?”

Song Yan responded with a soft “En” and said, “I just don't know if Teacher Wen is willing.”

Wen Li coughed, “We're here to make money.”

She hid her hands under the blanket, but her face still maintained an expression of “I am noble and aloof” like a cat.

Song Yan couldn't help but think that if he tickled her chin right now, would she “meow”?

Wen Li added, “Once we finish recording the variety show, I'll have my lawyer draft a formal divorce agreement for you.
It won't take too long, so don't worry.”

Song Yan lowered his gaze, retracting his hand that had instinctively reached out.
At that moment, another call came in from the filming crew.

“I'll go out to take a phone call.”

He rarely took temporary leave during filming, and the crew was pressed for time.
Song Yan briefly spoke a few words on the phone and then sent a WeChat message to his assistant, instructing them to book a flight ticket to Shanghai for tomorrow.


In a matter of days, major forums and gossip groups started releasing news that the Ming-Zheng CP would be joining the second season of [In This World with You].

There was a whole page dedicated to it.

0L: 「News alert! Don't eat while watching the live broadcast, ZX and LM are going to In This World with You.」

2L: 「Lu Ming and Zheng Xue?」

18L: 「Honestly, I was surprised they didn't join the first season last year.」

55L: 「Replying to 18th floor, the reason they didn't join the first season was that nobody expected In This World with You, a small online variety show, to become popular.
They didn't think highly of it, so they didn't go.」

223L: 「There were rumors before that SY and WL were approached for In This World with You.
What a bloodbath it would be if these two couples were together!」

As the thread continued, the discussion shifted away from Lu Ming and Zheng Xue and started focusing on Wen Li.

1325L: 「Would Wen Li dare to go? Will she watch her former crush and his wife showing affection on the show?」

1338L: 「It's already been debunked.
It was just a regular CP collaboration between them.
Sanli has been married to Beauty for two years.
Who believes Sanli likes Lu Ming, a brainwashed package?」

1522L: 「Hahaha, those who believe Wen Li and Song Yan are a real couple, you guys are the ones being brainwashed.
It's obvious they are a contractual couple.
Marketing accounts speculate every day when they will officially announce their divorce.
Who knows what methods Wen Li used to deceive Song Yan into a fake marriage?」

1523L: 「The person above has lost all manners.
Insulting a female celebrity is just disgraceful.」

1606L: 「Litchi fans, don't argue with a paid troll who's only worth five mao.
They can't afford a house even in the outer suburbs for ten lifetimes.」

1607L: 「Hahaha, the sister above is awesome.」

Meanwhile, conflicts arose between Lu Ming, Zheng Xue, and the production team of [In This World with You].

In a media building, Zheng Xue was sitting here for the third time negotiating with the production team.

The exclusive rights to the second season of [In This World with You] belonged to a certain TV platform.
Due to the high popularity of the first season, they secured numerous sponsorships for the second season.
The endorsement for the exclusive dairy brand was to be undertaken by the most popular couple in the second season.

Since Song Yan and Wen Li declined, the endorsement naturally fell to the second-ranked couple.

“So can you give us a definite answer regarding the endorsement?” Zheng Xue's manager tapped on the table impatiently.

The director sat across the conference table and explained in a pleasant tone, “The endorsement is not something we have control over.
It mainly depends on the naming sponsor.
Their representative hasn't responded yet, so there's nothing we can do…”

Zheng Xue's manager sneered, crossed his arms, and didn't bother saying another word.

The director felt restless, but at that moment, his phone in his pocket vibrated, and he felt relieved as if he had found a lifeline.
He immediately stood up.

“Sorry, I need to take a call outside.”

Once the director left, only Zheng Xue and her manager remained in the meeting room.

Zheng Xue's manager glanced sideways at the door and asked irritably, “What's going on? Why is a simple endorsement contract taking so long? Do they really think we're desperate for it?”

Zheng Xue smiled lightly, radiating a rosy glow.
This year could be considered Zheng Xue's career year.
She had just starred in a New Year's drama, with exquisite makeup on her face and a straight posture.
Compared to her manager's indignation, she remained quite composed.

Zheng Xue said lightly, “Do you know why the naming sponsor is hesitating to give us the endorsement? They're still dreaming that Wen Li will come.”

“We've already released the news that we're going, and if Wen Li has any face left, she wouldn't be uncomfortable appearing on the show.
Besides, how could Song Yan agree to accompany her? Everyone in the industry knows they have a fake marriage.
You openly announced your relationship with Lu Ming, and then she followed it up by publicly dating Song Yan.
It's ridiculous.
We're not exposing it to save her face.
Does she really think we don't know?” Her manager shook his head, seemingly laughing at the naivety of the production team.

Zheng Xue smiled sarcastically, “If her husband doesn't accompany her on the show, she can come alone.
If she feels embarrassed to participate in a couple's program alone, I can talk to the production team and see if she can join me and Lu Ming for a threesome.
Isn't that great?”

Zheng Xue's manager chuckled at her teasing and waved his hand, “Alright, you're quite sharp.”

“Just joking.
Wen Li is so popular that she can handle even this kind of joke.” Zheng Xue innocently shrugged her shoulders.

The two of them exchanged remarks, alternately mentioning Wen Li's name in a strange and ambiguous manner for more than ten minutes.
Finally, the director returned.

“Brother Xu, Teacher Zheng, the naming sponsor has given a clear response.”

Zheng Xue smiled tenderly, “Could you please help us communicate? When can we sign the contract?”

The director felt somewhat guilty for Zheng Xue's gentle and amiable attitude but had no choice but to speak honestly, “The naming sponsor said they have just confirmed the endorsement for another couple, according to our original plan.
Sorry for wasting your time.”

Zheng Xue's manager widened his eyes, suddenly stood up, and asked in a raised voice, “Who did they give it to?!”

The director thought they didn't hear clearly and repeated, “It's according to our original plan.
The endorsement will be given to Wen Li and Teacher Song Yan, who ranked first in the audience vote.
Sorry for the delay, it took up your time.”

The phrase “ranked first in the audience vote” sounded grating to their ears.
The smile on Zheng Xue's face froze, but she couldn't react on the spot.
The blush on her cheeks couldn't hide the momentary paleness.

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