Wen Li was already accustomed to such occasions, but it was indeed the first time she attended such an event while holding Song Yan's arm.

The media outside the red carpet were already poised, waiting for the moment the two of them stepped out of the car.

Before arriving at the venue, their management company had already released the appearances of various artists at the charity gala on major social media platforms.
Two hours ago, Wen Li's spring-summer haute couture dress had already become a hot topic on trending searches.
The official microblog posts showcased impeccably retouched photos from every angle and lighting, and now, as they made their official appearance, the live photos taken by the media present were immediately transmitted online.

Weibo was well-known as the gathering place for fan communities, and at a time like this, fans' praise overwhelmed all comments.
Comments on various websites and forums, on the other hand, were more balanced, neither overly positive nor overly negative.

「The live broadcast of Parisly Magazine's charity gala red carpet has reached the appearance of the Salt Grain Couple.
Let's take a look at their level.

Compared to heavily retouched photos that appeared unreal, live photos with normal lighting that showed natural skin tone and makeup were more appealing to the general public.

In general, the live photos of celebrities surpassed those of ordinary people by a large margin.
Their looks, temperament, or posture always gave off a feeling of “this is a star”.

In the small GIF clips, the two artists didn't even blink under the bright flashes.
They occasionally changed angles and eye contact to accommodate the cameras of every media outlet present.

The camera angle was slightly elevated.
From this perspective, their eyelids were half-lowered, and their faces wore a formulaic composed smile.
It didn't appear as if they were particularly thrilled.
They had attended red-carpet events too many times and had grown calm and confident.

「Truly amazed by the vast and diverse beauties in our country.」

「Wow, live photos are ten thousand times better than retouched ones.
A close-up shot of their bone structure and beauty, the more authentic, the more beautiful.」

「Visually pleasing.」

「These two are actually walking the red carpet together today? It seems that their participation in that CP variety show did pay off.
Now they are quite active in promoting.」

「Two years ago, it was the White Moonlight x Black Swan, what's it this year? Can the talented writer come up with a new pairing?」

「Black Knight x Violet?!」

「I declare that the meal replacement fan fiction of Princess Violet and Prince Black Knight can now be written.」

Wen Li earned the nickname “Human Violet” from the talent show she participated in.
It was because of her gradient purple hair, which had gained attention at the time.
Many people online had said that purple hair suited her, but later Wen Li dyed her hair back to black.
Some people still hoped that when she wasn't filming, she would try more daring new hair colors. 

Netizens associated her with the color purple for a long time.
And now, she was wearing a purple dress, naturally arousing the curiosity of the host.

However, the host didn't directly ask Wen Li.
Instead, she asked Song Yan, “It's Wen Li's first time wearing this dress for an appearance, right? What do you think of your wife's outfit today?”

Song Yan replied, “She looks very beautiful.”

“And did she leave you speechless?”

“Teacher Wen looks beautiful no matter what she wears on normal days,” Song Yan smiled and said, “I've been left speechless many times.”

The young female host immediately covered her mouth and laughed softly.

Although Wen Li knew this was the normal process for the host, she still felt a slight awkwardness at such blatant flattery.

When the host asked her, she naturally responded politely and returned the compliment, “He's so handsome that I can't tell which direction is which.
So today, I can only hold Teacher Song's arm and let him lead the way.”

Wen Li's remark was even more flattering than Song Yan's, and the audience immediately burst into cheers.

She tilted her head and smiled playfully.

Although the two of them held hands, their expressions remained calm and composed.
The sense of distance, both near and far, in public occasions once again highlighted that nothing had changed due to the explosion of a variety show.
They remained the same as they were outside of the show.

Fans who were watching the live broadcast outside the venue had already filled the screen with a supportive barrage of comments.

「San Li x Beauty.
San Li x Beauty.
San Li x Beauty.
San Li x Beauty.」

「Confessing my love for Human Violet San Li.」

「Today is our Beauty is Black Knight, ahhh!」

「Wuwuwu, that kind of love-hate tension is back again.
Am I the only one not eating the sweet cake and shipping this kind of pairing?!!!」

After signing their names on the autograph board, the two turned and entered the banquet hall.

The scale of this year's event was similar to the previous year, but the number of viewers watching the live broadcast had already surpassed last year's record.
The venue spanned over a thousand square meters and the stage equipment was undergoing final adjustments.
The lighting was slightly dim, and the artists were mingling and chatting, creating an unusually lively atmosphere.
The large screen in the center continuously displayed the group photo of the attending artists.
With nearly a hundred artists present, whether they relied on their works or popularity, there was no doubt that the attending artists were currently the most talked-about in the industry.

Artists from various fields were present, but the focus today undoubtedly fell on the two invited artists, who had swept all the domestic awards and were considered top-level actors.

Song Yan belonged to the younger generation, full of energy, and had worked with them a few years ago, learning a lot from their experience.

Shortly after entering the venue, he was pulled away by his manager to greet people.

These two senior actors were completely down-to-earth.
When they saw Song Yan bringing Wen Li over, they praised her gently, “Ah Yan, your wife looks stunning today.”

“Hello, seniors.”

Wen Li politely extended her hand.

The two seniors lightly shook her hand.

“Does Mrs.
Song have any plans to collaborate with Ah Yan in a film? Ah Yan has some good scripts.
It would be great for both of you to take a look together and progress as a couple.”

“I don't think I'm quite ready for the big screen yet,” Wen Li honestly replied, “I should practice more first.
I don't want to hold him back.”

The seniors laughed heartily, “When Ah Yan first debuted, his acting skills were not as good as yours.
Don't worry, the big screen isn't some kind of monster.
You'll get better with more experience.”

Wen Li smiled on the surface but couldn't help thinking about the light comedy film she had acted in a couple of years ago, which was still occasionally mocked.

It's better to take it slow.
She knew her own acting skills were decent, but if she were to make it to the big screen and take on roles alongside top-level actors, it would still be challenging.

The two seniors didn't know Wen Li well, so after exchanging a few pleasantries, they focused their attention on Song Yan.

Song Yan, originally from the mainland but had spent his childhood in the coastal city of Aocheng in the south, was fluent in the local dialect.
Wen Li could understand the gist of their conversation, but she lacked confidence in her own dialect skills, so she obediently listened.

As they chatted, Song Yan directly led Wen Li to their table.

Sitting at a table with three top-level actors, Wen Li's vanity couldn't help but swell.

The event had not yet started, and a few producers came over with glasses of wine to greet them, asking about Wen Li's filming schedule after participating in the variety show.

Since Lu Dan wasn't by her side, Wen Li couldn't directly accept or refuse, so she politely asked them to contact her manager.

The producers exchanged a few words with her and then looked towards Song Yan.

“I wonder if Mr.
Song has any plans to act in TV dramas in the next two years?”

Song Yan smiled and replied, “That depends on fate.”

It was clear from his response that he was politely declining.
The producers knew that film actors generally had higher aspirations, especially actors of this caliber.
Even if they were offered a substantial amount, they wouldn't risk their film reputation without a good script or production team.

The producers didn't press further and only exchanged contact information, hoping for a chance to work together in the future.

This table had many people coming to greet them.
Some Wen Li knew, some she didn't, but she greeted each person with a smile on her face until someone appeared who made her smile disappear.

Zheng Xue.

Since the last incident, Zheng Xue hadn't shown up for a while, probably aware that she would be ridiculed if she appeared during that period.
So she chose to stay far away.

She and Wen Li were both A-list actresses.

If Xu Xingyue didn't have the qualifications to compete for high-end C-brand dresses, then Zheng Xue's C-brand dress belonged to the type that wouldn't offend anyone.

Zheng Xue had a cold appearance as she looked ethereal in her white gown.

Wen Li didn't give her face and turned her head away.

Zheng Xue greeted the two seniors and politely raised her glass to Song Yan, “Teacher Song, it's been a long time.”

After a brief conversation, she moved to Wen Li's side, slightly bending down, and whispered in her ear, “I'm asking, where did you get the audacity to sit at this table?”

Wen Li turned her head and met her gaze.
Zheng Xue smiled at her mockingly.

In a calm tone, without any burden, Wen Li mentioned her husband's connections, “I rely on my husband, Song Yan.”

“What else can you rely on besides your husband?”

“Well, can you rely on your husband? Aren't you worse off than me?”

Zheng Xue's expression changed slightly.

Wen Li raised an eyebrow and pointed with her chin to the empty seat beside them, “There's still an empty seat at this table.
If you dare, go ahead and sit.
Don't be afraid that I'll contact some marketing account later and say that you shamelessly tried to elevate yourself.”

Zheng Xue didn't say anything.
She indeed didn't dare to sit at this table.

Wen Li was able to sit here because she was Song Yan's wife.
Even though many people in the industry knew that their marriage was a contractual one, marriage was still marriage, and the wife was entitled to enjoy her husband's connections and resources.

Biting her lower lip, Zheng Xue whispered, “Let's see how long you can act with Song Yan.”

“Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I might be acting with him until I retire,” Wen Li smiled back at her, her tone gentle, but her words were full of annoyance and disregard, “The script you just mentioned to those two seniors, did your manager work hard to get it for you? Aren't you afraid that I'll go to my husband and ask him to take it from you?”

“If you have the ability, you can try.”

“It's you who asked me to try.
Don't play the victim on Weibo later, saying that I stole your resources.”

Zheng Xue's expression showed a hint of panic.
Seeing Wen Li's arrogant and domineering demeanor, she worried that Wen Li might actually snatch the opportunity.
She hurriedly bid farewell to the others at the table and quickly left.

Compared to Xu Xingyue's scheming nature, Zheng Xue's direct confrontation didn't work well against Wen Li.
She simply couldn't out-argue Wen Li.

As two A-list actresses, they always had to put on a show in front of others.
It would be unsightly if they started a fight in front of so many people.
The noise at the event was already loud, so they argued in whispers.
Even the man sitting next to them hadn't heard what they were talking about.

But Song Yan could guess that they weren't exchanging pleasantries.

“What did you say to her just now?” he asked.

“Hmm? Nothing,” Wen Li replied, looking calm and composed. 

Song Yan smiled, “Did she upset you?”

“No, she can't really argue with me.
She can't stand the fact that I can sit at this table,” Wen Li leaned closer to him and whispered triumphantly, “I'm hugging your thighs.
It feels great.”

Song Yan raised an eyebrow.
He was willing to let her hug his thighs, “I'm glad I could help.”

Wen Li sighed with relief, stood up, and went to find Xu Xingyue.
She wanted to see what kind of gown this scheming junior wore today.

When she spotted Xu Xingyue, she was sitting at a table with a group of young idols, wearing another luxury brand's autumn-winter couture from last year.
This immediately highlighted the difference between them.

Xu Xingyue seemed to have spotted her through the crowd and gave a fake smile.

Wen Li pretended not to see and turned her head slowly.

Xu Xingyue's expression showed a slight hint of displeasure, but she didn't dare to approach the table where Wen Li was sitting.
Her career had just begun, even Wen Li's seat at that table was far from her own.
Not to mention sitting with Song Yan and other senior figures in the film industry.

If she went over and Wen Li ignored her, she would be the one to feel embarrassed.

Director Guo didn't want Xu Xingyue to offend Song Yan and be called arrogant and ignorant.

Only now did Xu Xingyue realize that the position she thought she had reached in just a year was nothing worth mentioning in the eyes of her Senior Sister.

Her hand under the table involuntarily tightened the fabric of her dress.
It was not until the person sitting beside her noticed something was wrong and asked her what happened that Xu Xingyue managed to compose herself and reluctantly shook her head.


The camera was live-streaming the evening party on an online platform.

The number of viewers had already broken records.
Since the party had not started yet, the camera was randomly capturing shots of the artists in the audience.
Viewers were chatting in the barrage, waiting for the event to begin.
If an artist with insufficient exposure was captured, someone in the barrage would ask, “Who is this?” and other viewers would chime in with information.
If multiple artists appeared on the screen at the same time, the barrage would start discussing past conflicts and dramas between them—plenty of gossips to enjoy.

In short, it was very lively.

When the camera captured Wen Li and Zheng Xue, the barrage immediately exploded.

「Their mental resilience must be incredibly strong if they can tear into each other like that and still manage to smile.」

「Well, this industry isn't easy to survive in, you know?」

「Do you think it's easy to reach the A-list?」

「Hahaha! Who would engage in mindless face-to-face confrontation? Check out Weibo now.
The glamorous press releases can't bring down Wen Li anymore.
They've started to attack her from other angles.
Your team, Zheng Xue, is quite cunning.」

Wen Li was unable to check her phone at the event and remained oblivious to all of this.

She didn't even know that the news that she was sitting in this position had already received a press release, claiming that she was riding on her husband's fame to boost her own popularity.

Entertainment Insider:「Speaking of Zheng Xue and Wen Li, both are A-listers, but the stark difference in their seating positions at the event is striking.
Zheng Xue is modest and low-profile, while Wen Li, who seems to have no idea what humility means, gives off a much better impression to the public.
The face Wen Li is putting on to boost her own popularity is really unattractive.」

The artists were all present at the event, but this was a feud between teams.
Lu Dan directly sent a WeChat message to Wen Li, asking her to take a selfie with the artists at her table and post it on Weibo.
She didn't need to worry about anything else.

Wen Li followed her manager's instructions and requested a group photo with the senior artists at her table.

The seniors readily agreed.

Not long after, Wen Li's Weibo posted the latest photo from the event.

Wen Litchi: 「As adorable as I am.

In the photo, due to the layout of the round table, Wen Li held the camera and stood in the front, cupping her face with one hand and smiling cutely.
Behind her, Song Yan leaned out with half of his head, smiling at the camera.
And several senior figures from the film industry had much more playful expressions, grinning widely and even playfully pointing at Wen Li and Song Yan in the camera frame.

The atmosphere at the table seemed particularly harmonious.

「Sanli, you've grown up!!! Mom is overjoyed!!」

「Today, Sanli is acting cute in front of the seniors.

「Our Sanli has a bright future!!!」

In the comments, someone directly posted a chart showing Wen Li's achievements since her debut, including various fashion magazines and commercial endorsements, as well as nominations and awards in TV dramas.
It clearly showed her appearances in multiple hit films and TV shows, along with the viewership ratings and platform clicks.

「In the film industry, we are still newcomers, but we will strive to catch up with the seniors and improve.
By the way, Wen Li is a leading figure in the A-list, the ratings champion, and her husband, Mr.
Song Yan, is a triple-crown male actor.
So, haters, shut your mouths.」

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