The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet – Chapter 28

The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet by Krish72815-19 minutes

Everyone was an artist, having been in the industry for many years, she had seen and heard a lot of dirty things.

Zheng Xue has always believed that her relationship with Lu Ming was an exception in this chaotic entertainment industry.
It was only today, when Wen Li personally revealed the truth to her, that she realized how naive she had been.

When they first started their careers, they were still renting a house in Yancheng, running around different film sets, with the agreement to make a name for themselves in this industry together.

Later, they both became famous.

They owned several properties in first-tier cities and were always in the spotlight wherever they went, but their relationship had deteriorated like this.

The two of them, Wen Li and Zheng Xue, communicated with hushed voices outside the restroom, while the noise from inside grew louder, drowning out their voices.

Zheng Xue's tears flowed more and more, and under such torment, she finally screamed and rushed in.

Since the evidence had already been captured, Wen Li did not stop her or have any intention of teaching the cheating husband and the third party a lesson.

The two people in the restroom were initially startled by the noise outside the door, but when they saw who it was, their frightened expressions quickly turned to panic and confusion.

“Xiao Xue…”

Lu Ming instinctively called out.

Seeing the two people in front of her, barely dressed, with the woman hurriedly putting on her clothes, Zheng Xue's vision went black.
Her legs weakened and she couldn't muster any strength.
She immediately collapsed to the ground, crying loudly.

Lu Ming immediately defended himself without hesitation, saying, “It was this woman who seduced me first, Xiao Xue, you have to believe me…”

Upon hearing his sophistry, Zheng Xue felt like a lump of stagnant blood was stuck in her throat, making it impossible for her to speak.

The female artist, who was already dressed in her formal attire, suddenly laughed self-mockingly after hearing Lu Ming's unhesitant defense.

She glanced at Zheng Xue and could probably guess who Zheng Xue would believe.

Just like two years ago, she had unhesitatingly stood by Lu Ming's side, directly labeling Wen Li as the third party.

But she had better luck than Wen Li.
Wen Li was an unexpected disaster, but she succumbed to Lu Ming's various hints and had willingly become the third party.
Unfortunately for her, she had the misfortune of being caught in the act.

So, she didn't even bother defending herself.

Zheng Xue continued to cry.

“She, just like Wen Li two years ago, knew I had a partner.
She said it was just a casual fling.
I treat her the same way I treat Wen Li.
Only you, Xiao Xue, are my…”

Just as Lu Ming mentioned Wen Li's name, intending to use it as evidence to prove his innocence, another noise came from outside the restroom door.

Wen Li stood at the entrance with a grim face.

The expressions of Lu Ming and the female artist instantly changed.
They turned as pale as if they had been splashed with paint.

Who would have thought that Zheng Xue and Wen Li were together!

Wen Li took a few steps forward, gathered her strength, and raised her right hand, delivering a resounding slap to Lu Ming's face.

Lu Ming's mind went blank, his cheek stinging, and his ear on the side he was slapped rang briefly.

“Now I finally understand how you brainwashed your wife two years ago,” Wen Li said calmly, “Unfortunately, I was present today and didn't let you succeed in brainwashing her.
Sorry about that.”

Shame and confusion overwhelmed his entire nervous system, making Lu Ming's scalp tingle.
As a grown man, being slapped so loudly by a woman, especially as the person who was in the wrong, he couldn't even catch his breath.

The present Wen Li looked at him with a disgusted gaze, but two years ago, they had been friends.

The years of love with Zheng Xue, the promises they made in their high school days, had long become tasteless plain water.
But his collaboration with Wen Li was like adding a hint of sweet honey to that plain water.

Zheng Xue appeared gentle and considerate on the outside but was difficult to deal with privately.
She would often act unreasonably towards him.
On the other hand, Wen Li seemed arrogant and had a spoiled temperament in public.
However, as he gradually got to know her, he realized that she was actually easy to get along with.
Although she had a tough exterior, she cared about her friends and never liked to cause trouble for others.

Lu Ming slowly developed feelings for her.
The more she drew a clear boundary between them, the more he wanted to break that boundary and engage in a fake relationship with her.

Wen Li walked towards the female artist nicknamed 'Little Wen Li'.

“Engaging in such acts while carrying a nickname related to me is not only insulting me but also disgusts me.
Do you have a grudge against me? Is it so difficult to become famous using your own name? Well, now you don't have to worry about riding on someone else's popularity.
Pack up and find your own path,” Wen Li said.

The female artist bit her lip and spoke softly with hope, “It was Lu Ming who made advances towards me first.”

“So, you fell for his advances? Do you feel wronged?” Wen Li clicked her tongue impatiently, “There's no need to argue about who is more disgusting between the two of you.
You're both disgusting, no difference.”

Before leaving, Wen Li glanced at Zheng Xue, who was still crying on the ground, but she didn't pay any more attention to her.

Although the VIP room on the second floor was hidden and private, the security personnel were just employees receiving their salaries.
They were all public figures, so they probably wouldn't do anything like murder or disposal of bodies.

Just in case, if Zheng Xue decided to be merciful, Wen Li had already sent a copy of the captured evidence to her own phone.

It wasn't that she was standing up for Zheng Xue.
She was simply disgusted by Lu Ming.

She was utterly disgusted by the scene she had just witnessed.


Returning the access card to the management office, Wen Li hurriedly greeted her uncle and prepared to go home and rest.

Song Yan had already gone downstairs and was waiting for her in the underground parking lot.

Wen Li sat across from Wen Yan and listened attentively to his lecture.

She clenched her skirt, like a little girl.
She had initially wanted to play with the layers of gauze but suddenly realized that she had to return the dress to the brand after the event.
She quickly smoothed out the wrinkles, afraid of damaging the dress.

When Wen Yan saw her actions, he thought she was being distracted and frowned, “What are you doing? Are you listening to me seriously?”

“Yes,” Wen Li reluctantly nodded, “I have to return this dress later, so I can't wrinkle it.
I'm just tidying it up.”

Wen Yan looked at the dress she was wearing and said in a soft voice, “If you like it, just buy it directly.
You make so many little actions, not at all like a young girl.”

“Buy it? Are you buying it for me?” Wen Li rolled her eyes, “If you don't understand the rules of our industry, don't talk so lightly.
Although I earn a lot of money, it's still earned through my own hard work.
Only a fool would buy a dress that can only be worn once and keep it at home.”

Wen Yan indeed didn't understand and smirked, “Have you learned to save money?”

Wen Li felt that her liking for the dress had nothing to do with the virtue of “saving money” and said, “It's not about saving money, it's about not spending money carelessly.”

“Give me the contact information of the brand.
I'll have someone send it to you another day,” Wen Yan said.

Wen Li's eyes lit up, “Really?”

Wen Yan coldly snorted, “No.”

Wen Li pursed her lips, “…Hmph.”

Wen Yan sighed, not liking her attitude, but she refused to change.
He waved his hand and told her to leave, “Alright, go back.
Remember to send me the contact information.”

Wen Li couldn't help but lift the corners of her lips, taking advantage of the situation, “Actually, I don't really like this dress.
How about I keep it for now? When I find one I like next time, I'll let you know?”

Wen Yan frowned, his eyes expressing “Don't push it”.

Seeing her uncle didn't say anything, Wen Li knew that he probably agreed.
Her mood, which had been simulated, suddenly improved.

“Then it's settled.
I'm leaving now.
Goodbye, Uncle.”


Just as she opened the door of the private room to leave, Wen Yan suddenly called her, “Has the matter with the access card been resolved?”

“Ah? Oh, it's been resolved.
I'm standing on the moral high ground, so it's quite easy,” Wen Li paused, as if she realized something, and said softly, “By the way, thank you for the access card matter, Uncle.”

It was unbelievable that his niece, who always wanted to vent her anger by destroying him, actually said “Thank you”.

Wen Yan raised an eyebrow, about to say something, but she quickly interrupted him.

Wen Li coughed twice and said confidently, “Today was an emergency, which is why you opened a small backdoor for me.
It doesn't count as me solving things with the help of family connections.
So, you can't use this as a reason to force me to admit defeat and go home.”

He didn't plan on using this excuse to force her to admit defeat.
He didn't know what she was worrying about.

But everyone in the Wen family had a tradition of being too lazy to explain, maintaining a cold and tough exterior.

“…Fine,” Wen Yan's brow furrowed slightly as he said in a low voice, “Continue being a star.
Visit your grandfather more often when you have free time.”

Seeing that he didn't intend to hold her accountable, Wen Li immediately breathed a sigh of relief.



After all the commotion, when they finally prepared to take the car back home, it was already approaching midnight.

The nightlife in Yancheng was always lively.
Wen Li sent the video of Lu Ming's affair to Lu Dan, who was on a business trip in another city, wanting to ask her how they should make it public.

The affair of a popular A-list male star, involving three female artists, two A-list and one B-list, all highly popular public figures.
Once this news breaks out, Weibo would likely be paralyzed for several hours.

However, they didn't care whether Weibo would be paralyzed or not.
How to resolve the family matters with Zheng Xue was her own business.
Wen Li kept this evidence purely to clarify the attacks and insults she had suffered inexplicably over the past two years.

If only she hadn't impulsively blocked Lu Ming back then, she wouldn't have to wait until today to consider posting an official clarification.

“Ok, I'll have an overnight meeting with the PR department.
If this matter is exposed, there will definitely be a lot of mixed opinions.
Lu Ming's team isn't easy to deal with either,” Lu Dan spoke calmly, “You're the most innocent person in this matter, so the first thing we need to ensure is that they won't manipulate public opinion about you.”

Wen Li nodded in agreement, “En, you know my Weibo password.
If you're worried that I won't express myself well, just log into my account and post on my behalf.”

Lu Dan smiled and said, “No need, we have the PR team.
Say whatever you want to say.
You've held it in for two years, so you need an outlet.
But remember to maintain your composure and not use foul language.”

“…I understand,” Wen Li said speechlessly, “You make it sound like my manners are so low.”

“Not low, but not particularly high either,” Lu Dan said, “By the way, regarding Song Yan, this news will definitely affect him as well.
It's best to communicate with him in advance.”


After hanging up the phone, Wen Li glanced at Song Yan, who was dozing off next to her.

At that moment, her still-warm phone vibrated again.

Wen Li didn't have time to see who was calling, afraid that the vibration would wake up Song Yan, she quickly answered.

“Wen Li, it's me, Zheng Xue.”

A call from her archenemy.

Compared to the emotions she displayed in the restroom just now, Zheng Xue's tone had visibly calmed down.

Controlling emotions was always a lifelong mandatory course for artists.

Wen Li directly asked, “What's the matter?”

“I've already contacted my team.
I plan to wait for them to arrange everything before exposing Lu Ming's affair.”

Wen Li was shocked for a few seconds.
She had thought that Zheng Xue, in her infatuated state, would still side with that scumbag Lu Ming.
She didn't expect her to come to her senses.

“Oh, go ahead then,” Wen Li said.

“I'm telling you in advance because I want you to be prepared and not get caught in the crossfire.”

Wen Li thought to herself that she was much smarter than Zheng Xue.
She had already discussed this matter with her manager in advance, so she didn't need her reminder.

But as the words reached her lips, they turned into a cold “Oh”.

Zheng Xue suddenly asked, “…Are you enjoying this? Seeing me face this retribution?”

“Not really,” Wen Li said, “Your current situation is a result of your infatuation.
But as a woman, I won't mock you.
At least, between you and Lu Ming, although I dislike you, I dislike him even more.”

There was silence on Zheng Xue's end for a while, and she said softly, “I really love him.”

Wen Li: “…”

“I don't know what the situation is between you and Song Yan, whether your marriage is real or just an agreement, but I can tell that when you made those bold statements at the restroom door just now, it's only because you don't like him that much.”

Wen Li felt a pang in her heart and immediately retorted, “Who said that? Don't let your infatuation make you think that all women are like that, okay?”

“What if you caught Song Yan cheating today?”

“He won't,” Wen Li said firmly, “Teacher Song is not that kind of person.”

She didn't know why, but she subconsciously believed that Song Yan wouldn't do such a thing.

She unconditionally trusted Song Yan.

Zheng Xue paused and was unexpectedly amused by Wen Li, her archenemy, “I just thought you didn't like him that much, but with this attitude of yours, I feel like you actually really, really like him.”

“…You better worry about your own affairs.
If you dare to turn the tables later, you can leave the industry together with that scumbag.”

Just as Wen Li finished her threat, she felt that her reaction was excessive, as if she cared too much about Song Yan.
She calmly added, “Also, I believe in Teacher Song because I know he likes me, loves me to the point of being unable to extricate himself, and his heart can no longer accommodate any other woman.”

This sudden display of self-praise left Zheng Xue speechless.

After hanging up the phone, Wen Li turned her head to look at Song Yan.

“If you're not asleep, open your eyes.
I don't believe you didn't hear me shouting so loudly.”

The man who pretended to sleep indeed opened his eyes.

Song Yan's tone was relaxed, “You woke me up.”

Wen Li cutely apologized, “Sorry about that.”

Song Yan wore a tolerant expression, “It's okay, I'm not mad at you.”

He seemed quite energetic.

Wen Li propped her chin up and jokingly said, “Well, thank you, sir, for your magnanimity and not taking offense at my actions.”

“Because I, as a gentleman, love you to the point of being unable to extricate myself, and my heart can no longer accommodate any other woman.” Song Yan tilted his head and calmly repeated her words, “Being woken up is just a minor thing.
I can tolerate it.”


The sudden laughter didn't come from Wen Li, but from Wen Wen, who was sitting in the co-driver's seat.

Wen Li shot her a glance and Wen Wen immediately pointed at the night view outside the window, “Brother Kang, look, the moon tonight is crescent-shaped!”

The driver, Brother Kang, immediately nodded and said, “So wonderful!”

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